Ironscale, The False Dragon.

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    On top of a mountain stood a settlement. Galbourne Ridge they called it. Snow filled the mountains and storms constantly occur, but the people who lives there are strong and resistant towards frigid weathers. The path to the small city is perilous and dangerous, steep and tall. But with the use of machinery such as gondolas and airships, one could easily reach the small mountain town.

    Underneath the city is a massive cave; an old mine where the dwarves used to mine gold, gems, metals, and all sorts of materials. But secretly, a lifeless dwarven made behemoth stood tall in place, hidden from the view of the outside world.

    It's outer flesh is fashioned the way a dragon was but its insides was different. Its muscles and bones were mechanical. Its odor is made to smell like most real dragons but dwarven noses were not built with heightened sensors. The smell could be slightly off of a real dragon, but it will have to make do. The final touch of creating the synthetic behemoth of a dragon was the Sword of Life. The engine built in its left chest acted as the robotic dragon's heart. Piercing the Sword of Life into the dragon's synthetic heart would instill life in the robot. How the Sword of Life works is a mystery to the dwarves, only that it brings life to inanimate object and that it give the inanimate objects thoughts of its own.

    The dwarves built the synthetic dragon with the intent to kill other dragons. The mountain was infested with these reptilians, prohibiting the dwarves from safely scouting for new places to mine for resources. Another reason for hunting dragons was that dragons parts are valuable and can be used as materials and medicine. They considered it as hitting two birds with one stone.


    Anthony Francisco was on the center level of the tall scaffolding, close to the robotic dragon's synthetic heart. A pair of goggles is hung like a necklace on his neck. On his waist and back are his tools. He was one of the many dwarven engineers that helped build the robotic dragon. In his clutches was the Sword of Life. He was the one dwarf who was the vice of all the dwarves, chosen to put the sword in place.

    Anthony raised the Sword of Life with both hands, presenting it to every watchers who stood far away. From where he was, the people who was watching him was only slightly bigger than dots. These dots of people cheered and clapped for him. They was waiting for the robotic dragon to be instilled with life. It was a proud day for the engineers. Anthony then placed the point of the sword against the robotic dragon's skin. Everyone fell silent. He took a moment to breathe in. A act to relax himself. He held his breathe as he slowly pushed the sword in with both his muscular hands until only the handle remained to be seen.

    Light shined from the cut he made. And then...
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  2. The eyes of the dragon opened, and flashed a purplish-blue. It laid on the ground for awhile, before it picked up its head, and began to look around and sniff the scenery, taking in its new environment. It stretched out its wings, and flapped them to test their strength, along with slowly swishing its tail along the ground. It then took notice of a small creature directly under it, and proceeded to crane its head low to the ground to get a closer look at the interesting, tiny creature that stands beneath it.
  3. Anthony returned the look given. He would not have accepted the task given to him if he was afraid. Fear is not easily instilled in the dwarf. Still he wondered whether the dragon would follow his orders. The capabilities of the Sword of Life is new to him.

    He gently put one of his hands forward. He watched what the dragon would do.

    "I am one of your makers," he said.

    Anthony simply assumed that the robot dragon understood his language.
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  4. The dragon saw the small creature hold out its hand, and utter a line of speech. "I am one of your maker".

    The dragon neared its nose to the creatures hand, and sniffed it. It then pulled its head back, interesting smell. The dragon then proceeded to press its nose into the creatures hand gently, before taking another look around.

    It noticed a high peak up on the mountain. Impulsively, it jumped and beat its powerful wings, in an attempt to fly.

    Unfortunately, its coordination is still developing, so after a mighty jump, it then proceeded to fall on the ground with a great impact, causing the earth under it to quake lightly.
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  5. The force of the wings unraveling almost blew Anthony away. Fortunately for him, he managed to clutch on to the poles of the scaffolding which was fastened to the floor of the cave.

    The dragon awed the audiances that were made of the people who helped build it. Some had their mouth gaped open and their eyes unblinking. The quake produced when the dragon crashed down frightened some of the people, and amazed some. Screams of fear mixed with exhilaration could be heard. Then, silence all over again. All eyes on the dragon. Everyone was curious of what the dragon's next action was going to be.

    Anthony was amazed as well. The robot acted like a real dragon, but a tame one. Perhaps instinct told the dragon to fly, therefore it attempted to, but failed. It was after all still a newborn.

    the muscular dwarf descended down from the scaffolding. It was dangerous up high. Falling would mean death. With his short legs, he went to check up on the dragon up close. Although he did not fear the dragon, he was still careful.
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  6. From afar, yet close, on the other side of the peak, the tremor caused a real dragon to be roused from its sleep. As it opens its eyes and membranes layer, a glossy pair of sliths irises sees the world. The environment around him was white, filled with snow.

    The rumble from its groan was loud. It then spread its white feathery wings, stretching its long slender limbs. The snow fell from its body. A moan produced by its vocal cord blared. It shook his head free own excess snow and quickly launched to sky. Miles beneath him was Galbourne Ridge.

    There were myriad of mysterious odour coming from the settlement. Some were foul, some was exquisite. After a some burning, a human or dwarf would taste great. Crispy on the outside, soft in the inside. But there was too many of them in one place. They were dangerous bunch. Perhaps the dragon could find a stray, strolling on the outskirts.
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  7. (Brain fart on how to go further, and then I started getting other ideas, and then I was just lazy. I'll post more often)

    The False Dragon laid still, trying to comprehend why its attempt to fly failed. As it did so, it heard the shock and awe of others around it. It looked up to see more small creatures like the last one. They all had a familiar smell, yet all individual and different. It stood up, forgetting about its failed flight, and began clumsily walking amongst them, looking at as many as it could in close detail, before moving on to another, interesting fellow.
  8. (I changed the audience to the engineers that helped in creating the False Dragon. The dragon was created in an old underground mine located a few miles off Galbourne Ridge in secret. Therefore, not many knows of its existence. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

    The engineers retreated when they were approached by the robotic dragon. Although they admired their creation, they did not trust it. They fear that the robotic dragon would experiment the use of its jaw, jowl, and teeth, on their them.


    Standing on an enclosed deck of the cave was the members of the councils. All were wearing nonchalant expressions. Their fine high collared robes and tall head ornaments made them look distinct from others. The air around them somber. These are the governors of Galbourne Ridge, chosen by the people of Galbourne Ridge my method of democracy. They were the one who ordered the creation of the false dragon.

    "It seems that the machine needs some managing before it is ready," said the vice president without real interest in his voice. His head ornament second tallest among all the councilmen.

    "So it seems," replied the president. A smile creased his lips, but it seem neared more to a sneer. His head ornament was the tallest and almost resembling a crown.

    "Let's give it a day of two. If it proves to be useless, then we'll decommission it," suggested the vice president.

    The president nod in agreement.


    Anthony turned his head to the glass windows of the enclosed deck. He saw the council looking down on him and the robotic dragon. A frown curved with his pair of brows, feeling slightly pressured. He have to show that the dragon was able to do amazing things. At the same time, he felt sympathetic for the newborn synthetic creature. Still, orders were still orders. He needed to put food on the table for his family. He needed to do his job to get paid.

    There was a big gaping hole on the ceiling of the cave, large enough to fit the robotic dragon, with the view of one of the mountain's peak. It was the peak the robotic dragon attempted to fly to. Anthony needed the dragon to try once again. But how? Anthony Francisco was no dragon whisperer. He was an engineer. He didn't know how to train dragons, even if this particular dragon was a robot.

    "Go!" he exclaimed, hoping that his words would motivate the dragon. He gestured to the robotic dragon and pointed to the opening in the ceiling. "Fly to the peak!"
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