Ironing out the Details for WWII Roleplay

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  1. Alrighty....Let's start ironing out those details. I will put up a character page as well as soon as we get everything all set together for the plot and what not. I can always start a new thread after we get everything works out . ^^ Now, what Ideas do you have in mind? ((If I stop replying it is because my class started. ))
  2. Excellent! No worries, we've all the time in the world, so to speak.

    Firstly, what age would you like the dashing young man to be? I'd be more comfortable role-playing a soldier roughly my own age, to get the realism right, and the attitude; 24-28. Younger would work just as well, but I'd need a little leeway with coming off a bit too bitter, hehe.
  3. Haha that age group is fine. I was looking at having my female character between the ages of 19 to 22, around my own age well. As long as you don't mind having the female be 2 to 11 years younger. Haha :P I understand the concept of having someone around your own age. Trust me. :)
  4. Excellent - that's a done deal, then. Age, after all, is relative (and it was perfectly normal to be considerably older or younger at the time). Below is a very basic outline of a character. I don't expect it to remain as is, but it's something to go off. It, at the very least, gives us a character profile to build off when we start at X location. What part of the world shall we have the incident/hospital be at?

  5. Sounds good, what about Nazi Occupied France and Germany Border after the invasion of Normandy.
  6. Excellent bio - short, sharp, and snappy - hopefully like Ann Marie herself!

    The location is perfect, too - dynamic, action packed, and I dare-say plenty of easily available resources available to make it historically pleasing too for brownie points. I will amend my history entry in the morrow to suit, as it's getting late here.

    I guess the next question is where do we want this to start? Flashbacks, and then hospital? Straight into the nitty gritty? A month or two down the line? I'm easy, really - your the instigator with the vision, tell all! :smile:
  7. How about starting it where William and Ann Marie are at the Royal Military Hospital. Flash backs sorta at the beginning to kind of catch up of how everything happened. Then were he has been in the hospital for about a month, month and half now.
  8. I expect an opening post in the morning *devilish smile.

    Plot bunnies are afoot! :smile:
  9. Apologies for the lull, I'll have a post up if not tonight, tomorrow!
  10. Okay, it's fine. I know thing happen. Thanks for letting me know! I look forward to the post :)