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Would anyone be interested in an Iron Chef RP>? It would involve all aspects of the show, from the Judges to the Chefs. I'll make a list of the roles needed and such if anyone wants to play. It is pretty self explanatory so I'll just leave it at that for now.
Interesting! Oh gawd, if it's the Japanese version, I kind of want to be the ubiquitous "pretty-girl-judge" who just sits there looking pretty, giggling at the other judges' jokes and eating the food going "Yum! Delicious! It's so tender!" offering no useful criticism to any of the competitors. It would be easy, at least.

Either that, or I could be the mystery ingredient...
lol did I inspire this from the cbox chat OK? XP

count me in for amusement sake hehe i'd enjoy seeing this RP pulled off well it would be HIGHLY amusing I think ^^ plus fooooooooood
hmm~ since i was one of those who pushed for this idea.. i guess i should join.

my part? i dunno yet.
Char took my desired role should this game be created... D: Although I could always be a chef and still use a j-pop image! :3
Awesome. Thank you all for joining.

Here is my idea. I am going to play as the announcer, it seems like a good role for me as the GM so I can keep the rp moving as well as describe all the awesome food.

Besides that we need 3 judges and 2 chefs. So I think we almost got it, just need one more person. If more people join there are always other roles like sous chefs and even that wacky corespondent guy.

Welcome to Kitchen Stadium!

Ok, It would be nice if we had one more person at least....anybody know anybody>? I think I might if no one else does.

Anyways...OOC coming soon-ish.