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  1. There's an old legend about Invigati.
    There's whispers about the kinds of things that lurk in the darkness.
    There's disappearances every year.
    The bodies are never found.
    Wild animals?
    Or something far more sinister?
    You're about to find out...

    "Eerie Forest" by umakumari

    Dear Attendee,

    Square One: Youth Outreach Program would like to inform you that this year's annual "Back To Square One" field trip will be located in the lush and rarely traversed Invigati Forest. The trip will span the course of a week and is absolutely mandatory.

    Failure to attend this event will be punishable by your probation officer.

    Last year's trip to the small Amish community of Pebblebrooke was a successful learning experience and this year will be no different! Those returning for another year in the program will already know the ropes but for the first years, please be advised that you must leave all electronics (ie. cellphones, music devices, tablets, etc) at home or they will be confiscated. We also ask that you do not bring weapons of any kind, lighters/zippos, drugs or alcohol, food, or any chemicals that might be harmful to the environment. All food, drink, and essentials will be provided in the field. Below is a list of items to pack into your hiking backpack. Please be ready for pickup at the center at 7 am on October 18th.

    2 Jackets
    3 Long-sleeved shirts
    3 T-shirts
    8 Pairs of socks
    8 Underwear
    4 Pants
    1 Hat (must cover ears!)
    1 Scarf
    2 Pairs of gloves
    1 Hairbrush (if needed)
    1 Toothbrush and paste
    1 Bar of soap

    *Do not forget your hiking boots that were issued to you at the beginning of the year!
    **Please contact one of the supervisors about medication and/or feminine products.

    We look forward to the trip and we have many fun events planned for it! See you there!


    The Square One Staff

    This roleplay is closed to applications unless personally invited by the GM (me). This will be a horror roleplay, focusing more on the psychological scares of horror rather than demons or creatures, and will feature Native folklore, spirits, gruesome scenes, and whatever bizarre things I can dream up. For this roleplay, you will be playing a teenager (15-18) that has recently been released from a youth correctional facility. You are not a murderer, because youths are tried as adults for homicide and given jail time. However, your crime can be anything aside from murder or rape. If you have any plot candy you would like to include, feel free to PM me with your ideas! Lastly, keep in mind that some of you can be returning to the program for a second year and might already know some of the other teens.

    Character Sheet

    Name: First and last required.
    Age: Between 15 and 18 years.
    Gender: He? She? Not sure?
    Crime: Minor crimes favorable over major crimes. Murder and/or rape is not acceptable.
    Program Year: 1 to 4 years, depending on your court sentence.
    Personality: What are you like on the outside? Is your inner personality different? What are your hobbies, likes, and dislikes? What are you afraid of?
    Appearance: Images are more than welcome but please give a small descriptive paragraph as well.
    History: Tell us how you ended up in Juvie. Tell us about your parents and family. How much information you give is up to you but give at least a little something.
    Relationships (if any): Do you have friends or a girl/boyfriend in the program? How do you relate to the counselors?
    Anything Else We Should Know?: Just in case I forgot to ask you about something.
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    Name: Zak Williamson
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Crime: Arson and disorderly conduct of multiple counts
    Program Year: 3
    Personality: He tries to act tough but on the inside he's just making sure he doesn't get hurt. In reality, he's actually a nice guy, he just tries to act as though nothing ever gets to him, letting it roll off like water off a duck's back. But really, all those words of hatred he receives can hurt more than he lets on. He has a temper that is easily sparked, but he's been attending counselling for that and is on medication to help balance his hormones out a little. He's very protective of his friends and family, and doesn't take shit from anyone. He's more than willing to start a fight if it's to put someone in their place. He frowns on people who would hurt a girl or anyone younger than themselves. He especially despises people who hurt kids. his greatest fear is allowing himself to get close to someone only to have them taken from him. He also has a weird thing about mud.
    Appearance: Zak is about 6ft, and weighing around about 150lb. He has longish hair dyed vibrant red that falls over angular cheekbones and partially hides light hazel eyes with specks of blue. He's not a huge guy, actually being rather small in build, in comparison to his height, though he is solid, strong.
    History: Zak always had anger issues, even from a young age. He'd throw tantrums over the littlest of things and couldn't quite manage to control it. As he grew older, a tolerance formed, but he was still very easy to spark. He got into fights in the playground, breaking one boy's nose after they called his little sister a 'ranga'. (both he and Megan naturally had reddish hair anyway) He was suspended from school and grounded for a month, and his parents hoped he'd learned his lesson. A year later he was fighting again. Hitting high school he got into the habit of smoking, and fell in with a few bad types. One night, after a particularly rowdy party, they went to the an empty park to come down off a high. It resulted in the fire brigade being called and he was caught out for it. He served community service and spent a few days behind bars, but was let off mostly with a fine and a warning not to do it again. That was the first time he was sent to the Square One camp. he did his time and went back to his life, but he was fighting again barely a month later. He put one guy into hospital with severe injuries and was back in the program. His parents could never understand why he was such a violent teen, and tried to get him into therapy. It was after the fourth one that he snapped altogether and started a fight right in the waiting room. It is for THAT one that he's ended up in the program for a third time.
    Relationships (if any): he has a younger sister named Megan, who he would do anything for. He has no partner, and isn't looking. He thinks the counsellors are wasting their time, and has made no effort to get close to them.
    Anything Else We Should Know?: Not that I can think of right now

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