Invictus Vincula: Interstellar Ultramax Containment Center

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  1. Invictus Vincula
    Over twenty years ago, the whole of the human race barely believed that it would see another year. Civilization was collapsing. Strings of biological, chemical, and nuclear warfare had dessicated Earth and its young colonies, leaving nations in ruins and humanity in shambles. There was hope, however. Hope in the New Regime, a coalition of nations who had one goal; to keep our race alive, at whatever cost. With the combined firepower of Earth and six smaller planetary colonies, the warring nations were no more, blasted to bits by a vengeful mother and her six sons, as the sayings go.

    It didn't end there. The New Regime cemented its control immediately, surveying everything it could keep an eye on. Citizens weren't happy, soldiers' lives were ruined, and humanity was still falling apart, albeit a slower, elegiac death. The Regime had every official it could offer working on the solution. They were no longer searching for the fix to their immediate problems, no. This was a project that would, if it came to completion, would wipe all violence from human nature. Until then, rigorous police and military brutality was used to keep the people in line. After about ten years of suffering, the Regime had its answer. The men experimenting with human subjects delineated a system, a behavior prediction technique: The Ludovico Gauges.

    The Gauges were a complex system of, as stated earlier, behavioral prediction, allowing the Regime to calculate exactly who would, could, or might be a violent individual at any time in their entire life. Convoluted, complex, and an entirely desperate measure. Citizens were screened by the millions. More than half were tested positive on a scale they knew nothing about. Sadly, nearly all veterans of the Colonial Wars were included in the positive side, as well as any citizen that a Regime official had a grudge against. After no more than four days of councils and meetings, the New Regime had a plan for the 'violent individuals.'

    That plan was the Gehenna. An enormous planet-colonizer, as they were called, converted into an intergalactic super prison in around three years. The Regime was obviously impatient for the 'perfect era' that they had been planning for; prisoners were bustled inside during construction, living in the finished cells as the workers built the other blocks. Well, the Gehenna is finished, and a bona-fide super-prison, complete with automated guards, greenhouse rooms for sustenance, and a Class 6 Warden supercomputer, ready to steer the inmates on their course towards, as the Regime says, their 'new lives, in a better place.' Of course, by this they mean eventual death by infighting, flying into a star, or something of the like.
    The Gehenna holds forty million people at full capacity, of which there are a bit more than thirty eight, as of this moment. In approximately two weeks, the last of the positive inmates will be ported up using the telepads, and then the ship'll set sail into its deep-space voyage. God knows what'll be out there.....on another note, you were one of the last groups to get sent up, appearing in the tele bay with a few hundred other individuals, before quickly being herded to your block. Others have been living here for three years now, there are cliques, factions, all that, and you're a lone newbie, stuck with a few other schmucks on an intergalactic, maniac-filled voyage into the depths of deep space hell. Lucky you, huh?

    Name/ID #: (Basically any number between one and forty million, though it won't be very low)
    Status: (Newbie, Convict, Lifer, or Old Timer. How much time you've spent in prison, some affect your age, and all affect your general level of respect and sway in the Gehenna)
    Crime: (Anything from murder, to simple assault, protesting against the Regime to bioterrorism, or even just getting on the bad side of a general or governor)
    Age: (18-anything for Newbie or Convict, will probably be older if a Lifer or Old Timer)
    Gender: (Affects inmate interaction, obviously)
    Appearance: (Pics are fine, so are descriptions)
    Traits: [] []
    (Two starting traits, make something up or pick from the PDF file that will be pasted to the bottom. New ones may be earned through experiences and such.) All Hope.pdf?dl=0
    Disclaimer (open)
    Based off the amazingly awesome RPG, Abandon All Hope. Traits and other such things can be chosen from the Table of Contents, or you can spoil parts of the RP by reading through the while file. Your choice, really.
  2. Name/ID #: Sarrah Feltone 19203984
    Status: Newbie
    Crime: 3 counts of assault with a deadly weapon. 1 count of disorderly conduct in a public place.
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: When you first see Sarrah the first thing you notice is her peircing green eyes. Those emerald stones always seem to bore into whatever they are set on. Her pale white skin is mostly hidden by her baggy prison cloths, her curly brown hair pulled into a tight ponytail. Shorter then most at 5'4 she has a shapely body, sporting a c cup and nice hips, she tries her best to hide these things. Sarrah has formed a habit of watching her back, knowing what prisoners like to do to fresh meat.
    Traits: [Knife Fighter] [Sixth Sense]
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