Investigator Shakestir

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  1. Hey everyone. So there's more information on my profile, but basically I'm being a roleplaying anthropologist for the next few months. Normally I'm just a roleplayer, but lately I've been feeling the pull of knowledge.

    Anyway, I have no idea where to start so I'm starting everywhere. And someone who took my survey mentioned this site and it's pretty darn cool so.

    I'm bad at this. I'm Shake and I probably already like you. Please be kind.
  2. I probably already like you too.

    Welcome to the site.
  3. Hi! Well, a good way to get started is to join some Groups! There you can find other Iwakuans who share your hobbies and interests; you can also bum around the Content forums and try some exercises/challenges, to get a feel for the learning side of Iwaku!

    If you want help or a decent convo, you can always message me :)