Investigation (Suicide) (Investigation/mystery/ horror) (OOC)

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Place: Computer Lab, Collage Campus.

"Are you in, yet?"
"Hell yeah, I am. Look at all this shit, we hit gold."
"Haha, oh yeah, we did."
"Can't believe how easy it was to hack into the Private Investigations site."
"Adam, scroll down. I think we might have found something."
'What? It's just some old looking statue in the middle of the desert. Nothing seems to be odd about it."
"Look closer, you idiot. Don't see faces and bodies of people around it?"
"Hmn... Now that you mention it.... NO. I think you lost some marbles up there."
"I swear, I... There was..."
"Yeah, yeah... Anyway, are you done downloading the site on the laptop?"
"Uh... Yeah. It's done."
"Alright, let's get out of here."
"Yeah, delete the history first."

Place: Adam's room.

"Heheh. One thing great about being collage drop-outs, police wont think that we'd be at the collage for anything."
"Yeah, I suppose. Not shut up, will ya?"
"Someone's Mr. Grumpy pants. Are you still looking at that picture?"
"Yeah, it's like it keeps dragging my mind towards it. Can't stop thinking about it."
"Mathew's gone all coo-koo in the head. Hehe."
"Shut the hell up, Adam."

"Adam, come here."
"I think I found something."
"Still on that picture?"
"Just get over here."
"Alright, what is it?"
"Just look closely at it for a few minutes. And never take your eyes off it and tell me what you see."
"I don't see anything, Mathew. Are you sure you're seeing anything?"
"Just keep looking."
"I am looking, but there's nothing..."
"Just look at it and stay quiet."
"I think you're---"

After a few minutes of quietness, in the picture that the two boys look at, appears a face then a body, then after a few seconds appears more bodies and faces.
Gasping, Adam said, "Holy fucking shit. Is that really....?"
"Hehe. Now do you see?"
"But, that's impossible. A...are they moving?"
"Seems like it."
"Print it out."

"Let's look at in more light."
"No, Adam, in the dark."
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"If you look at the 'people' they are very dim in the light, but in the dark...and since it's in the desert."
"Alright. Let's try it."

~Two Years Later~
Place: General Brint's office

"Mathew; Adam. You two have currently, the most important job on the face of this planet. Do not fail me, understand?"
-"Yes, Sir!"
"If you do, I'll make sure you two are LESS than just collage drop-outs. Hackers. Quire mother fuckers."
"General, I assure you, if I found out the secret behind the photo, I can find out the secret behind the statue."
"Right, Mathew. Alright, your bags are packed, the flight leaves in an hour. Good luck."
-"Yes, Sir!"

My name is Mathew Richmond, I am twenty one years old, and am a collage drop-out. I have recently discovered the secrets in a photo and I am sent out to discover the secrets that lie in the strange statue in that photo. I am being sent to the Qattara Depression (a desert) in Egypt. For some reason many people have been dieing here. And from the looks of things, it's near this statue that it is happening. My buddy, Adam is coming with me, he may be an alcoholic and a smoker and has no common sense, but he makes good company. Hence: I sleep with him after all.

So... I did Diana's Rp Challenge (A Strange Statue) and I read over what I had typed and though it would be a good idea.... so... If anyone likes desert Rps and mystery/action/horror types, this is the Rp. Just one thing, there are three players, including myself.

I will be playing Mathew Richmond.

All I need is someone to play Adam, you can ask to change his name if you want.
And I need someone to play General Brint. You can ask to change the name if you wish.
Adam and Mathew will be contacting Brint through radio for the time-being. Brint will be in more of the Rp after Mathew and Adam get farther into the investigation.

So... yeah... Boredom Strikes Again! o__o

(Also, yes, Mathew and Adam are gay. Thought it would make the Rp more interesting. ;) )
....uh... o___o (totally didn't think about that at all.... >__>) *feels stupid*
Just having fun with you lovey, i'm interested just rolling ideas over in my head.