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  1. Alrighty, here is the OOC. I'll start it off with the CS. But if you guys have any more ideas or have things to suggest, feel free to add them. ^.^ Oh and I decided that not just assassins or mercenaries, I decided to have things like killers for hire ect.

    But anyways, here is the CS:

    Race: (Well for this rp, race can be anything- Human, Elf, draconian, ect.)
    Weapon(s): (Limit to 4 on one person)
    Appearance: (Anime or real life pic)
    Are they wanted:
    Job title: ( Assassin, Mercenary, ect)
    Brief History:

    Well that's all for the CS, feel free to add more.
  2. Name: Rason

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Race: Demon

    Weapon(s): Bow and arrows and a sword, plus demon magic

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Rason is very cold and mainly quiet. He is very serious when it comes to his work and he never smiles, he usually has a frown on his face- that is if you can see his face- which is hidden beneath his hood. He prefers to work alone, but will work with others if needed. And over all he is mainly serious, but some times can sucomb to a blood lust- which is natural for demons.

    Are they wanted: No.

    Job title: ( Assassin, Mercenary, ect): Killer for hire

    Brief History: He trained with a master to master the sword and archery for many years. Finally after his training was complete, he began to travel around looking for assassination jobs or what ever he could find since he is handy with his hands. And then he decided to become a killer for hire, just for the sake of killing. He is very successful and very famous throughout the land.

    Mis. Info: He prefers to do long range combat with his bow, but will more or less do hand to hand combat and close range combat as well.
  3. Name: Shadow
    Age: 29
    Gender: Unknown
    Race: Dark Elf
    Weapon(s): Bow, Sword, Dagger and Poison
    Appearance: (Pictures don't work for me, so...) Covered in black clothes, his face covered by a mask and hood
    Personality: Cold and merciless, it will do anything to get the job done
    Are they wanted: Yes
    Job title: ( Assassin, Mercenary, ect) Assassin
    Brief History: 'Shadow' is a mystery. Not much is known about it, besides that it is a delf, and a professional assassin. It will do anything to get the job done, and is suspected to be a mute.

    (Is this good? I dunno, I just felt like making this. Sorry, but if you want me to change it, I will.)
  4. Approved. It's fine.

    Human, Mage
    *Daggers & Throwing knives
    * Black Magic

    Ghost (open)

    Helios (open)

    Helios is well mannered and a man of honer
    Ghost is a coldblooded killer who spares no one
    Are they wanted
    Helios-Not Wanted
    Job title
    Ghost- Leader of a group of Assassin called the black blades hired by Lord Zyrannus ( in secret )
    Helios- ex commander of the royal guard of Dalasius and Resistance leader / Drac human Representative
    Brief History

    Helios was a young commander of the royal guard of Dalasius and the fiance to one of the Daughters who were captured by Lord Zyrannus and the drac empire , He attempted to lead a resistance against the Dracs so they could reclaim Dalasius , He was captured and thrown in a Drac prison.[BCOLOR=#000000] After a year of imprisonment he was offered a deal from Zyrannus to become a human Representative for the Dracs in exchange for his Fiances life. Because of the recent attacks from hired Assassins zyrannus has ordered him to take up the role of an assassin in secret in order to go undercover and take out the person who was hiring Assassins .During his mission he was able to kill the leader of an elite assassin squad and take over . They are known as the Blackblades.[/BCOLOR]
    BLACKBLADES (open)
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  6. so when do we start?​
  7. I'll get the IC up ASAP.
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