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  1. It was the year 2020 when they first appeared in our world, signaled by strange occurrences we now label as supernatural. They are known as "youkai," spirit-like beings with various powers and abilities. Soon enough, the United Nations assigned the United States and Japan, the countries with the most youkai emergencies, to create an organization that would be responsible for the capture and research: the Supernatural Forces Survey. The SFS was structured like a military organization, its agents bearing primary authority in Japan and the United States as well as throughout the entire world. They classified these youkai into four types: Aetherus, Daemon, Phantom, and Specter. Only five Aetherus exist, and they were the first to appear in the world followed subsequently by the thousands of Daemons, Phantoms, and Specters that suddenly appeared in our world. Although it remains undiscovered that the five Aetherus had children with humans, various other youkai had begun to do so beginning the year after. It was as such that the SFS took some of these children in to be trained as soldiers and trackers, as well as test subjects if they were unfortunate enough. It has been 19 years since the first of the children of the Aetherus was born, and it is now 2039. Most of these children have grown up and many who hadn’t before now realize their powers. As one of the Aetherus emerges again with a rather dark disposition and another aids the SFS to further their own goals, the world will become a battleground.
    Character Sheet Template


    Numerical Designation: (just create a random number, see details below. N/A to non SFS humans. Designations are used in SFS Reports and databases.)

    Class: (The initial threat/power level in Roman numerals, with “I” lowest and “X” highest)

    Species/Youkai Type: (Human, Half-Youkai, Daemon, Phantom, Specter, Aetherus)

    Rank: (This is if in the SFS. See SFS notes for details)




    Height: (in centimeters)

    Weight: (in kilograms)

    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:

    Image & Further Physical Description: (picture and any other details you wish to add)

    Primary Behavioral Pattern: (Chaotic, Emotional, Lawful, Logical, or




    Special Notes:

    For the numerical designation, use the following template. Use five digits with a hyphen followed by a letter. Use “-A” if an Aetherus, “-D” if a Daemon, “-P” if a Phantom, “-S” if a Specter, “-Y” if Half-Youkai, and “-H” if a human. Any character working for the SFS add needs to add “-SFS” after the first hyphen.
    Example: “12345-H-SFS”
    1.The minimum for a post will is either two paragraphs or ten well-written sentences, whichever you're more comfortable with.

    2. Some of the Aetherus are available for NPC use. Talk to the owner if you wish to NPC them, but do so responsibly.

    3. NO SMUT. Romance, however, is encouraged.

    4. No autohitting, unless an approved "area of effect" attack.

    5. Characters that are in any way completely or partly human are still prone to injury and disease!

    6. Have fun!
    Skype Group
    This RP group has a group on Skype for OOC, plot discussions, casual duel chat, etc.! If you wish to be part of the group, please add the GM, AceSorcerer, whose handle on Skype is the same as on Iwaku.
    Example: Name 1 (site 1), Name 2 (site 2)=Characters

    AceSorcerer (Iwaku/Skype)= Beo "Beowulf" Tormod

    Species Basics​

    « »
    The Aetherus

    The Aetherus are held at a high standard by the other youkai, and seem to be the de facto leaders of youkai society. Very little is known about them, other than they seem to be aligned with aura, earth, fire, water, and wind respectively.

    Named as such because of their similarities in their true forms to those of demons, daemons all share some influence over fire, though it varies widely- from projecting fireballs to being impervious to flames- between each daemon. They can survive without being bound to an object and can maintain a corporeal form as long as they wish.

    Phantoms do not possess objects, instead relying on the ability to switch between corporeal and ethereal forms almost instantly. All phantoms are capable of rendering themselves invisible, often using this trait to slip by humans unnoticed or to scare them to hell.

    Specters cannot maintain a corporeal form for no longer than a few hours and need to be bound to an object to survive. Once possessing an object, it becomes their home. However, a form of symbiotic relationship is established as the object possessed by the specter is greatly enhanced past its initial condition and will never decay. Specters are the most benign of the youkai, and often cooperate with humans who take care of their homes.

    The half-youkai are the result of humans and youkai interbreeding. A half-youkai is born with the abilities and some of the innate traits of their youkai parent, although they may be dormant for years.

    Humanity. Need I say more?

    The Aetherius​
    Hymn: Aetherus of Aura
    Name: Unknown.

    Codename: “Hymn”

    Numerical Designation: 00001-A

    Class: X

    Species/Youkai Type: Aetherus

    Rank: N/A

    Age: Unknown.

    Birthday: Unknown.

    Gender: Female.

    Height: Unknown, assumed to be 170 meters.

    Weight: Unknown, assumed to be 50 kilograms.

    Eye Color: Grey.

    Hair Color: Black.

    Primary Behavioral Pattern: Emotional

    Image & Further Physical Description:

    Subject "Hymn" has a thin frame with hair tied like that of an Edo Period noblewoman. Her skin resembles porcelain and appears to only wear a white kimono. No other features have been clearly ascertained.

    Weapons: Unknown.

    Abilities/Powers: Teleportation and healing are known, but the subject is believed to have many other unknown powers.

    Biography: Yin is the first of the five Aetherus spirits to appear. Nothing else is known at this moment.

    Special Notes: Classified.
    Fugue: Aetherus of Earth

    Name: Unknown

    Codename: “Fugue”

    Numerical Designation: 00002-A

    Class: X

    Species/Youkai Type: Aetherus

    Rank: N/A

    Age: Unknown.

    Birthday: Unknown.

    Gender: Male.

    Height: Unknown, assumed to be 190 centimeters.

    Weight: Unknown, assumed to be 85 kilograms.

    Eye Color: Red.

    Hair Color: White.

    Primary Behavioral Pattern: Lawful

    Image & Further Physical Description:

    Subject "Fugue" has tanned skin and posseses a heavy, muscular build.

    Weapons: Claymore.

    Abilities/Powers: Weapon conjuration and teleportation are known, but the subject is believed to have many other unknown powers.

    Biography: One of the five Aetherus, Fugue has been sighted primarily in combat with other youkai.

    Special Notes: Classified
    Rondo: Aetherus of Wind

    Name: Classified.

    Codename: “Rondo”

    Numerical Designation: 00003-A-SFS

    Class: X

    Species/Youkai Type: Aetherus

    Rank: Rondo is treated as a general (O-9), but is addressed by the title "Director".

    Age: Classified

    Birthday: Classified.

    Gender: Male

    Height: 183 centimeters.

    Weight: 76.66 kilograms.

    Eye Color: Red

    Hair Color: White

    Primary Behavioral Pattern: Logical.

    Image & Further Physical Description:

    Director "Rondo" has a thin and lean build, highly resembling that of the standard soldier.

    Weapons: Classified.

    Abilities/Powers: Classified.

    Biography: Director Rondo is one of the five Aetherus, and has made himself known publicly to the United Nations. He currently serves as one of the directors of the SFS.

    Special Notes: Classified.
    Sonata: Aetherus of Water

    Name: Unknown.

    Codename: “Sonata”

    Numerical Designation: 00004-A

    Class: X

    Species/Youkai Type: Aetherus

    Rank: N/A

    Age: Unknown.

    Birthday: Unknown.

    Gender: Female.

    Height: Unknown, assumed to be 175 centimeters.

    Weight: Unknown, assumed to be 55 kilograms.

    Eye Color: Grey

    Hair Color: Black

    Primary Behavioral Pattern: Neutral.

    Image & Further Physical Description:

    Subject "Sonata" has a thin build and an hourglass figure with a staggered hairstyle.

    Weapons: Unknown.

    Abilities/Powers: Teleportation is known, but the subject is believed to have many other unknown powers.

    Biography: Sonata is one of the five Aertherus. Given she has had the leasts sightings, the least is known about her.

    Special Notes: Classified.
    Dirge: Aetherus of Fire

    Name: Unknown

    Codename: “Dirge”

    Numerical Designation: 00005-A

    Class: X

    Species/Youkai Type: Aetherus

    Rank: N/A

    Age: Unknown

    Birthday: Unknown

    Gender: Male.

    Height: Unknown, assumed to be 185 centimeters.

    Weight: Unknown, assumed to be 85 kg.

    Eye Color: Red.

    Hair Color: White.

    Sexuality: Unknown

    Primary Behavioral Pattern: Chaotic

    Image & Further Physical Description:

    Subject "Dirge" has a slender build that almost seems malnourished. This,
    however, is merely an illusion given he seems to have increased physical strength that matches that of subject 00002-A, "Fugue."

    Weapons: Scythe.

    Abilities/Powers: Weapon conjuration and teleportation are known, but the subject is believed to have many other unknown powers.

    Biography: Dirge is one of the five Aetherus. He is believed to be the most erratic and deadly of the five.

    Special Notes: Classified.

    Regarding the Supernatural Forces Survey

    SFS Divisions
    The SFS is divided into three major departments: Supernatural Research Division (SRD), Youkai Capture and Containments Forces (YCCF), and the Corps of Engineers (CE). There are also various other departments, such as Public Affiars (PA) and the Logistics Division (LD). Each of these is lead by a Director, while the SFS itself is overseen by a Chairman. They are as follows:

    -Chairman (General) James Icarus (SFS/U.S. Air Force)
    -Director Rondo (SRD)
    -Director (General) Ichiro Kai (YCCF/Japanese Army)
    -Director (General) Isaac Orson (CE/U.S. Army)
    The Supernatural Research Division
    Lead by Director Rondo, who is one of the five Aetherus, the Supernatural Research Division (SRD) is responsible for the research into the youkai's original realm as well as youkai themselves. With projects ranging from experiments with youkai as test subjects to attempting to pass through realms, the SRD takes on a large variety of tasks at once.
    Youkai Capture and Containment Forces
    Led by Director Kai, the Youkai Capture and Containment Forces are responsible for tracking down and fending off youkai and half-youkai in populated areas as well as caretakers for youkai in captivity. Most half-youkai who were taken from there homes long ago serve in this unit, and all who are wholly or partly youkai who work for the unit have an assigned handler.
    Corps of Engineers
    Lead by Director Orson, the Corps of Engineers (CE) are responsible for creating new inventions and innovations the SFS utilizes against youkai as well as to study them. But make no mistake: this engineering corps runs like any other and bears similar duties.
    The ranks of the SFS are mostly borrowed from the United States Army, with "O" designating an officer-grade rank while "E" designates enlisted-grade rank. The ranks, in descending order, are:

    -General (4-Stars), O-10
    -Lieutenant General (3-Stars), O-9
    -Major General (2-Stars), O-8
    -Brigadier General (1-Star), O-7
    -Colonel, O-6
    -Lieutenant Colonel, O-5
    -Major, O-4
    -Captain, O-3
    -First Lieutenant, O-2
    -Second Lieutenant, O-1
    -Command Sergeant Major, E-9b
    -Sergeant Major, E-9a
    -Master Sergeant, E-8
    -Sergeant First Class, E-7
    -Staff Sergeant, E-6
    -Sergeant, E-5
    -Corporal, E-4b
    -Specialist, E-4a
    -Private First Class, E-3
    -Private, E-2
    -Private Basic, E-1

    Rank Images:

    The SFS takes its uniform directly from the U.S. Army, and are as follows:

    A.C.U. (Army Combat Uniform)

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  2. Name: Beo "Beowulf" Nathaniel Tormod (WIP)

    Codename: "Beowulf"

    Numerical Designation: 81314-Y

    Class: Undetermined, projected to be "X".

    Species/Youkai Type: Half-Youkai (Aetherus Parent: Hymn)

    Rank: N/A

    Age: 19

    Birthday: August 13, 2020

    Gender: Male

    Height: 178 centimeters

    Weight: 70.31 kilograms

    Eye Color: Yellow

    Hair Color: Black

    Image & Further Physical Description:


    Primary Behavioral Pattern: Neutral

    Weapons: Longsword, hidden blades, aura spheres.

    Abilities/Powers: Beo's abilities are based on the manipulation aura, and as such range from healing to destruction. The following abilities have been noted:

    -Aura Blast: Beo concentrates his aura into strong projectiles, which are then channeled through his hands and shot towards a target.
    -Aura Disruption: Beo uses his aura to scramble someone else's during a moment of direct contact, leaving the target disoriented and momentarily paralyzed.
    -Aura Enhancement: Beo is capable of using his own aura to enhance the physical abilities of himself and of others, but is severely drained in the process.
    -Aura Healing: Beo uses his aura to change the flow of someone else's to expedite the physical healing process.
    -Aura Sense: Beo can sense the auras of others around him within a radius of ten meters and can distinguish on from another.
    -Weapon Summoning: Like youkai, half-youkai can summon their own personal weapon. Beo's personal weapon takes the form of a longsword.

    Biography: Beo was born in Okinawa Marine Base in Okinawa, Japan, to the Aetherus Hymn (although this is not known to him) and to then Staff Sergeant Phillip "Crankshaft" Tormod.

    Special Notes: Beo has an affection for music and for engineering, and has combined the two for his DJ job at a dance club in Akihabara.
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  3. This seems interesting, though I do have a few questions.

    Since the term youkai is involved, does that mean that traditional forms of youkai are acceptable characters?
    That is, could a player make a youkai character based of a tengu, yuki-onna or similar kind of creature?

    Are players allowed to play youkai?

    Is there a specific age range you have in mind for characters?
  4. Thanks for your interest! As per your questions:

    -Given the term, a youkai that resembles the traditional definition(s) is completely acceptable as long as you can classify it into one of the non-Aetherus types.

    -You are allowed to play a youkai character.

    -Age depends on the species/type. Half-youkai are 19 at most, humans can be any feasible age, and youkai can be between hundreds and thousands of years old.
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  5. Cool beans!

    Thanks for answering my questions so quickly!

    I'll definitely join, but I've got some work to attend to before I make a character.
  6. Take your time!
  7. Name: Phirys ((last name unknown))

    Codename: RyuuKasai

    Numerical Designation: 06699-Y

    Class: has not been confirmed though seems to be a IX or X

    Species/Youkai Type: Half-Yokai (Aetherus Parent: Dirge)

    Rank: N/A

    Age: 19

    Birthday: October 31, 2020

    Gender: Male

    Height: 182.88 cm

    Weight: 81.65 kg

    Eye Color: Red

    Hair Color: White

    Sexuality: Straight

    Image & Further Physical Description: image.jpg

    Primary Behavioral Pattern: Slightly Chaotic

    Weapons: Scythe, and Claymore

    Abilities/Powers: weapon conjuration, Fire Ball, Azure Slash is when he conjures blue flames over the blade of his weapon that slashes through his opponents burning their remains to ashes, Fire immunity, Fire bombs orbs of fire thrown out surrounding an opponent when they get to close it causes them to explode, Flame armor: is when he summons azure flames surrounding him and forming it into armor

    Biography: Phirys grew up in Tokyo where he was born. His mother beat him constantly never letting him leave his windowless room that was always dark. Barely feeding him enough to keep him alive that lasted for eight years. Until he snapped and realized his powers after killing his mother and burning down there home. For the next ten years he stole and killed all those who tried beating him up and enjoyed doing it every time.

    Special Notes: Phirys loves animals. He has a Doberman that follows him everywhere after he saved it's life.
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  8. Would like to join but will send the cs later!
  9. Name: Yuuto Minami

    Codename: Byaako

    Numerical Designation: 70534-D-SFS

    Class: IX

    Species/Youkai Type: Daemon, commonly referred to as a kitsune

    Rank: Specialist

    Age: 523 years, appears 26

    Birthday: Spring, 1516

    Gender: Male

    Height: 156 centimeters

    Weight: 56.70 kilograms

    Eye Color: Gold

    Hair Color: White, ears and tail are gold-tipped

    Image & Further Physical Description:

    Primary Behavioral Pattern: Emotional and Logical

    Weapons: Other than teeth and claws? A hanbo.

    Abilities/Powers: Able to shape-shift into the form of a small fox (30 cm at shoulder) or a very large one (160 cm at shoulder). Can create and manipulate fire. Fire ability can only be done in natural form and subject can only manipulate fire he has created.

    Biography: Yuuto was raised quite normally for a kitsune. His first contact with humans came when he was first able to shift into a human form. He found that he had some pity for the creatures, despite how self-destructive they seemed to be. It was then that Yuuto decided he would become a guardian spirit to those humans who needed his help. He served in that capacity for 400 years, watching as the belief of humans in yokai began to dwindle. By the time the first world war had started, the kitsune had fallen into a state of dormancy in a dilapidated old shrine. He was found in 2021 by one of the first excursions of the Youkai Capture and Containment Force of the SFS. Instead of ruing his position, he chose to help the SFS. Within a few years he was admitted into the Supernatural Research Division. Yuuto was promoted to the rank of Specialist five years ago.

    Special Notes: A teacher at heart, Yuuto can be difficult with some SFS members in an effort to teach them something of value.
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  10. @AceSorcerer

    Yay for the IC!

    Does that mean that those of us who have submitted a character are accepted?
  11. Indeed it does.
  12. Huzzah!

    Will be posting soon. BTW, did you want one of us to reply to Beo bumping into someone?
  13. Yes, as to begin interactions between characters.
  14. Ok, cool.

    Also, I'm gonna be gone from the 22 to the 29th of this month on a trip. I won't be able to post until I get back.
  15. Understood. And question: do you intend for them to already know each other or will it be that the fox has been watching Beo?
  16. I figured they'd already know each other since Yuuto's been a part of the SFS for many years.
  17. Beo is by no means a member of the SFS.
  18. But...isn't his father?

    Wait, I'm really confused now.
  19. Nah, his dad is a U.S. Marine, not an SFS soldier.
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