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  1. So I kind of had this idea for a roleplay based off of Inuyasha

    It goes a little something like this...

    Sesshomaru is flying by a village when he notices a crowd of humans gathering below. They catch his interest and he goes down to get a better look. To his surprise he notices a woman tied to a wooden pole with straw around her. The villagers accuse her of being a demon and to his surprise they start to burn her in front of him. He doesn't believe theirs demon in her, for he can't protect it, but something tells him to save this woman. So he does, she doesn't say much or do much until they come across a village and Sesshomru starts to attack the humans.

    When he does this the woman gives him a warning to stop and when he doesn't that's when her demonic form shows and she attacks Sesshomaru to save the humans.

    After their battle sesshomaru gathers more interest in the female and we could go from there.

    I was also thinking instead of Sesshomaru, Koga could also work. I feel as though he would be one to attack a village more than sesshomaru given his wolves and all. I also feel as though he would be more prone to save the girl.

    This is just an idea that I've had for a long time. If you don't like the idea or if you have some things you would like to add/subtract from it please let me know.

    All I ask is that I play the female. My male characters are still not up to par at the moment.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.