LESSON Introduction to Libertine Roleplay - Using Sex as a Plot Device


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Smut! Erotica! Sexy Sex! A Libertine Roleplay on Iwaku is, just for a simple definition, any roleplay that has a high focus on sexual encounters. Where any roleplay could have sex scenes pop up, a Libertine roleplay is specifically seeking to use sex as the main plot device.

Hold the phone. All I see is a bunch of sex, sex, sex and masturbation fuel. What is the different between Libertine Roleplaying and Cyber Sexing?

Plot. Character Development. Storytelling. You don't see those things in a cybersex thread. You'll see two people posting nothing but sex actions back and forth in character. Bam done. Gratuitous, shallow sex play. It's like text-sex on a cell phone. All it is, is self gratifying 'safe' sexual encounter for people. Is there something wrong with this? No way! But it isn't a true roleplay, and it severely lacks interest!

In a Libertine Roleplay, the sex is meant to be used to build a story or a relationship. You have a setting. Characters with history and personality. There is a problem, there is a goal, there is resolution. The sex plays a huge part in this story, being a catalyst of change. Either creating problems or solving problems for the characters involved. Of course, this doesn't mean a Libertine roleplayer isn't also looking for self-gratification while creating this story. ;) But it's not their intention to tap that ass and then drop the roleplay as soon as the sex is over. They want to do something MORE.

Okay, I get it. Libertine Roleplay isn't just cybering! But how do you use SEX as a story element?

An example: The incredibly popular "Sex Slave & Master" setup. This reeks with cybersex stigma, but a clever pair of roleplayers can give it life and plot. It can be a story about rape and abuse, be an inspiring tale of escape or a tragic end. This could be a forbidden romance, challenging the social class between slave and master.

Another popular example: "Vampire Guy & Human Chick". This could be a story about seduction and resistance, the vampire charming his way to what he wants. A romance that borders on obsession, guy or girl being so infatuated with this dark and dangerous creature that they throw sense out the window. A psychological thriller with erotic torment, dark and tragic doom for the weak. A Romeo-Juliet tale of love, going against rules and expectations in favor of love.

No matter the choice of theme or atmosphere, the sex is what changes something for these characters. It doesn't just have to be an endless barrage of sex scenes in a dozen different positions. You can have character development, plot development. A wonderful and engaging story that gives all of that sex some real meaning. Whether it be two characters hooking up at a bar for a one night stand, or the love affair between a married man and his secretary. There is a story to tell beyond all the ways you can bang a person.

I'm curious now! What are some quick tips for making my Libertine Roleplay more than just gratuitous sexing?

THE SETTING: To know what sort of characters you want to play and what they are going to be doing, you obviously need a basic setting. Things like Vampire/Human, Master/Slave, Person/Pony, Exes, Boss/Secretary are really simple starting concepts. You might even have more specific ideas. A King searching for his bride to be. A Knight's challenge in charming a princess.

THE STORY: Give your setting a plot. Your vampire has been alone for centuries and has now fallen in love with a human who doesn't love him back and is now trying to seduce her. The Master of a Harem is a cruel and terrible person, and the slave is using sex as a way to stay alive until they can escape. Two exboyfriends have met each other again after five years, and are struggling to resist rekindling their relationship. These are stories!

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: To make your Libertine roleplay an actual story and not just a dozen sex encounters, your characters need to evolve. Every time you do a sex scene, what did that moment mean to that character? How did it affect/change them, even if just in the tiniest way? You have to express this in the roleplay. The vampire kidnapped the human for sex, and found out it was a mistake and now she hates him. The Master is becoming enchanted with his Slave, not realizing they are coming closer to stabbing him in the back and fleeing. One exboyfriend has realized he really is over the relationship, while the other has fallen in love all over again. Because of the sex, something has altered someone's perception. And every time the sex happens, it is making the problem better/worse.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION: In ANY roleplay, you need a problem and the way to solve it. Above I stated several situations that contain problems for these characters because of the sex that happened. Now, what will be the resolution? The end of your story? The Vampire could find a way to gain forgiveness from the Human, or the human could assume he was evil and kill him! The Master could have fallen in love with his Slave, and the slave discover she loved him to. Or she could have finally escaped a terrible place. Your exboyfriends could be a bitter-sweet tale of coming to terms with a breakup... or it could turn in to a psychotic stalker horror.
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