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Heya, name's Kanji. I'm not really fond of introductions, so I'll keep this short.
(And yet this post took me way longer than intended.)
Ten years back I was an avid roleplayer with youthful enthusiasm, but hit a slump in my late teens.
Now I'm looking to get back on the horse. My experience is pretty much limited to fantasy-settings
in german language, but me and my dictionary are up for anything really.

As for me personally, I'm shy, introverted and a total slacker, so you might not see as much of me as I'd like -
that is, out of roleplay(no worries there).
I'll try my best though. (Don't quote me on that.)

So yeah, now that that's out of the way, I hope I can have some fun times here with you all ^^
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I like nearly all genres as long as they are anime-themed, anything can be made interesting.
Kanji \o

I'll still call you jesus, maybe.
Also, go read that! And love it.

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I am Daisuke, ever wanna rp, let me know.​
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