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  1. Ok. now let me be honest with all you roleplayers and the what not. I'm Vanessa, I'm no big star with tons of friends or anyone really special. I'm nineteen years old and I'm actually pretty plain, I'm an antisocial pain in the ass who has several disablities. I'm not so god sent queen with a ton of roleplay partners (hell I used to do one liners all the time). I only got into roleplaying because a friend of mine, said it was fun and interesting. I used to ditch school just so I could stay home and roleplay and no one would ever show up. I would probably be around an A student if it wasn't for that act.

    I never clean my room, I'm afraid of fire, electricity, the vaccum and fight with my grandparent's left and right, I have many medical problems and I'm kinda weird and crazy and feel like I can tell the future. I love japanese music and I'm obessed with a japanese artist known as Gackt, even though I've been too chicken to send him an email. I talk to myself and act like character's from anime or video games are talking to me. I'm obessed with pregnancy and other types of roleplays and that's me.
  2. I feel like I lost all my courage, and my hope for my roleplays and it feels like I don't exist here on this site anymore or on any of the sites I roleplay on.
  3. Nice to meet you, Un! (I refuse to say your whole name 'cause I don't believe it's true!)

    I'm Natalie, I'm a 25-year-old first-year uni student; I'm 6-7 years older than most of my classmates and I still manage to get worse grades than them sometimes! Talk about humbling! I'm ten kinds of broke, but so good at ignoring things that terrify me (like applying for loans or planning a payment schedule) that it keeps getting worse. I also have a bad habit of spending grocery money on alcohol, and often joke that the only thing keeping me from being an alcoholic is the financial problem that drives me to drink. Thing is, every time I buy a mickey instead of a bag of veggies I get more scared that it's true.

    But! Above all, I am a person who does not let the negative define me! We all have embarrassing, disappointing parts of ourselves and our lives. I wish I was more motivated, I wish I was better at confrontation, I wish procrastination and alcohol weren't my first lines of defence against my demons. I try to change what I can, and live with what I can't, and focus on the things I like about myself and my life:
    • I have seriously great friends
    • I love to read and inspire reading in those around me
    • I write regularly and a lot of it's pretty good!
    • I'm a very creative cook
    • I can sew and love crafts
    • I am a BOSS at Mario Kart Double Dash
    • I have three great siblings and despite our differences I know we'd all lay down our lives for each other
    • I have a dad who loves his family so much that he works on the road all the time so that we could afford food and clothes and school.
    • I have a mom who loves me and my siblings so much that she became a stay at home mom to raise us right
    • I have lots of techy friends - so, basically, I pay for laptop repairs in beer
    • I could go on!

    I'd like to see a list of the things you like about yourself and your life; it sounds cheesy but it really helps :3
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  4. I'd like to continue the trend started by ol' Minis above and give you a piece of MEEE.

    I'm Chris. I'm all up in that 25-35 demographic. I have some college under my belt, but not enough for a degree. I'd like to go back, but I'm all sorts of broke! I'm terrifyingly actually an adult, having held many jobs, sometimes all at the same time. I had a car payment (before my car died), and I had a house payment (before I had to move). Sometimes, I feel like I'm not an adult at all.

    But, I try to look past the doubts as hard as possible. No matter what age I am, I am growing, defining, and re-defining who I am. I'm nowhere close to the last stretch of life. I'm not at a point where I'm "Done" or it's "Too late" for me. I just find another avenue of attack and... Attack! And what I have issues with, I'll struggle with until, hopefully, I can gain just that little bit of control. Like Minibit said, "I try to change what I can, and live with what I can't." I also like the last bit there too: "... Focus on the things I like about myself and my life."

    Focus on those things! Make a list like Minibit said! I bet you could fill it up with a nice handful of things if you sat and thought about it for a minute. :)
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  5. I'm Aloysius, and I am not a big star either. I'm not a famous person, nor am I a popular one. I've your typical average joe with a phobia of flying, and I love the outdoors. I struggle with depression and various other problems in my life but if it's one thing that I have learned is that you cannot have good traits without the bad. You need your flaws as much as you need your own heart.

    I used to ditch school too, only you had better reasons for it.

    Like Minibit; don't let the negative things define you. Make them your armour, they can never harm you if you do. Because when you use them to your advantage, nobody can kick the legs out from under you. If they manage to, get back up and keep trying.

    I've made many mistakes in my life and some of those cost me very dearly. But if I continued to stay on those mistakes instead of moving on with my life, the lesson that was there would not have been learned and I could not continue to keep trying for the best. You deserve to give yourself multiple chances in life.

    You deserve to believe that you are worth something, because you are. There's only one you in this world, that makes you unique to us. remember that; there will never be another you.

    fight with my grandparent's left and right

    This is what families do. I watched my family fight over a dead bird in the store for an hour until we got kicked out. A dead bird, a turkey. For an hour.

    So, with all that being said, I have a challenge for you.

    I challenge you to post something positive about yourself every day here, I'll even ask questions for you. But the rules are that you have to try and find something, because I know that you have great potential.

    First question:

    What is your favourite piece of art and why? It has to be art that you have done and any form of it.
  6. I like this trend @Minibit started, so I too will partake.

    My name is Kaila. I am nobody special. Maybe to my family and friends but certainly not in the public eye in any way. I have an extremely low tolerance for laziness, bullying, a "higher than thou" mentality, people with entitlement issues, and I'm sure more which I'm forgetting to list at the moment. I am a perfectionist. At work I have to be the best, and I don't care what kind of cold personality it makes me have. I have been a boss. I have held my staff to such high expectations that I don't know if they could ever reach that ideal of mine, and just because I believe that if I can do it, you can do it. It has made me cold, hard, strict, and unforgiving.

    I fight with my mom all the time. I try not to but our history makes it extremely hard to let go of our past issues. I talk about universal love and letting go of the hatred, but it's something difficult for me when concerning her.

    I'm jealous of the people that are living my dream and doing the job I worked so hard for. The worst part is that I was offered this job three times and I turned it down for my boyfriend/family. I would never take that decision back because I may have not had my daughter if I had gone down another path, but the tinge of painful curiosity still remains. When I made the decision not to take the job I swore I'd never regret it, and sometimes I wonder if I'm just fooling myself thinking that I don't care at all, and I hate myself for it.

    Now I'm not an idiot. Even with my faults I know my life is blessed and I know others have it less fortunate than myself.

    I have high expectations for my colleagues and staff, but it has made my superiors of a very large company see me and want me on their team.

    I may have turned down my dream job, but I was given validation for my had work. I do not have any kind of degree but my superiors found me suitable and capable of a corporate job for a company with stores all over the country. It feels good to know that I can do it.

    Through all the hard times with my mom we still love each other. I still have my mother, and she would still be there for me whenever I needed her no questions asked.

    Through all the choices I've made and questioned, I look at my daughters face and I know that every experience whether good or bad has led me to be her mother. There is no better job I could ask for.

    Let's hear your positive remarks on yourself. I'll start with the first one...

    You have the courage to stand among your peers and admit your faults and yo have the insight to see the areas in which you have room to improve. This is hard for many people to do, and you did it superbly with class.
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