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Hello beautiful people of Iwaku, I'm Azurite; or Azzy if you prefer. I am a female, 23 years of age, currently residing in Central Texas, and spend most of my free time roleplaying.
I have been roleplaying for somewhere around...*Thinks really hard..* 11 years? Maybe more? Who knows. Roleplay isn't just a hobby of mine, though. I'm afraid it goes beyond that, and borders obsession. (Especially when it comes to roleplays that I really like/have inspiration for.)
Fair warning, though. Despite the way that this thread was started, I am actually a major introvert, so if ever I seem awkward, this is why. XD
Anyhow..I am here for roleplay, and am always open to suggestions if anyone is in need of a rp partner/new member for a group rp! :)
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Like ouija except better
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