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  1. Whether they're second (or third/fourth/five hundredth) characters or NPCs, many role players find themselves mentioning characters other than the established player characters at some point!

    This challenge helps you practice posts where you need or want to bring in a new character.

    Select a scene from below (which include optional options if you're not sure what kind of new character to introduce), and write an In-Character (IC) post responding to it, which not only uses your established character, but introduces a new one.

    Scenes to chose from:

    game night (open)

    The player characters are all getting together at Tiffany's house for game night.
    optional options (open)

    Your character brings a new person
    Play Tiffany and introduce someone else from the house (e.g.: a parent, sibling, or roommate)
    Or do something completely different!

    new kid (open)

    Your character shows up to work and meets a new face
    optional options (open)

    A new worker and your character must train them
    A new boss
    A new customer
    Someone from a different part of the business joining your character's section
    or do something completely different!

    Quest-giver (open)

    The player characters are walking through town when someone approaches them and starts a new quest
    optional options (open)

    The new character has a quest but can't do it alone
    The new character has been wronged and seeks vengeance
    The new character wants to get back something they lost
    or do something completely different!

    I have a ___? (open)

    A player character finds out about a family member they didn't know about
    optional options (open)

    A half-sister/brother
    A cousin
    A parent
    A grandparent
    A son/daughter

    Related: Here's a handy guide on playing and introducing extra characters!
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Thread Status:
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