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  1. Hello everyone In Iwaku, I just wanted to introduce my self, My name is Isha im known as Shia as well :) ( Skittles4Isha) I'm a new member here, I'm a Female, I'm 25 years old, i am familiar to roleplaying, I've been on a rpg site for over 7 years, but it died along. So I found about this site and decided to join in... I like Supernatural,Fantasy,Romance,Adventure,Horror,Zombie.. Pretty much anythings. I love role playing and I hope that this will be my new home. I hope I make a lot of friends here. Well hope everyone enjoys my company :)

    Hope we have a blast!
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  2. Welcome to the Madness xD.

    Please enjoy your stay and be part of many interesting stories ~
  3. Thank You :) guys for the warm welcome, I hope i have fun, and I will be looking forward to the madness :)
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  4. Hi am also new here ^^ and love roleplaying so much!!
  5. Halo Isha, welcome to the site! :D
  6. Heya! Welcome to the site! :D
    What site did you used to roleplay at? Maybe it rings a couple bells :D
    Also sending a pm about something...nyah~ Interesting!
  7. Hey Guys thanks for such a warm welcome!! :) Than sure puts a smile on me, Well I was Rping for 7 years In I had a Blast there, But after some time people started to log off for more time, and I want to be as active as possible so I arrived here!
    Thanks Hope we can role play sometime! ;)
    Also, I read you're Rp, sounds interesting.. Still searching around But ill keep and eye out for you're for sure!! :)

  8. -Tags wall accidently knocking it down- Damn v.v. Yo Shiro here! Time for the Iwaku Welcome! Ahem.

  9. Welcome welcome! I am Domeki! Hope you enjoy it here. tumblr_static_natsu_happy.gif