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  1. Hi there!

    First off, thank you for actually clicking on this :3 Now we can get down to business!


    Plot #1 || 'Apparently, I have a fiance.' || Arranged Marriage
    It's pretty self-explanatory, but there's a twist to it. Two families, who were very close to one another, were both at the same hospital. The wives of the two families were both pregnant at the same time. They ended up having their babies at the same time in the same hospital. After the birth, they had bumped into one another and greeted each other warmly. One thought that the other had a baby girl and decided to do an arranged marriage so they could all be one big family, connected by their children. After a lot of years later, the day has come for their children to meet for the first time and for the discussion of the wedding to commence. It was on this day that they realized they both had baby boys, no girls. Now, whatever shall they do?

    Plot #2 || 'You're a what?!' || Neko Fantasy Creature x Human
    For as long as anyone has known, humans were the only ones who roamed the Earth. That's what we all believed, what we were all led to believe. Until one fateful night, that is. One night, a human boy witnessed something. Something magical, something you'd only see in movies, only read in fictional stories. It was a creature that he never believed to have existed before now. And it needed his help. Its species was basically instinct, except for itself. But that wouldn't last long for the government was looking for it and would capture it if he didn't help out. The life of a whole species was weighing the boy down. What could he do?

    Plot #3 || 'Toying with the Heartstrings is a Dangerous Thing' || Popular x Misfit
    A regular high school roleplay. Because the popular kids don't have anything better to do with their lives, they make bets. Usually, it's who can get such and such mad or how many detentions one could receive in a day. Occasionally, you would have a bet involving something along the lines of flirtation, toying with the heartstrings. Just trying to see how far you can get, how much you can make someone fall for you before crushing them in the most painful and humiliating way. This bet was along those lines, but there was a twist. Instead of involving another popular, it involved a misfit. The bet was easy: Steal the misfit's heart, only to crush it right in front of their eyes. Or something along those lines. Piece of cake, yeah? Well, it should be. But things tend to get complicated when you're falling just as hard and just as fast as the misfit.

    [New] Plot #4 || 'There's a thin line between love and hate, you know?' || Spy x Spy
    A huge mission to take out the baddest people calls for not only one of the best spy organizations, but the other one as well. Two of the best spy organizations must come together in order to take down the threat that only seems to be growing bigger every day.Two spies, A and B, are the main spies during the mission. Spy A is used to working alone and isn't the kindest person in the world, which is the complete opposite from Spy B. The two but heads a lot before, during, and after their missions together. Everyone rolls their eyes at their constant bickering, reminding them of an old married couple. Which wouldn't surprise anyone if it became true. After all, there is a thin line between love and hate, you know?

    Regular Pairings
    ~Kidnapper x Kidnapee
    ~Best Friend x Best Friend
    ~Best Friend x Best Friend's Brother
    ~Teacher x Student
    ~Arranged Marriage [different plot than what I have]
    ~Student x Student
    ~Brother x Brother
    ~Worker x Boss
    ~Fantasy Creature x Human [same as Arranged Marriage]
    ~Assassain x Assassain
    ~Things you suggest!

    **Important Note: This is all MxM and I prefer to play the uke/submissive partner in my roleplays. Just putting that out there. Also, I will update this when I have a new plot or pairing :3**

    That seems to be it. Once again, thank you for clicking and reading, if you did. I hope to see some people interested in some of these things~ If you are interested, shoot me a PM or just post below and we can discuss it in a PM afterwards. Hope you all have a good day and/or night! Or you had one!

    Buh-bye, for now~!
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  2. I liked the brother times brother. Maybe they could be twins? Like on OHSHC
  3. Plot #2 || 'You're a what?!' || Neko Fantasy Creature x Human
    I want this one!
  4. Plot #2 || 'You're a what?!' || Neko Fantasy Creature x Human
    I want this one!
  5. Plot 2 or 3 would be good to me.
  6. tough one. I would say three just barely aces it.
  7. I'd like to do plot #1 with you! :3
  8. @Supernova Yay! Should I shoot you a PM or do you want to shoot me one?
  9. @Kitsune I have an MxM idea that you might's been on my mind for a while now, but I didn't really have a chance to get another roleplayer involved. *silently hopes you might like the idea* >.> ^-^
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  10. @Kitsune Okay, so the plot is based around two males....who are put into a mental home. A, the more dominant character (that would be me, since you like playing the more submissive players) has been there for almost three years, because he was often found talking with his 'friends'. B, the submissive one, will be an incoming patient/prisoner for the home. Character A was given the job of showing the newbie's around, despite is mental state. Will the two immediately click, or will they immediately clash? And their craziness? Will one character want to stay from the other, or will each other's craziness draw them closer together?

    I've been really aching to do this plot for a while now, and I hope you'll really like roleplaying it with me ^-^
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  11. @Serpentine I would love to roleplay it with you! :3 It's unique and something I haven't done before so I'm very excited. ^^
  12. @Kitsune Awesome! Thanks a lot!! I'll send a PM so that we can make Character sheets and stuff ^-^
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