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  1. Hello, there. I'm Intrepidation. I haven't had a lot of free time on my hands, lately; until now! Now, I've got time between classes and some down time when I get home. I'd like to use this time in a pleasant manner, which, to me, would be finding a new friend or two with which to craft and explore new worlds together. I like to think of myself as a skilled writer and wordsmith, that has amazingly interesting ideas! You may not think so, but, still; gotta have confidence hehehe!

    Anyway, onto the plots! [As a note; I'm always open to other suggestions. However, I am not interested in doing fandom RPs...unless we're going to be using OC's in a world I am familiar with.]

    1) When Twilight Beckons [A Tale Of Entwined Souls]: My idea for this one is relatively straight-forward. Inspired by countless anime and other such extravagence. Twilight is the world between worlds. In this strange dimension, the residual emotions of humanity's subconscious is gathered and given shape by mysterious entities known as 'Scribes'. Twilight is a magnificent realm of fancy that defies common logic, though it deeply mirrors the mundane world. Though these Scribes are god-like in their own right, they are bound to the world of Twilight. This leads them to create pacts with those of the Mundane Sphere. Those who are contracted with Scribes become known as Conduits, allowing them the ability to traverse between the two worlds and bestows upon them new abilities; enforcing the will of their Scribes.

    The story begins with a relatively typical day in New Bridge City, with the exception of one thing; a new transfer studen to the High School. This transfer student is a Conduit, sent forth by their Scribe on urgent business. Twilight has begun to bleed into the Mundane Sphere.

    Thinking this one would focus heavily on combat, exploring Twilight and perhaps some romance. I have a general idea that we can discuss for the overarching plot and character development. If romance is, indeed, a big interest of yours; I'll go ahead and state that "I don't care about their gender or sexual orientation. I am fine with whatever, so long as it feels natural between the characters. I'm fine with sexual detail, as well, if that flies with you."

    2) The Machine//God-gate: This one is an odd mix, to be sure. Long ago, humanity tore down the heavens; casting down the God-Machine. When it fell, catastrophe riddled the world; destroying much of what it once was. Now, the world has largely recovered from the wasteland it once was...and though the glory of humanity is long lost; civilization is flourishing. Morundias is a thriving country, though it teeters on the brink of war. An unknown enemy has appeared to from the east, apparently using long-lost shards of the God-Machine to fuel their terrifying weapons of war. These new foes are vexing to the Morundians. Appearing only long enough to destroy a single settlement and capture its inhabitants before disappearing back across the high peaks of the mountains that border Morundias.

    The Magi Council, composed of the last five true Magi that exist within the world, have been summoned to aid against this new invader. While they are distracted, an ancient enemy, Baal Teslam, the demi-god of misfortune, once interred by the power of the Magi Council has begun to make his move.

    But it is not with these strange happenings that our story will begin. We will begin in Oakheim, a small settlement situated to the east of Sivirin [Capital of Morundias]. Oakheim, noted for the quality of its Blacksmiths and Golem Crafters, is to host the annual King's Tourney; a tournament of Golems and a festival for all. Yet a dark shadow lingers over this small city; one that neither the Magi Council or the foreign invaders could have predicted.

    Before the tournament, a teenage boy, son of a former Morundian military commander, sets out into the forest to find his sister. What he finds, instead, is an odd girl...a Golem more life-like than any he has seen before. A Golem that wears human flesh...a Golem that breathes and thinks and feels.

    This one has a much deeper story, I can assure you. There's a lot to explain, really, so I'd rather not take up a huge portion of the page doing so. This one will focus on destiny, growing into adulthood, fighting against ancient evils and, again, perhaps some romance. I don't mind playing the boy or the Golem, to start with; though I am hoping to introduce more characters as we go along.

    3) School-Girl Samurai Blues: This is probably the most simple of the three. Steel City is renowned for its participation in the Grand Regional Tournament; producing fighters of a high caliber, year after year from the local high schools. This year is your [our] freshman year at Steel City High. During the orientation, there is a rather important announcement; this year's summer tournament is going to have a prize greater than any previous competition. A wish. The winner will be granted a single wish by The Masked God; the man that has ruled over humanity for nearly five hundred years.

    Aim for the top. Fight for your dreams.

    This one will have all sorts of craziness. I'm hoping to make it a slice-of-life, comedy, action, romance kind of thing with a few interesting twists thrown in.

    That's it, for now! I may add a couple more ideas, if none of these strike anyone's fancy. I don't have any particular preference for which one we do, as all of them, for me, have a huge amount of entertainment potential.

    Thanks for readin' and I hope to hear from you soon!
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