Into the Woods (Brea and Ashton)

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  1. Journey Into the Woods With Us....

    AHeartlessNobody's Character (Son of the Fairy Godmother) (open)

    "Good magic needs to be returned before evil can take over the kingdoms completely. If I don't get my powers back, then everyone will fall to the evil that is the Witches."
    Ashton Thomason


    As embarrassing as it is for a guy to say, he is technically a Fairy.

    Child of:
    The Fairy Godmother and a lesser known male fairy

    Which Shadow Creature Came to You:
    An owl

    What is Your Wish:
    To return good magic to the kingdoms


    Theme Song:

    A necklace that his mother gave to him as a reminder that some day their magic will return and that they will then be able to start granting people's wishes again just like his mother did for Cinderella.

    He remembers the day the magic went away very well. He was six years old, sitting in his home with his mother, being schooled on how to use his own magic that he had just gotten old enough to have, when everything changed. The skies that had just a moment ago been bright blue, grew black and lightening began to flash threw the skies. Everything grew blurry around he and his parents. When he work, his small family discovered something horrible.

    Their magic was gone.

    Growing up the rest of his life, a fairy without magic, was difficult. He felt so helpless to everything around him, especially when just a day after he lost his powers, the children of the six kingdoms vanished into thin air and they could do nothing about it. Despite loosing his powers though, he was still raised as a fairy and taught all about magic and the different creatures that could(or used to be able to) wield it. He grew up just as any fairy before him had, just minus the powers to go along with the lessons.

    He grew up knowing he had lost his magic because of witches, and even having a few encounters with those people, he found out how to spot the signs of witch's magic, which helps him to stay out of trouble when it comes to avoid conflict with those evil creatures, since he has no way to protect himself otherwise.

    MarilynFae's Character (Daughter of Belle and the Beast) (open)

    Breanna Rondelle (Brea)



    Child Of:

    Your Shadow Creature:

    To know who she is, her identity, and for people to accept her for who she is.

    Voice/Theme Song:

    (A bracelet with various keys and a clock on the front. If you open the clock up it has a heart with a compass. Her mother gave it to her and told her to always follow her heart, whatever direction it was going.)

    Breanna was the fourth child taken and dropped into the woods. Her mind took her towards a trail where she followed and found a small town where a young man picked her up. He was the towns doctor, so he helped her and made sure she was okay before deciding to take her home with him. She grew up as the doctors daughter but never fit in. She was never good enough to be in any of the groups of children and she never felt like she belonged anywhere. She was an outsider. When she was seventeen she wrote her father a note and explained to him that she had to leave but promised him she would come back for him one day. She left and tool off in the woods, surviving on her own through learning to hunt and no which berries were good and bad. Although she was very gullible, she was still very smart. A couple years after living on her own she was sent a letter from a rabbit.

    Because she never felt like she fit in, Brea never let people get close to her because when she did she either hurt them or they hurt her. She stands up for herself and isn't afraid to call your bluff, but is respectful enough to stop when she's had enough. She's not picky but she is very stubborn. Because she grew up not fitting in, she learned to take care of herself and keep her heart and feelings to herself.

    She is scared that if she finds out her previous life she is going to not fit in again and she won't accept herself. All she really wants is to be accepted and wanted.

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  2. Magic.

    Oh how things were so different without it. Even though it had been over 17 years they had been powerless, Ashton still remembered so clearly the feeling of magic coursing through his veins. The feeling that with his magic he could do almost anything and help just about anyone. Just like his mother had did with so many people, one of those even being the current queen of one of the surrounding kingdoms. They still associated with Queen Cinderella from time to time, but with their good magic gone, there really wasn't much reason for the fairies or other magical creatures to enter into the kingdoms, unless you were a witch wanting to cause trouble that is.

    Those cursed witches. He hated them with a strong passion and he had no doubt in his mind that their kind was the cause of all the good magic disappearing. And even more so he wouldn't be surprised if one of those evil being were behind the disappearance of the infant rulers. It made him sick to know that someone could be so cruel as to snatch such young humans from their cribs and take them away from their parents. He could only hope whoever did that didn't kill the poor things.

    It was a shame, that no one knew what had become of the eight heirs to the countries surrounding the forest. They had searched and searched, Aston himself even joining in a few of the searching when he got old enough to look, but nothing ever turned up. No signs at all that the children were alive. No signs that they were dead either. But honestly, what would have been worse for their parents and the people worried about them? Knowing that the children had been killed? Or not knowing what had happened to them at all? He wasn't sure, but either way, he felt for the children and their families.

    Sighing, he walked from his room, a small book in his hands that held much information about different sorts of magic creatures that he had fashioned together during his studies with his mother. Flipping to the next page of his reading, he spoke to his mother while never looking away from the pages, "I'm going out to get some more parchment for my writing, mother. Is there anything you need me to get while I'm gone?"

    "No dear. I don't need anything at this moment." His mother, white hair and all, sat in a chair by the fireplace, sewing something. He had no idea what it was she was making, but with how often she did sew it would become a bother for him to ask about everything single thing. After magic had been taken away, his mother had went on to learn other trades to occupy her time, trades only humans really knew, such as sewing and painting. It was all any of them could do now without their magic.

    Nodding, he finally looked up from his book and place it into his pocket to walk over and give his mother a hug, grinning down at the old woman, "Alright. I don't know how long I'll be gone this time, but don't worry. I'll be back before you know it." With that, he turned and walked out of their small cottage home, hoping to get tot he nearest village by night fall. Not being a human, they didn't live in human villages, yet didn't live int he forest either like a lot of other magical creatures did. No, they lived in a large grassy plain, far away from both human kind and other magic wielders. It was quiet. It was safe. And it was home.

    The only problem was the long walk to get to the closest human village and its market. Normally he and his mother grew their own food or got it from the forest, which was closer, but when it came to things such as parchment and other everyday supplies, most of the time they had to retrieve it from the humans. So, that's what he planned on doing right now.

    That is, it was what he planned to do, until something strange happened.

    As he walked along the road, intent on getting to that village as soon as possible, an owl (strange that such a creature would be out and about with the sun still up in the sky) landed in the middle of the road, causing him to stop and look at it in confusion. Just what was an animal like that doing here? Well, perhaps it would just fly off once he got close enough. No need to worry over such a encounter. Yet, as he got closer, it make no move to leave and in face just stared at him, something rolled up in its talon.

    Confused, the young man approached the bird, slowly crouching down to look at it a moment. It didn't seem afraid of him, nor did it seem like it was going to attack him either. Looking down to see the thing in its talons was a letter of sorts, he curiously took it. So, was this a messenger owl? Possibly from the way it had brought this ting for him to reach. Unrolling the paper, he began reading it, curiosity coming to his eyes,

    You are one of twelve chosen few to receive this letter. You were chosen, because you wish for something with a great desire. So I shall grant you your wish. Into the Woods you must travel, to the Tree of Truth. There you will find me and if you follow my commands, you shall have your wish granted.

    His wish to bring back the good magic? Is that what it was talking about? He sure hope that's what this meant. If not he was going to be sorely disappointed if he really did make it to that tree. He read over the paper a few more times before nodding to himself, "Hmmm, interesting." Rolling up the parchment, he stuck it into his waist band to hold it before looking back to the owl, "So big guy. Are you going to join me in the forest as well?"

    With that question, the owl gave a small screech noise, hopping onto the male's shoulder as the young man turned his direction, now heading into the woods.
    "What have I gotten myself into?" Ashton muttered as he made his way through the thicket of the forest, the owl flying around, seeming more interested in searching for mice than leading the way to whatever this tree was. At least that's what he would think before trying to veer off in another direction. Needless to say when he did that, the owl would not be too happy with him, flying over and pecking at his head or using its talons to grip onto his shirt to drag him in another direction. Just like the owl was doing now, claws clutching his sleeve and half dragging the young man through the dark forest, "You know, just because your nocturnal and can see really well, doesn't mean that I can!Come on, I can't even see where we're going."

    With an 'oomph' he had to stop for a moment because the owl had finally let him go, but in turn he had ran straight into a tree, causing hi to fall right on his backside, sitting on the leaf covered ground and rubbing his forehead, "Why couldn't another animal send that letter? Something more useful? That I could, I don't know, ride on?" He muttered, slowly standing back to his feet and getting another annoyed peck on the head from the owl, "Come on, Merlin! Cut it out already!" He swatted at the owl until it gave up on its slight attacks on him and setting on the branch of one of the trees, peering down at him with big golden eyes.

    "Well," Ashton began, rubbing his head where the thing had been pecking him, "I guess we should stop here for the night? Maybe make a fire and get warmed up?" The bird seemed disinterested and instead puffed out its feathers and nuzzled its head down to rest for a moment while letting the human do all the hard work for now. Huffing in annoyance, Ashton nodded, "Okay, fin then you stupid bird. I'll go do everything. You just sit there and do whatever for all I care." He said, turning on his heal and heading back out into the woods, being sure to remember the way he had come. Wouldn't do him very good if he got lost, right?

    Walking deeper into the forest, the young fairy pushed his blonde curls from his face and began picking up wood he could use to build a fire, hoping to at least get it started before it got very cold that night.
  3. Brea walked through the light colored meadow and made her way to an empty spot. She rested her cloak on the ground before laying her head on it and staring up at the sky. She reach to her left and picked a dandelion. She blew it and watched the small pieces float away in the wind. She let her lips curl into a soft smile, them reminding of her.

    They started out in one place and then someone they were blown into a whole new world, a world where they don't fit it or belong. She sighed as she picked her book up and read through it.

    Tales of a Forever Heart.

    It wasn't very popular, in fact, barely anyone had ever read it. But to Brea, the book was the one thing that defined who she was. A reader, writer, an orphan, a mistake, a mess up, a weirdo. She had been called much worse than that, but more than anything she was the one who didn't pity herself.

    She wasn't going to let them get the best of her. Even the nasty thought she had about herself she hid in her journal. Another other thing she always carried with her in her bag. It had all of her personal information. How she felt about herself... What she thought of others... what was happening in her life... It told everything about her.

    Her fears, her failures, her achievements, her happy moments. Everything binded between two dark pieces of wool. It was such a full life she had lived, right?

    She had left her house and her father nearly a year before. She didn't even say goodbye to the man who raised her when he didn't have to. She left him a note promising to come back someday. Would she? When? When would she figure out who she was? Who she was suppose to be? Where she was from? If she was good enough then...

    She had learned to hate herself somehow in the process of being born and now. She couldn't even look in the mirror because the girl she saw was not the person she really was. While living in the village she was forced to act like someone she wasn't so that she would fit in, but even that didn't work with the kids there. Now, she tried to be someone who others accepted, but somehow found the more she tried to do that, the more she found she hated herself.

    Because the person she was trying to be isn't who she really is.

    With a sigh, the dark haired girl sat up from the grass and turned to her right ad she saw a sudden movement. With her left hand she slipped her belongings into the small black bag and with her right hand she pulled out a knife. She stood with her bag on her shoulder and jumped as a small, baby rabbit jumped at her feet. She looked down at it and bent down as it stared right back at her.

    She looked at the small white ball of fluffiness and chuckled as she picked it up. "Well, well, well. What do we have here you small thing? What are you foing out here? What... Whats this?"

    Brea picked a small black envelope up off of the grass where the bunny was sitting before. She opened it up and pulled out the folded black paper. As she opened it, she read the white letters aloud, glancing to the bunny once she finished.

    You are one of twelve chosen few to receive this letter. You were chosen, because you wish for something with a great desire. So I shall grant you your wish. Into the Woods you must travel, to the Tree of Truth. There you will find me and if you follow my commands, you shall have your wish granted.

    Brea raised curious eyebrow as she looked towards the woods all around her. "Well, its worth a shot I suppose. Right, bunny? Will you come with me?

    The bunny hopped into the end of Brea's bag. Brea let out a simple chuckle and grabbed the rest of her bags, the whole three that she had, and headed into the woods, a determined look on her face.
  4. Brea made her way through the thick trees and finally stopped to grab a drink from her canteen. She continued walking until she saw a light up ahead, and slowly walked towards it. She looked around cautiously and saw no one there, so instead decided to make herself at home. She marched her way over to a corner and laid her bags down before pulling out a wool blanket and a soft, fluffy mat. She folded them and laid them beside her to use later when she slept, but now focused on how to get warm.

    She slipped her big cloak off and laid it over her bags as if to hide them, and walked a little into the woods. She didn't go far and was back within ten minutes, setting up a fire. Since she had lived on her own for the past year, she had learned a lot of tricks for many things. Firewood was one thing she was an expert at. She knew exactly what kind to use to keep warm and what kind not to use.

    After she had a fire going, she grabbed some of the food from her bag she had carried with her and decided to cook it all so it wouldn't go bad with the sun the next day. After it was all cooked, she pulled some seeds and berries she had picked and put them in small bowls on the ground.

    She didn't eat much, barely even a few berries and a small piece of meat, before she wrapped everything up and slid it into a bag. She then grabbed her cloak and slipped it back over her shoulders. She slipped her journal out of the inside pocket and rested it on her lap as she faced the fire and waited for her to warm up.

    She turned and stood up suddenly when she heard a noise from behind her. Without a seconds thought, she grabbed her bow and a couple arrows in case it was going to pounce at her. She then raised her voice as if to call out to whoever or whatever it was.

    "Who is it? Come on. Show yourself. I won't shoot unless you make a move. Who is it? Who's there?"

    She raised a cautious eyebrow as she waited for the person or thing to show themselves before she dare put down her arrow.
  5. Ashton could have sworn he was only gone for a little bit. Gathering branches for the fire had been a little harder than he thought though and by the time he had returned to where he had hidden his things, he found someone already there, a fire going. He rose in eyebrow in surprise, pausing for a moment. Hmm, what to do in s situation like this? Leave the girl where she was and find another place to settle for the night? After all, he could always come get his bags from here the next morning. Or should he just walk right on up and introduce himself and see if he could at least get his bags and find another place to settle down if she didn't allow him to stay there. After all, he wouldn't intrude on a woman's privacy. That would be rude, wouldn't it?

    Yet, as he muddled these thoughts over in his head, trying to decide what to do, it seemed the young woman had picked for him because next thing he knew, she was yelling. Something about knowing he was there and to come out or he'd get shot. Well, he would for sure prefer not to have an arrow sticking through him, so, calmly the male walked out of the brush and into the clearing, looking at the young woman, and after tossing his branches to the ground, his hands raised to show he meant no harm, slightly amused by how she seemed to have him at arrow point. In stories wasn't it always the man holding the weapon to the woman? This was an interesting turn of events.

    "Whoa there, take it easy, Brown Eyes. You kind of took my camping spot." He stated and with his hands still raised made his way over to where he himself had layed his own bag, hidden between the roots of a tree. He kicked it with his foot and looked over to her, "See? Just came here to get my things and settle down. Have to say, I wasn't expecting someone to be here when I came back. Now, one of two things could happen. Either I could stay here with you and we could share the camping site together. Or I can leave and find another place to settle. I'll leave that decision up to you. After all, what kind of man would I be if I forced you to deal with my unwanted presence or forced you to leave?"

    He looked over at her, a smile playing on his lips as he shook his curly dirty blonde hair from his eyes, "What do you say, Brown Eyes? What is the verdict?"
  6. Brea had to say, she wasn't expecting a man to walk out of the bushes, but she wasn't really expecting him to say that she took his camping spot. She put her arrow and bow down to her side and looked up at him slowly. She felt her eyebrows furrow together as he called her Brown Eyes.

    "I didn't know someone was camping here. And my name isn't Brown Eyes. It's Breanna. Everyone calls me Brea though. I didn't mean to steal your camping spot...You don't have to leave though. I think it would be just as unfair if I made you leave the campground. It's a big enough clearing. I'm sure we could survive it together."

    Brea put her bow and arrow back under her cloak and pulled the food back out cautiously. "Are you hungry? I already made something to eat if you'd like some. "

    She shifted the long, curly brown hair from her eyes and tucked a strand behind her ear and blinked her huge brown eyes. When he called her Brow Eyes, she couldn't help but feel.. tingly. No one had ever called her something like that. Most people called her names to hurt her or make fun of her, yet his voice sounded like it was just because he wanted to. And frankly, she didn't know how to feel about it.

    She then turned around after she put the food back down so he could eat if he wished, and then looked over at the bunny that had curled up on her cloak. Not wanting to wake the animal or move it, she wrapped her own arms around her small body and kept herself warm with the fire. She wasn't sure how she was going to sleep now that she knew someone else was near her, especially since it was a man.

    She hadn't been around many men in her life, but the ones she had been around always ended up hurting her in the end. Therefore she tended not to have many relationships so that she wouldn't end up hurt. The last time she had been this close to another human for longer than a day seemed like so long ago, although it was probably a couple weeks ago when she went to the village for food and supplies.
  7. "Hmmm, Breanna?" He tested the name on his tongue, seeming to be thinking for a moment before he shook his head, "Eh, cute name but I think I like Brown Eyes better." He flashed her a smile before walking over and sitting in front of the fire as well, "Actually I have my own food. I don' meat. I'm a vegetarian. I guess I get that from my mother." It was true. His mother had such a tender heart and he knew for a fact the woman wouldn't even hurt a fly. Literally. So of course, to her eating animals had been out of the question. Growing up with that woman must have rubbed off on him because even to this day he couldn't even think about eating a poor animal.

    And so, from his bag he pulled out his own raspberries, wrapped up in a cloth. He set the opened cloth on a rock in front of him and took a few of the sweet berries, popping them into his mouth, "You can have some of my food if you want though. They're pretty good." By this time, Merlin had swooped down, landing on the log beside Ashton and the young man gave the owl an annoyed look as it hooed at him, "What do you want you big sack of feathers?" Seemingly nothing though apparently because right after he said that, the owl took off into the air again, probably going to catch some mice of something for his own dinner. Of course, not before giving Ashton another peck on the head that is.

    "Ow!" He rubbed the top of his head and glared after the nocturnal bird before her turned his eyes back to the girl with him, his hand falling back to his side, "So, Brown Eyes, you seem pretty capable taking care of yourself in these woods. You must come to the woods a lot? Or are you just naturally good at things that have to do with the outdoors?" He asked, popping another berry into his mouth, "I myself don't usually come to the woods and all. You know, what with witches and all running around these parts like crazy. Who knows what kind of spells those old hags would try to put on good people like you and me."

    He looked back at her, the same smile still on his face, until he noticed her seem to grow cold that is. A frown came to his face, but only if for a moment. Soon that smile was back on his face and he was slipping off his own jacket to hold out for the beautiful young woman in front of him to take, not even speaking a word about the offer and instead going on to introduce himself, "Oh, guess I forgot to tell you my name. The name's Ashton."
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