Into The Night (EverydayIrony x Nograd)



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1 x1- Feral She-werewolf x Demon : D
The men in the village had injured me so i was running, running out into the forest.

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I had been in this village for years becoming friends with the locals. Going through life with no problems the only bad part was that they didnt know i wasnt human. Once they found out they . . .they just attacked me while i slept. Throwing burning sticks through my windows breaking into the house. I ran outside and i was stabbed in the stomach. I fought back and escaped into the forest. Deep into the forest then . . . everything went black.
The girl stared leerily at the crumpled male before her, her bright, lupin eyes narrowed as her nostrils flared at his strange scent. She moved cautiously towards him, crouched down and moving on all fours like a wolf. Hesitating for only a moment, she reached out with a filthy, clawed hand and touched the demon's throat, feeling for a pulse. Pleased at the still-strong beating of the organ, she sniffed at the creature's hair and skin, her own tangled dark locks falling over her shoulders and chest. She gripped firmly at the male's wrist before tugging him deeper into the woods, into the safety of her den. Once there, she took up a peice of bone from a previous meal and heated it briefly in the small fire she kept, sterilizing it well enough. She examined it, pleased, and took up a legnth of thread she'd woven from the hide of beast. Within minutes she's sewed the male's wound shut, keeping him from bleeding out. She stalked into the night shortly after insuring he was still breathing to find a meal.
I began to wake up. My sight was blurry and where ever i was it was dark. I tried to get up but groaned in pain and lied back down. "Great just great. Im somewhere in the forest probably going to get eaten," I mutter to myself realizing it hurt a bit to speak. I sniffed the air trying to take in the scent of my surroundings since my blurred vision was not focused yet. I then heard footsteps and something being dragged towards me. I stayed silent.
The she-wolf dropped the stag beside the demon, unaware that he had awoken. She set to skinning the beast, occaionsally wiping a blood soaked hand on one of the furs she wore to cover herself when not in her wolven form. Her tail swayed as a pleased little growl left her lips. She laid out the skin of the beast on the cave floor and set each peice of the carcass on said skin in neat little piles, keeping the unwanted guts from touching the edible meat and the bone from puncturing any organs. Pleased, she set about lightly cooking the meal for her new companion, knowing most other creatures didn't like their food as raw as she did. She nudged the demon with her foot when she felt the food was done, growling lightly at him as she pushed the food towards him, blood staining her hands. She took up the heart of the deer and took a bite of it, watching him closely as blood leaked down her chin.
I opened my eye slowly and slightly and looked at her as she nudged me. She didnt seem to be an enemy . . . .nor did she seem to be a full human. I rush of pain rushed into my chest and i sat up grunting my eyes wide open. After coughing up some blood i noticed the girl looking at me. I sat there giving a slight awkward smile not knowing if to say something or just to sit there.
The young werewolf noticed the smile and bared her teeth in return, the expression more frightening than charming but cute for her naievty if nothing else. She leaned forward to ensure he hadn't torn his stitches by sitting up, running her fingers over his chest carefully. "You" She suggested and settled into a more comfortable sitting position to finish her own meal. Clearly other wovles used to share the space they currently occupied, but their scents were dull with time. "What hunts you?" She asked, tilting her head to the side like a curious puppy. realizing that she hadn't yet introduced herself, she pressed a bloody hand to her collarbone. "Name Shahara." She stated, again baring her teeth in an attempt to smile.
I was surprised she spoke. But every werewolf spoke even if being so little. "Shahara . . ." I repeated making sure i remembered it so i can thank her later. "Im Desmond, the people that hunted me were humans," i said. "Why they hunted me i dont know i used to know them . . .all of them." I sat there dumbfounded for a few seconds then realizing she tried to smile. I tried not to laugh .. . she just looked so . . . so weird but in a cute way.
Shahara snorted at his answers and licked her tongue across her mouth in some sort of attempt to remove some of the blood there. "Humans weak. You hunt them." She stated and again moved the food towards them. "I help, we make big meal of them." She smirked at the thought and turned towards the fire, checking on the water she'd set to boiling there. Pleased with the steam rolling from the small kettle, she wrapped her hands in a peice of fur and took the pot from the fire, placing it between them. After a few minutes of letting it cool, she offered the kettle to him as well. "Drink, wash wound." She suggested, clearly having no intention to wash up herself.
I looked at her and thought i might as well eat and clean up. I am in a guests domain. I began to wash my wound gringing in pain every now and then. "I dont think we should hunt them though," I said unsurely. I then took a bite trying to not make a distaseful face.
Shahara's wolven ears laid flat to her wild hair. "Why not hunt?" She questioned, picking her long claws of any trash and remains. She got to her feet and moved towards the cave's entrance, examining the dark woods thoughtfuly, as though to ensure there were no humans. "I hunt them if you don't." She stated wryly, smirking at him wolfishly.
"If you hunt them they will come back for you. Once they realize where you live they will do this to you," i say pointing to my wound. I get up holding my wound and walk next to her,"Promise me you wont hunt them . . .not until i found out why they attacked me"
Shahara raised a slend brow at the young demon, sizing him and his question up. She answered with a curt nod. "They hunt you for fear." She murmured, casting a disdainful eye in the direction of the village. "They hunt my people while they slept for fear." She scowled and crouched down, gathering a handful of snow into her palm before chewing it thoughtfully.
"They hunt and sleep for fear?" I asked. "what does that mean?" I tried thinking it over but failed horribly. I leaned against the wall of the cave near the entrance. I looked at myself noticing i was still in my sleeping garments. Embarrased i looked around for something to wear since these clothes were torn up anyways.
Shahar smacked her forehead. She gestured, trying to come up with the words for what she meant. "They hunted my people, while my people slept." She chewed her lip, struggling for the words. "Humans have fear for you. Humans had fear for my people." She offered, noticing that the demon seemed uneasy in his skin. She thought his skin was just fine, but offered him a section of tanned hide to him.
"Okay im sorry that i didnt understand what you said . . .Im just trying to get my head together," I said looking at the hide. Its better than what i have. "After i heal back up which will be maybe in a day ill go back into town and get my clothes . . . even my armor." I said grabbing the hide. "Where do i change?" I said, "Oh and when i go into town your coming with me and we're getting you some clothes . . .to see if you like it."
Shahara's eyes flicked to Desmond's pants, scowling at the idea of wearing something so binding. "Change here." She murmured and turned her back to him. She fiddled with her furs, deciding she would try the human clothes...maybe something blood colored so a stain wouldn't be noticed. "Fine Desmond." She stretched out her legs and turned when she figured he'd be done changing, examing the way the hide stretched across his body. "Good." She decided and set about wrapping up the uneaten meat in a fur before burrying in the clean snow just outside the cave for later use.
I looked at myself in the fur. It brought out more of my anger and savagenous. My eyes flashed deep red with pupils as slits. I blinked and they went away. I walked up behind shahara and began to help. Might as well be courteous she did take me in. Though i didnt know exactly what to do to bring out her expectations.