Into the Deep End (BadDeerGaming and Desu Juice)

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The dashboard melted, but we still have the radio~
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Several types of mer-people exist on Earth.

However, the main races are the Oceanids, a mysterious, mermaid-like race that lives deep in the Oceans.

And the Earth-dwellers, who are considerably more advanced and powerful. The Earth-dweller's constant warring allowed for their race to quickly develop new technologies and methods of expansion, and thus they became more powerful than the Oceanids, who are overall more peaceful.

These two races rarely interact, as the Oceanids lie in the deep parts of the Oceans and rarely meet Earth-dwellers.

Then, there is the tiny territory belonging to the Marsh-people. The name is misleading. The Marsh was actually a place resembling Eden- glorious, beautiful, and full of magic.
The first explorers of the Marsh wanted to preserve the sacredness of the place, and so deceived their fellow man with tales of the deadness of the Earth there. Too moist, smelly, over-all: a pit of death and despair.

The Marsh's real name is actually Utana. It is located in the desert of Ebul. It is also on the border of the sandy continent called Indensona, next to Asantia.

The stories about the Marsh effectively prevent almost all people from knowing what the Marsh really is.

A plot forms in the capital of Asantia, Starwyn. A radical group of politicans called, "The Circle," decides that they want to settle this magical place, and so they send diplomats (as well as armed guardsmen) to petition entrance into Utana. The half-mer protest this strongly, and relations go very badly.

Then, the diplomats offer them a deal they cannot refuse: sign permission for humans to inhabit the border-land of Indensonia or suffer a battle. Numbering only about 23 (to a whopping 145 armed men), the half-mer agreed to sign.

Enter Prince Kappa- a serious young man whose father, King Asona had just died of a strange illness. He was to sign the contract despite it being a week before his coronation was to take place.

He had just taken the feather-quill into his hand when suddenly, someone appeared and seized him from behind. He could hear bows and swords being dawn around him, and before he knew it, his people were slain around him.

"What treachery is this?!" He called, as a sack was pulled around his head.

- Ok I've decided I'll kinda sorta try when I write.
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Name: Raia Amasaji Kappa
Species: Half-mer
Gender: Male
Age: 23

Night-time, his home,
Dislikes: Back-stabbers, thieves,
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