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  1. OKAY: This is just an idea so bear with me. It won't take me long to flesh it out should I receive a good level of interest.

    First, I'd like to tell you all a little about me as a GM because I feel that's important.

    I'm Soul, I have ONE long-running roleplay which I've developed immensely to create a beautiful, rich, and full world for my players. I specialize in fantasy world development. I put a LOT of work in my roleplays and I am a dedicated GM that will make this the most amazing experience for you IF you put in the effort and show dedication.

    I run long-term roleplays because my plays put tons of effort into their characters, so why shouldn't I put tons of effort into the plot?

    Now. Before I rant more about myself, let me introduce the idea. And keep in mind, it's a rough one.

    +The Idea+
    (Taken from random brainstorming on skype. The actual RP intro will be much more.. theatrical.)​

    "A group of individuals wake up in a magic forest. Most would be human, a few would be local beings. The locals don't even know where they are but they know they're in a specific forest that even they can't navigate/aren't familiar with. Nobody knows how or why they got there, but they're all lost and the forest is filled with dangerous magical beings. As the plot progresses, the characters will be visited by higher entities and it will become known that they were summoned there. There's a purpose but I won't go into the plot details because I don't like sharing secrets and I don't know all the details.

    So the players would basically start with trying to survive in this world and figure out how the land works. There's magic all around that they would learn about, I have a special surprise for the players right at the beginning to help them on their magical adventure. And what thye characters would assume to be actual Gods, would be the guiding force for the plot. They would appear once in a while to push them forward to new places to collect things and do things and yada yada."


    You wake up dazed and confused, your surroundings unfamiliar. The blue sky above breaks through the thick canopy of what you now see to be a vast forest, the trees ancient and colossal. As you sit up, you start noticing others around you, most appear to be human but then... some do not. A sound distracts you from behind and you turn to see a large bird, bright and colorful, but nothing like anything you've ever seen before. The plants that dapple the floors are unusual and foreign, almost alien. What is this place? You ask yourself. Pulling yourself up, you feel a dull headache set in, faint but painful nonetheless.

    As the others around you begin to wake up, you quickly pull together, knowing your chances of survival are greatest as a group. Some take the surprise more lightly than others, but when one of the unfamiliar folk approach you and explain that you are in a magical forest in their native land, one so perilous and misleading that even their greatest travelers couldn't navigate it, you stagger back, struggling to accept that this is not a dream.

    You don't know why you're here, but you know there is danger when the sound of a deep, grumbling snarl sounds out through the woods. The locals look to you, a stern tone on their voices and tell you you must come with them to try and find shelter. What calls in the darkness is no ally of theirs.

    You and your party must struggle to survive and adapt to this beautiful, magical world. But all the beauty that surrounds you is paired with danger and threats that may well leave you clinging to your life. As you and your group set up a makeshift camp, high in the trees, a voice enters into your mind and the minds of all those around you.

    "Do not perish, for you are needed. Learn the land and learn to survive by it, you have a fate that anchors you here 'till your duty is done..." The deep voice escapes into the wind and several of you wonder who entered your mind. The locals dip into low, religious bows at the deep tones and it is soon explained to you that the voice must have been one of the gods.

    Why are you here? Where is here? What is this duty you've been told of?

    There's only one way to find out: survive, and press forward.

    (There. Theatrical intro. :3)

    I don't have all the details sorted out, the races most likely will be classic dwarves and elves, etc. Most of you should be humans so I'll have to think of a system for deciding who gets the local race spot. I'm going to set the limit at two characters each. No more than 6 players.
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  2. I'm definitely interested in this! Count me in!
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  3. Duly noted, that is IF I get any traffic. I can't believe there are no biters! [Except you :)]
  4. This sounds pretty interesting. :D I'm in~
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  5. Ooh :3 two! Let's aim for 4 and I'll get an OOC and IC up. We'll wait for four to make character sheets just because I don't want you guys wasting time and energy of the RP doesn't start :)
  6. I think I'm interested.
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  7. I'm definitely interested. :)
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  8. I'm very much interested!
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  9. Is there a possibility to have a dragon character? If not, I'm still in!
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  10. Perfect! That's enough to get going. I'll made an OOC today and get a CS skeketon up

  11. Alright everyone. This thread is officially character development and storage. Please use it for character related discussion. Link to the OOC to start discussing the actual roleplay is here:

    I'll have an IC developed by the end of the day and as soon as eveyryone has their characters up we can start.

    Ooc link is here but we'll be in this thread for a bit yet until I get the CS up. You can all start with making a human character, because I haven't decided the way Ill be choosing local characters..

    Who all has interest in making a local character??

    Use a basic CS if you feel until I post mine. Name, Age, Gender, Reference Image, Skills, Weaknesses, Etc.
  12. Not a dragon character because dragons are not a common creature. There Will be dragons in this Roleplay though, but just not the kind with substantial and consistent plot roles :)
    Hopefully that's okay :)
  13. OKAY:

    Character Sheet Skeleton
    Appearance: (Image preferred)
    Hometown: (The humans are from earth, originally)
    Notable relationships, etc:
    Personality in 5 words:
    Personality Description:
    History and Biography:

    Skill Set: (List things like, archery, stamina, stealth, good with animals, languages, etc., more learned skills than anything)
    Strengths: (Things like, no fear, strong leader, good listener, quick thinker, more positive personality/physical traits than anything)
    Weaknesses: (List things like fears, physical weaknesses like injury etc.)

    Anything else you choose to add, go right ahead but keep it to only a few more paragraphs of info :)

    (This is to be used only if and when a player is approved for a spot as a local. Local characters will be limited to 4 Total, one of which will be mine.)
    Personality in 5 Words:
    Personality Description:


  14. I would like to make a local, if that's alright.
  15. @kimsim12

    Okay, so when making a local, you'll have to work a little bit more closely with me OOC because the locals are expected to know the world better, and so you too would have to know the world better. Right? I'd be happy to help you build your character. I'm actually just whipping up a map really quickly here. Try not to make your history too detailed yet just becuase I don't even have any politics or history for the world developed yet :3

    The races I would like to use as local races are a form of elves, perhaps dwarves as well.

    Would those sorts of races be okay with you all or would you highly prefer a different race? If so, which race did you have in mind?

    Also, you should consider if you'd like your local to know one of the other locals. I'll allow the possibility of one knowing one other but they wouldn't all know each other.
  16. Ex) My local character will probably be this woman, though I'm going to try and tint her skin color to more of a brown, maybe even a blue or green and with pointed ears.

    But yeah. I donno yet lol. Frankly I'm so consumed in making the world a bit more.. playable that I haven't developed a character yet. You guys all have some time to make yours too so I might take my time with mine. Might make a local and an outsider.
  17. @Soulserenity20 That's perfectly fine with me! I'll probably make an elf. In regards to other races, I don't have a personal preference.
  18. Sweet. And as for elves, I mean the general image of an elf. Mainly human with extra little querks. Don't hesitate to propose an aquatic elf or something. Just let me know which route you're wanting to take so I can plan the world accordingly for the races we develop.
  19. Hm, I'll have to think about that one. I'll let you know no later than this evening. :)
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  20. I'm interested in this rp, is there still place for another?
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