Into a New Realm

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  1. So I had an idea where we make characters from the modern world, then what happens is we all get transported to an anime universe, which will be picked between you all, and I'll hope for suggestions. So if anyone likes this Idea please respond below, also if there are any experienced gm's who would like to be a co gm I could use one. Anyways you can pm me suggestions for the anime world, or write on my profile, put it here, or put it in the ooc thread if and when i get it up. Anyways if you are interested let me know below.
  2. So, I'm a bit confused. Would the characters be real-world 3D people who get transported into an anime setting, or anime characters from a slice of life setting who get transported into a magical setting?
  3. Various anime universe or just one?

    I have a pre-prepared anime universe that uses the concept of 'shared world'.
  4. I think they should be transported into a phenomenally different universe that could never be considered even remotely normal. Aren't many anime like that though.
  5. like slice of life into a different setting.
    That depends if both universes have the same geography like highschool dxd and blue exorcist those two are just examples