Intergalactictic Fighting Championships

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You have been invited to the Intergalatctic Fighting Championships!

A small device is given to you from a courier, or is found in your mail. You turn on the device with the simple power button on the front left side of it and a video appears with a man wearing a silver ornamented kind of headdress., as he speaks in a gruff voice:

Hello dear invitee,

You and a select few of your people are being invited to join in the Intergalactic Fighting Championships by the being known as Mycel. He has taken interest in you and wishes to see the qualities you have in the arena, whatever they may be. Your companions may consist of three people, a dedicated leader, a medic of some kind, and also a person of your choice. Make sure you have what you need, and be prepared for anything, as the arena has many different kinds of arena fields for various damage components and to also vary in tactic as well. If you have no form of transportation, then press the button on the right side of device that is underneath a glass lid as a just in case scenario. We will be notified and send a timer for when the teleportation countdown will begin via the device. As soon as that timer starts to count down, you will have one hour to gather your companions and items. When you are ready before the timer is finished, press the right side button again and we will teleport you. After that be ready for anything else that may come your way, because we will have a forty-eight hour testing time period to see your skills. After that comes the the championships, and the fighting begins one on one.

The Mycel Corp.

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