Intergalactic Life: Among the Stars (Sci-Fi Space Saga RP)

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  1. Intergalactic Life: Among the Stars

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    The Universe: A realm of limitless possibilities. Those who dwell within it are often bewildered by the fact that even after centuries, they still know very little about their galaxy and how it works. The people explore it, they study it, they analyze the things inside of it, and yet the great mystery behind life still remains just that: a mystery. Even without extensive knowledge about the known universe, the people within it continue to thrive. They create belief systems that lead into religions, they create simple structures in the sand that lead to heavily fortified fortresses, and they take something as simple as the act of mating/procreation and transform it into something beautiful. Sentient Life is incredible in that regard. They are so inventive. They've built skyscrapers that reach impossible heights, invented the automobile and other modes of transportation, created harmonious music out of random sounds, and have even split the atom umpteenth times over to create powerful (but radioactive) energy.

    The mystery seems to deepen every day as new discoveries are made. Lost cities, abandoned/unsafe planets, and even new creatures are all discovered on a weekly basis. Now that inter-galactic travel has been discovered, sentient life from other galaxies can travel back and forth, establishing trade routes, delivering refugees/immigrants/emigrants, and even just so people can casually fly through a whole new division of the universe. As a result, billions of new sentient species' have found new homes among the stars and each galaxy has become more diverse. But they do not realize that these creatures will die off, new ones will come on, and life will continue. The Universe will go on as if nothing happened, as if an entire species wasn't just eradicated, as if an entire planet wasn't engulfed by a supernova, as if life itself was suddenly wiped from existence. New planets will be born, galaxies will be created and destroyed, and the Universe will keep spinning until the end days when it ceases to exists. When that day comes, there will be no time, no space, nothing. Everything will be obliterated in the blink of an eye.

    Everything in the Universe; sentient and non sentient life, planets, galaxies, stars, and even the tiniest of particles, are all just insignificant specks to the whole of creation. But even though they know this terrible truth, the people continue to thrive and live their lives to the fullest extent that they can. Some vow to see the stars, some choose to fight for the freedom of their fellow lifeforms and liberate tyranny across the galaxy, and some choose to devote their lives to science to develop new and inventive means of living and surviving almost any environment.

    So with all that information running through your head, you've decided that you want to make something out of your life. You want to see the stars, travel to distant worlds, get into action filled adventures and have an extraordinary life. But first, you need to board a ship and find a captain. Space ships are expensive nowadays, so unless you have the extensive means to purchase one, you need to travel as a crew mate. Typically, there are some nice ships waiting at the space-port, so your best bet would be to travel down there and see what kind of vessel you can hitch a ride with.


    Alright, so I was thinking that this idea would become a space-exploration RP similar to Star Trek/Firefly, in the regard that we travel back and forth between all kinds of planets and never really "set up base" elsewhere. We can be searching for fame, fortune, adventure, or just exploring for the sake of exploring. We would all be living on the good-ship (name coming soon) and basically going wherever we wanted to go (planets), with a larger plot hanging over our heads as we went along.

    I kind of imagined this to have the same kind of feeling behind it as Guardians of the Galaxy or the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where it involves a group of outcasts/"losers" (thanks, Starlord!) who all band together to survive in the deepest reaches of space and overcome any obstacles they encounter.

    Now, I love Sci-Fi and pretty much anything involving it, so I'm willing to make this almost a multi-universal thing, where elements from our favourite franchises are included (ex. Entering a bar and hearing this, using a copy of "The Guide" to help get information on stuff, finding a police box on random planets, noting those who died in the War on the Bugs, and of course, an awesome soundtrack all provided from a still-functioning media device from the earliest centuries of Earth).

    I will be taking the role of the captain/pilot of the ship, just so everybody knows. You don't have to post your "position" on the ship, because really, everybody would chip in to keep it flying. I do, however, want you to say if you're going to be something other than a human being because I would honestly prefer a varied cast (like a lot of Sci-Fi teams, Guardians being the reference here) with only one or two humans tossed into the mix. I would be playing a human, but I will allow the option of 1-2 more (to start).

    We'll need about 3-4 people before I can start the OoC, but for now just post below and feel free to ask any questions/add any comments about this idea and how we could/should approach it!
  2. Count me interest, sir!
  3. I've never ... really watched anything like Star Trek, Firefly or other Sci-Fi movies and all, but if you're willing to take in a noob like me, I'd be more than interested to join the RP.

    From what I got in that small blurb you posted, we're all going to be boarding the ship, then travelling around the galaxy with some goal in mind - not that there is one at the moment (this is interest after all). Mostly exploration, until details are sorted out, right? (Fighting aliens?)
  4. @Toxxx, sweet!

    @White -- Chocolate, no worries, you're welcome here! And yeah, we can discuss the important details of it but it'll start off as us traveling around having fun and grow into a more serious idea as the "plot" rears its head.
  5. I would be interested as well. I was considering a space opera, but I have totally lacked the time in compiling one. I also love making alien races, so that is in there as well.

    Just a couple of questions:
    > Are there going to be set roles/occupations for the characters or are they just going to be a part of the "crew?"
    > Are pictures going to be required? I find that finding alien pictures are the hardest (unless you rip off ME or other scifi shows/games.) I'm sure I could rustle something up for this alien idea in my head.
    > And as much as aliens are regarded, is there going to be some background (planet of origin/anatomy/abilities/racial attributes/etc.) work up? Or just talk about it as the RP goes on?

    Anyway, these are superflous questions, and the answer won't change if I join or not. I still will. I just ask, because if I am going to needle into a specific role, I probably need to start searching the dark parts of the internet for a feasible alien picture.
  6. 1. We can establish roles like that if we want, but that's really only if we decide to establishing set "roles" like a chef or and enforcer or something.

    2. Yeah, I strongly encourage images for a visual medium, but I guess if you have a hard time finding one you like you can describe it, but if you find a bunch of images that correlate with that you want described, feel free to just post them and say "This is the ear, this is the head-tenticals", etc.

    3. Yeah, there will be some background on aliens that exist in this. But I think for the sake of not keeping it too cluttered, I'll do them as we encounter an alien who is an important NPC/the species of a character being played by one of us. I'll have a few basic ones up, but that's just like the "Starting" ones.

    On that note, we can also borrow species' from Star Wars and other Sci-Fi works such as the Twi'lek or the Bug Blattered Beast of Troll.
  7. Gotcha! Thanks for answering my questions. Also, I'm digging how it sounds like a group effort!

    And no worries, I actually started pilfering through my pictures and found some good pictures for an alien race. So, that is not at all a problem for me. Though I will probably have a few pictures for the entire idea. No face tentacles though. Shame.

    Anyway, pencil me in. I'm excited.
  8. Hmm... interesting. I might be game.
  9. Interested :)
  10. Sweet, we can start the OoC now!

    Any questions/comments we want to talk about here? This is the interest/discussion thread.
  11. @Sora1297
    I'm very interested in this as well.

    Quick question: I want to make a sort of artificial intelligence/Android. I have been wantig to make one for a while and I would be like soooo happy if I could make on in this rp <3

    It would be able to mimic the patterbs of emotions of humans and other creatures, but not exactly have them itself. I believe it would be a fun idea, if am able to.
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  12. Posting expectations?
  13. I'm interested.
    Oh and I was wondering if my character can be a robot?
  14. Already called robot LOL...well more so Android, bit you want to make sure there is a lot of diversity.
  15. Oh you did.....Well that's fine, I'll just make something else.
  16. Sorry if that came off slightly rude...
  17. No you didn't.
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  18. Yeah, the A.I idea sounds good to me, if there's anything specific you want to ask about it just PM me and we can do over the details.
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  19. Heh... oh so interested! And I have the perfect character in my roster. I'm on a public comp at present, and my days off work are Weds-Thurs, so I'm not set for a rapid daily pace (library is closed Sun-Mon, too). Still game for this. Your mention of Guardians is perfect, since my character is 2.5 feet tall, with attitude. Oh, and I want him to be Ship's Engineer, since that's his skill-set. And he has the tools already. No pic, but I have a description.

    Question: Would we be able to have more than one character?
  20. Yeah, I allow a Max of 3 characters per player.

    I'll work on getting the OoC up today, but it will be up before the weekend is done.
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