Interesting travel experiences?

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  1. I am about to go out of town again for work, and while I rarely encounter problems while traveling, I gotta say when you move around as much as I do, they're bound to happen every once in a while.

    Does anyone have any ridiculous / funny / interesting travel stories?

    I'll start with one of mine:

    When I was in college, my family traveled to Taiwan to see some family during Winter Break. Our flight was scheduled to land in the evening, so I knew that if I slept too much on the plane, I might mess up my sleeping schedule and have jet-lag the entire trip. So I vigilantly forced myself to stay awake for the entirety of the 14-hour flight, busying myself with in-flight movies and iPad games. Needless to say, when we arrived at our hotel, I was pretty exhausted.

    Because we had been traveling, I dressed as comfortably as I could, so I was in sort of a raggedy sweatshirt hoodie, hair messed up from being on a plane and not having showered (plus it was frizzy from the humidity change), wearing kind of torn and frayed jeans, and some comfortable sneakers. I guess I looked kind of like a bum.

    My parents were having some trouble finding our rooms on the reservations, so I sat down on a couch in the lobby and knocked out. Not even lying on the couch, just sitting. I'm not sure how long I was asleep for, but eventually a hotel worker comes up to me and rudely shakes me awake by the shoulder and tells me in Chinese, "You can't sleep here."

    I look at him kind of confused, not really making the connection that he probably thinks I'm just some homeless vagrant hoping to spend the night for free in this warm, snazzy hotel lobby. So I reply to him in Chinese, "My mom and dad are checking in right over there." I guess he didn't believe me, because he immediately snapped back, "No they're not. Get out of here."

    Still kind of in disbelief, I looked over where my parents were standing, and pointed them out to the employee. "They're right over there," I told him. "Those are my parents."

    "No, they're not." He insisted.

    So I let out an exasperated sigh, turn in the sofa and call out to my mom, still in Chinese, asking her to come over. The employee angrily shoves my shoulders and tells me not to disturb the hotel guests.

    At this point I realize that he's implying that I'm homeless, and I snap. Out of a mix of anger, confusion, crankiness and exhaustion, I jump to my feet and yell at him, this time in English: "Fuck you, asshole. I'm an American. Those are my parents." I reach into my pocket and pull out my US Passport and wave it in his face. My mom, now concerned, comes over and says in English, "Remi (she used my real name, which is not actually Remi), what's going on?"

    The embarrassed employee says nothing, turns around and walks away. I then pulled the hood of my sweatshirt over my head and went back to sleep in the couch lol.
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  2. That's hilarious Fatal. XDD

    My boyfriend and I had to travel via car from Texas to California. We were going to take the plane but his mom was giving us her car. She also said that we should get everything checked up and fixed before we go on the road trip and said that she'd pay for it. Well we changed the oil, got the tires rotated, got the transmission changed and a few other things.

    Once we got on the road, everything was going smoothly. We had our stuff in the back of the car, and since the transmission fluid had been changed it was running so well. And then suddenly as we're about to exit the Texas border, we hear this rumbling and then this loud pop. My boyfriend gets us to the side of the highway and we get out to see that one of our tires blew out. =/

    We were practically in the middle of nowhere on a two lane highway. I could see the Mexican border thanks to a line of lights, the sun was setting to set, oh and there were bugs, lots of bugs.

    After some freaking out on my end, my boyfriend calls the car insurance company. They send someone out but it takes almost two hours for him to get there. By now the sun has set, and for some reason the guy didn't bring an extra tire, just came there to install our spare one.... O.o So after that was done we hunkered down at a small nearby town, the next day we got our tire replaced, and headed back on the road.
  3. One time while driving solo across the US I picked up a hitchhiker in 'middle of nowhere Nebraska'. Not a good idea, I know, but I am an adrenalin junkie and the fact that he might try to rob me and we'd have to fight to the death tuned me on. He was a cool dude though, originally from SoCal, and we chopped it up for like 6 hours straight. Then, while passing across the border into Iowa I got pulled over by highway patrol. The cop was suspicious to as why I am traveling across country in the middle of winter, in the middle of nowhere, with a strange hitchhiker. It would take too long to explain it to him so I just said 'For fun'. When he asks if he can search the vehicle I say "no". As a Libertarian I know my rights, and as I had in no way broke the law he has no reason to search me. He then narrows in on me and says "The reason I ask is because many people smuggle drugs from California this time of year, do you mind if I have a drug sniffing dog circle your car before letting you go". There are no drugs in the car. My days of smuggling drugs are far behind me, so I say "Sure" Eliminate all possible suspicion and be on our way. Before he calls in for the K-9 unit he asks me one last time "Are you 100% sure there is nothing illegal in the car" I say "No" and at that moment I catch my a look at my hitchhiker friends face. His face is white and his eyes are about to bug out of his fucking skull. The look on his face is screaming "I have something illegal in your car". At this point I figure he has either drugs or a gun (or maybe a finger he cut off some lot lizard he murdered) in his travel bag and we are both fucked and going to jail.

    When the back up car arrived and the dog was circling my car, I was on edge. It was the most tense 10 minutes you could possibly imagine. I was just waiting for the dog to start going nuts and them searching my vehicle. To my amazement the dog was silent and the cops let us go. When we were back on the road with the police in my rear view mirror I ask the hitchhiker "Why the hell did you give me that look?"

    He smiled and said "Gotcha"

    We traveled another 5 hours together before I dropped him off at a truck stop.

    There ya go, that is my weird travel story. A situation only October could create.
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  4. I have a fun storiy for you! 8D Dumb diana story!

    The first time I ever rode a bus, it was from Georgia to Kansas. Somewhere right on the border to Kansas we wound up really, really late and I missed my transfer bus. Having never rode a bus before or even traveled long distance, I didn't know what happened to you if you missed the bus. D: If you ticket was invalid or if you had to buy a new ticket or whatever. And I spent 30 minutes crying in a bathroom from a dumb girl anxiety attack cause I didn't know what to dooooo. And then when I got out of the bathroom the bus people told us our next transfer bus would be there in a few hours. So I was like FUCK HERRDURR I'M DUMB.

    Needless to say, after that I quit freaking out about late buses and stuff. o____o