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  1. Hello! Well, I would really like to jump into some Role Plays, and start off with 1x1's! So I'm open to any idea, and change in my ideas, so please feel free to ask! Here's a little general information before I list some of my ideas.
    • I play Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern, Historical, and anything in between those categories
    • I play either male or female, it's up to you!

    I think that's it for that, now here is some of my ideas, [Remember you can tell me if you want to tweak these ideas, and I will gladly do so!]


    1. The setting is four islands, each island holds the characteristics of a season. Wethyrin is the island season of winter, it has barely any plant life, snow covers the ground all year, and you can ice skate all you want! Leavalia is the island season of Autumn, the leaves never stop falling here, and the colors are red, orange, and yellow, or any variation, it's not to hot, and there is a whisper of winter, that will never come. Helintae is the island season of Summer. It gets any where from 75 degrees to a hot 100 degrees. Everything is warm and swimming and outdoor sports are highly encouraged! Finally, Blomarete the island season of spring has everything in bloom, and it's brightly green, and it's not too cold, and some days it seems that summer was upon you, but it would never come. Alright, now the plot is basically, the islands are in a series of wars, and your character and my character are on two separate islands, we are going into war, and we must fight. [or you can tweak it to add romance or anything of your choice!]

    2. In the country of Sebrine, there is many different landscapes to suit each of the species that lives there. Forests, Lakes, Waterfalls, Streams, Marshes, Plains, and more. These species are very different from the regular Evles, Fairies, Vampires, and Werewolves. They may have some characteristics of these legendary beasts and creatures, but they are entirely their own. Your character and my character are either apart of the same clan of species or from different species and we must go on a quest to find [this can be changed].


    1. Your character and my character are studying our final exams in the library, when someone runs in waving a gun around, and tells everyone to get down or they will be shot. It's Fight or Flee, and we both know we don't want to die this young. What will we do?

    2. There is a small coffee shop at the end of town, and [my character] goes there every evening to read a book, [your character] notices this pattern and starts to wait for [my character] after she/he get's done reading the chapter of his/her's book. [your character] walks mine home and there starts to be a bond between us, even though they barely know each other [This can be romance, brother-sister, or whatever]


    1. There seems to be hauntingly beautiful music coming from the fair grounds each night. [your character] and [my character] go to investigate it and it seems their is a ghostly mirage of a carnival that use to be there. We decide to come back each night, and finally we start realizing what happened to this once joyous place, and we soon are horrified by the fact we are becoming apart of the carnival!

    If you like any of these ideas, or you want to tweak them, or you want to Role Play a new one, PM me or comment here!
  2. I think the 2nd modern idea sounds really cute, and I'd like to try a sibling sort of relationship.
  3. Alright, so the second modern, would you prefer to be the one reading in the coffee shop or the one watching and walking home? :)
  4. I like the second fantasy idea. It goes well with Palithio my Drow. In his profile I have just about anything you may like to know about him.


    I doubt you'd prefer to play in the land of his mothers AKA the Underdark. So I can have him enter the surface world. Let me know if you are at all in the least bit interested. Thank you for your time...
  5. I'd prefer to be the one watching and walking home.