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  1. I have some available characters/ RPs if anyone is interested..

    I've got an RP, The Beginning, which I am very keen to do.

    I also have Sweet Kiss of Revenge, but they are currently only in characters, not an RP ^_^ here they are.. I wasn't actually sure where to put this haha

    Xavier James



    Xavier is strong, stubborn and fierce. Always being cold and fierce, never wavering infront of enemies. He's as gentle as the ocean in a storm. He's fearless, not caring about consequences or possible problems which may lie ahead. Only thinking about himself and his crew, Savier cares not for others's lives. Only his own hide. Or so it seems. To be completely honest, that's just a facade in which Xavier puts up. A front, if you may. In order to live up to expectations of his crew, he must have a cold front. But in reality, Xavier has a soft, kindhearted side which he doesn't like to show. He's gentle, considerate, romantic. The perfect gentleman. But deep down, Xavier is hurting. After the death of his parents when he was young, Xavier had become a pirate to try and bury his grief. What he needs is someone's love.

    When Xavier was a young boy, he had grew up with a poor family in the wilderness. It was a small family just his mother, father and him. Though poor, they lived a happy life. It was there that Xavier had learnt how to be strong. To fight and survive. When Xavier was 12, his parents got to know a crew of pirates. They seemed like nice people. Yes, they stole things, but they still seemed nice. Xavier liked to go over and play and talk with the crew. They all got along very well, they were hearty, strong men that Xavier respected. But one night, a couple years later when he was 15, Xavier had an agruement with his parents. What about, he can't remember, but he ran away from the house to get away from them. But a few days later, when Xavier finally came back, he saw them dead on the floor. Cold and hard with dried red blood surrounding them both, their eyes wide open with fear. Who could do this?
    Xavier mourned their deaths for 2 days before he realised crying would not bring them back. So Xavier went and joined a pirate crew. They took him in, got him to work and trained him to become a respectable pirate. But, at the age of 17, Xavier became the captain of the ship, defeating the previous captain in a fair fight(now the previous captain simply works as a crewmember). For his first raid he decided to take a noble's house. Not as rich as royalty, obviously, but they didn't have many guards. Sure enough, the raid was successful. He killed both the man and woman of the house. Little did he know their daughter survived. They took all their things and left.

    Xavier is a rather good looking man. Even with his scruffy, rough look of a pirate. He stands at 5'9'' and has slightly tanned skin. He's slender, but has a toned body that has most girls fawning over him. He has scruffy black hair which reaches just below his ears and he has soft brown eyes, which look like ambers when the sun hits them. He has 2 piercings in his left ear and has a tattoo of a grim reaper upon his chest on the right side.


    Jessie Ariana



    Strong, fierce and stubborn, Jessie is definately not someone to mess with. She's strong willed and will stand by anything she deems fit. She has a fiery temper which is easily lit, but also easily put out. She will never give up on something she has set her mind to, which, right now, is killing Xavier. She holds grudges, obviously, and doesn't easily forgive people. But despite all this, Jessie is a girl. She does have a soft side and thoughshe isn't afraid to show it, it just doesn't appear very often. She can be considerate and will look out for her friends with her life. She does get scared of things, too. She hates the sight of blood, though that doesn't mean she's not used to it. She hates being left alone. It terrifies her. Makes her remember her past. She is also scared of small, dark places.

    When Jessie was younger, she had lived with a noble family. She wasn't a noble herself, but she was adopted by them ad despite seeming like a snobbish family, her adopted parents were kind to her. They had never been able to have children, so they had taken Jessie in as an infant. She grew up knowing she wasn't their child. One night, on her 11th birthday, when she had been out in the garden when pirates came and raided her house. She hid in the garden bed, but she watched as her parents ran out the door only to be killed by the captain. He was young. Almost too young, actually. Maybe around 17 years of age and already the captain. Jessie stayed hidden and watched as the pirates took everything valuable. Jessie swore revenge on the captain and his ship. One day he would pay. With his life.
    So Jessie trained from that day forth, refusing to let her grief overcome her, locking her emotions inside of her. She became a strong young woman by the age of 16 and set off to find the captain whom had murdered her parents.

    Jessie stands at 5'5'' and has pale skin with the slightest tan to it. She is slender in size, but she's still strong. She used to have long caramel coloured hair that reached her waist before she cut it short to look like a boy. She has large, bright emerald green eyes that could ensnarl anyone to do as she asks. But they have the look of someone who's fighting a war inside of her. Hidden pain. She has both ears pierced but only wears her right one. She bandages her chest down so shes not suspected as a girl.
    I will be playing Jessie & you play Xavier... (Feel free to change some things about him if you wish ^_^
    Xavier is looking for new crew members for his ship after he lost a few in a storm. Jessie is taken in and she works her ass off to earn the crew's respect and friendship. But she just wants to trick them so she can kill Xavier, for revenge on her parents. She couldn't care less if she's killed afterwards, though... However, when there is a raid on the ship, or trouble comes, she's sees just how much of a leader Xavier is and how much everyone respects the young captain. Her feelings start to waver.. Also, Xavier has a feeling he knows exactly who she is after he looks at his records of who he's raided and seen, on his very first raid, he had missed their daughter, who was also called Jessie Arianna, the nobles' adopted daughter. He doesn't let on he knows, though. He knows why she's there, but also knows she will never succeed. Jessie, after spending so much time on the ship has started to waver in her need for revenge and she is slowly falling for the captain's hidden gentle side, which he thinks he hides completely, but she can see it. Their ship is raided and Jessie takes the opportunity to try and strike Xavier, but she hesitates and Xavier stops her before any of the crew notices. He binds her hands and feet and throws her into his cabin until the raid is over, despite her protests.
    We can work out what happens after that ^_^

    At this particular moment, these are all I have available. But, trust me, more shall become available soon :D
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  2. Also got this one :3

    Just The Way It Is Now

    About a world where 87% of natural wild animals are extinct and are taken over my experiments/artificial life forms. There are so many chemicals in the air that that animals who didn't have a strong immune system died. Cars and other auto-mobiles, as well as a lot of electronics do not work. It centres around a young man of 18 called Rye, who's best and only friend is a 100% all natural wolf. They are constantly in hiding and stealing to survive.

    Read it to find out more ^-^ if you're interested, let me know by replying to this thread or messaging me.
  3. Well, bot of your characters seem very interesting, do you have any ideas with them?
  4. Well, if you're talking about Xavier and Jessie, then they are for the same RP. I was looking for someone to play Xavier whilst I play Jessie. However, pretty much about Xavier can be changed except the age he became captain & that he killed Jessie's family. However, the plot is beneath Jessie if you're still interested in RPing :)

    Unless you were talking about The Beginning or Just The Way It Is Now? The plot for The Beginning is at the bottom of the post & Just The Way It Is Now doesn't really have a plot yet, if you wanted to work one out.
  5. I was talking about Xavier and Jessie but I kind of want to play my own characters.
  6. Well you can change pretty much everything about Xavier, his name included. Just the part about him killing jessie's family stays. Its mainly the plot that's important haha
  7. Really, for me I care a lot about my characters. :/
    Do you just want to plan a new plot?
  8. Sure :) message me?