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Would you want to join a D&D 4e game (Dungeons and Dragons)

  1. Sure let's do it

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  2. I'd like to but I don't know how to play

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  3. Depends on some options

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  4. Nah D&D 4e is lame other formats are better!

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  1. So if any of you have ever played, or want to play D&D 4e i'm trying to get a iwaku group up. The story line wouldn't be too long and it'd be about 10 weeks then we'd switch up and do something else. Might be shorter might be longer. This way we give people a chance to leave if they get busy, come in if htey get interested so on so forth.

    Also you do not have ot know how ot play, we can teach you. You do not have to have the manuels, I can provide them. And if any of you read this and want to DM that's fine you can DM I don't have to. I actually enjoy playing as much as I enjoy dming.

    This is a roleplaying table top game, so just like all things character creation will be fun! if you have questions, like what is it and so on, PM me. Please answer int he poll above and give some feed back,

    Thanks hope to hear from you!