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  1. So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Yugioh roleplay. The idea I have set up is that there is a cult looking to return the game of Duel Monsters back to its original roots, that being the Shadow Games. As their influence increases, dueling becomes more and more damgerous. Monsters summoned also occasionally "break free" from the duels, going on rampages to cause chaos and destruction. People become fearful and begin flocking to the cult for protection, but when they're taken in, some are never seen again.

    That's the premise, and I intend to have the story build up to the more serious parts (more Shadow Games, rampant monsters, etc). Our characters would have a connection to the Shadow/Spirit Realm, and as such are targets of interest to the Shadow Cult. Obviously, characters can choose to join them or stand against them.

    Duels will be carried out via "", a site that makes it easier to carry out collaborative posts. Also, decks cannot be metagame styled decks, as these are often broken, annoying, and just give an unfair advantage over others. Extra decks might also be limited to help with this.

    So... anyone interested?
  2. I suggest you use Dueling network for duels.
  3. I thought about it, but I think I'll be allowing for some custom cards. Then again, "proxying" on DN is also an option.
  4. Possible interest. I ought to break out my old set of cards and see if I could make some sort of theme out of them.
  5. I won't mind the use of a specific archetype so long as the deck isn't metagame level.
  6. Well, I hope not, because I'm not sure what could be considered metagame for this stuff because I never played Yugioh seriously, much less at all in the last several years.

    I'm talking about, like, a Dragon deck, either light- or dark-themed.
  7. Hmm the metagame issue, yeah I'm not sure what that means either. My guess though it would either be Pre-Kaiba tornaments, which means being able to play very powerful cards, such as 5 star or higher with out sacrificing any cards as tributes first. For instance, if one were to build a deck of only very powerful monsters and expected to play them right of the bat, not counting exodia sense to summon him you have to assemble the pieces in which all the pieces are pretty much level 1 or 2 star except for exodia's head piece which I think has 3 or 4 stars. Or having a deck themed around the cards(the one cards the anime called the Egyptian god cards) Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky dragon, and the Winged Dragon of Ra or those three sphinx cards. If it doesn't mean any of them then I don't know what metagame is.
  8. Super Interested
  9. By the way I'm interested too. I'll have to build me a deck though first.
  10. I'm interested, it sounds like fun!

    I would also suggest you use Duel Network for the duels, simply because when I tried to run a yu-gi-oh rp a while back I had major issues trying to sort out the duels. But it's up to you. You'll probably be much better at organizing the dueling than me!
  11. Oh goodness I didn't even know people were taking a look at this still! Let's clear up a few things first though, since there seems to be some confusion around here:

    We'll be dueling according to the actual rules of Yugioh, meaning that we won't be able to pull off some of the OP and nonsensical moves seen in the anime (like summoning three Blue-Eyes in one turn).

    When I say "metagame", I'm talking about the super powerful and abusable decks people love using in tournaments. Though we certainly can have decks centered around a "meta" archetype like a Shadoll, Madolche, or Galaxy Eyes, the decks cannot be made to have every single exploitable feature the archetypes would have in a deck built for an actual tournament. Does this make sense? Sorry if it doesn't, I'll try to explain better if so.

    I've decided that duels will be written out. I just did this on another forum I'm on, and it's actually quite fun. Draws will need to be reasonable though, meaning you can't just draw every card you need to help yourself out lf everything, or start out with some that'll just obliterate the other guy in turn. If anything, use an RNG, but if you trust yourself enough, just make reasonable draws, and every now and then have that "rare heart of the cards moment when you draw exactly what you need". Quoted from the GM of the other Yugioh RP I'm in.

    Anyway, another thing, I'll allow custom cards and even archetypes so long as they're within reason. We seem to have a good amount of interested people, so starting the actual sign up thread and OOC detailing the stuff about the RP might be done soon.
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  12. So would a monarch deck be allowed? And what about a different dimension deck?
  13. Yes, I'll allow those. Really I'll allow any archetype, I'll just review the decks to make sure they won't get out of hand and just curb stomp everything that duels it.
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  14. Okay then, i'll be reviewing my dn decks then. :)

    Oh, and would I be allowed to include a god card?
  15. A god card? Not now. Afterall, such cards aren't just your typical cards you can find by chance. Same thing for cards such as the Sacred Beasts and Earthbound Immortals.
  16. Ok, thanks! :)
    (Assuming monarchs are allowed otherwise what's the point of a monarch deck XD)
  17. Alright.

    So, would anyone be interested in taking the role of a Cultist member? Maybe one of the higher ups that will guide the direction of the RP and such? Or I could be the one to do as such...
  18. I'll be happy to give being a cultist a go!
  19. Sweetness!

    I think I'll begin working on the OOC post that describes the RP and its mechanics in more detail, and also allows interested roleplayers to create a character sheet. It'll be in the Fandom section of the site, since this RP is obviously on Yugioh :p.
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