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Okay so there are a few things I'd like to try out, but I need to know if people would be interested in my ideas/what ideas/I need to flesh out plots a little more for some.

1.So, for one-on-one I was thinking a standard Hunger Games roleplay would be fun. We'd each take on a character or two and play around I guess. Although that can kind of get old but at least it has a clear end. We could do the whole star-crossed lover thing because that's easy but it is over played with Hunger Games I feel.

2. Next we could do a group Hunger Games roleplay. I would be the GM but I'd probably take on a character or two. This gets tricky because you're killing others so there are kinks that need to be knocked out. I would have an active Out of character thing going so we could talk about what is going on. We would need to establish stats so that if characters fight it could be even and maybe one could win? I'd need to really figure out how PvP combat would work though since people might get pissy when someone wants to kill their character. For this I would need another GM (I would be first in command) to help me work everything out.

3. Danganronpa group RP. For this, everyone would take on at least 2 characters (I could take one but don't get butthurt if you die and can't play anymore. Or maybe you could take on another person's character). This would be kind of like the Hunger Games roleplay except rather than characters fighting, whoever wanted to kill that night would need to PM me who they want to kill and then we'd work together to set up a situation of how they died. I'd also talk to the dead person to work it out. A huge issue would be people getting mad about being murdered but like... it's literally what you're signing up for (same with Hunger Games). The perks of being dead would be being more 'in the know' with what was going on behind the scenes and helping out if you cared to. Also if you kill, there's a possibility of you getting found out (and no, I will not leave everyone in the dark. I will provide clues so that you guys can find the killer. Otherwise it's just boring and will end very fast). There should be a kill at the very least every other day/I'm just gonna say every 5 pages or so? Probably less since that's a lot but if there are no kills in 5 pages then we have a problem I think. It all kind of depends on what's going on then.

4. Warriors CatsRoleplay! I can't really find a warriors RP on here so I thought I'd make my own. There could be different clans that people play in except that could get really confusing so I'd say that we just be one clan and other clans are NPCs. We'd make out own clan and everything would be OCs. Figure out what goes on from there.

Are you interested in one or more? Please tell me which numbers you like or if you have any further ideas for me!


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I'm always down for a Hunger Games roleplay, it's been a while since I've done a group one. If it gets off the ground I'd be very interested! ♥

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Be down for a warrior cat roleplay
Dead Poet Dead Poet
Want to do a joint Hungergames RP? I see that you made a post about doing it. We could do it together if you'd like considering it's a lot of work and can be kinda hard with group battle royal such as that.