[Interest Check, also] Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon

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  1. Hullo! The names Purity, and I like to roleplay (obviously), below I have my top 4 favorite "fandoms" to rp from. Just post here or pm me if you're interested in any of them. They can be 1x1 or evolve to groups if we get more people interested.

    Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts
    *sigh* I... am a hopeless Cloud fan. And I know people probably find this kind of thing annoying, but I really do just enjoy rping it. But I'd like to rp an OCxCloud romance. I tend to lean towards a Kingdom Hearts sort of world jumping adventure, and I have a bit of a plot (it's long winded, so I'll go into more detail if I get bites). But basically, I'd like for them to come across each other, and let the relationship develop from there. Open to any and all ideas.

    Harry Potter
    I would enjoy any of the following: Marauders, with me roleplaying as Remus; or Book-Time, and I play an OC, but I can rp as a few people such as - Hermione, Lavender, Ginny (too many to list) - relationship building between my OC and Fred Weasley, also. Open to any and all ideas.

    Sailor Moon
    I typically rp as Venus or Luna. I don't really have any plot ideas for this one, but I am looking to join another group. Open to any and all ideas.
  2. IM IN LOVE TAKE ME TO FF!!!! I WOULD LOVE TO BE CLOUD..... *choughs* that if you let me *Hoping she wont jump hug her.*
  3. Really?? 8D YAY! Would you like to rp in a thread or over pm?

    Would you mind sending me a sample of you rping as Cloud? :D
  4. *>.>;* have not played cloud in a long time and have not seen him in a long time too. but ill try my best. just need to see him and hear him then im ok. i hope thats ok ^^;
  5. That's fine! Take your time. :) watch some youtube videos to readjust yourself. I'm sure you'll be awesome. :)
    I'll be waiting here, patiently, anticipating. XD
  6. LOLZ Cant wait i have to go see you tomorrow. ^^
  7. Okay, talk to you then! :D