Interdimensional Meeting Ground: Assault On World 0



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<style type="text/css"> <!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> </style> I have this RP idea for a while ever since I saw an AMV on youtube called "AMV- Pure Thrust 720p" mostly because of the song. Well its difficult to explain and I Have a large but unfinished write up that I will post along with this. However will work no further on unless interest is shown but I think I have enough down to give a rough idea on the subject. If the entire premise is that the super beings of multiple dimensions reached through the source energy of creation and used it to create a meeting ground for a privileged few billion live in a matrix sustained by the thought of the original creators. If interest is shown I will finish the write up and see if I can get some people to represent factions:

Okay so, would anyone be interested in a kind of Multi-Dimensional meeting place RP? I have worked hard on the concept and its not just like you want to get it out there and you are there. You have to be either unconscious or meditating and your mind travels there in your sleep. Usually, people call this place the land of dreams. When in actuality it is a creation that culminates in the fusion of the ideas of many billions, if not trillions of minds. The fabric of this world is maintained by the Elder Council, entities of massive power that are comprised of many sentient beings that wish to organize their minds int one body. Like a hive-mind in each body they are a matrix of souls that all have a say in the matter. It is however not made of only people that are souled committed to being fused together but the thoughts and support of those who are in the realm empower them as well. When a disagreement arises it has been voted on by 2 parties to be settled by combat and the other 2 by debate, however it eventually falls to physical battle between those that garner the dissension. Usually to a large crowd, somewhat emulating Gladiatorial battles of the Roman era, however filled with altered physics, magic, and a great deal more grandeur.

The Elder Council are comprised of four beliefs in the realm:

There is Pax-Verus, those that all life should be extinguished so all pain may be obliterated, therefore no more darkness can exist and with it they want light to take over, their mantra: “With life come disorder, with ultimate death comes peace.” If everything is dead then nothing can feel anymore and no more issues in life. How they came to power no one really knows as it is an extreme action against all existence. But they have somehow become very powerful amongst the Elders and able to combat almost 2 factions at once.

There is Chaos, whom firmly believe that life is perfectly fine the way it is now and that none should use their power to manipulate reality in order to make it better. They believe life is perfectly fine as it is and that forced alterations to it in any way will just make everything in general worse. Letting everything runs its course of war and peace every few generations is better then meddling with the system and causing more damage then good. Control of a system as complicated as life is impossible and where we are now- where order takes over from entropy of overindulgence of freedom, is then corrupted by trying to reach to far to one side, collapses, and then is replaced by the chaos yet again.- happens to be better then forced control, distasteful optimism, and most fanatically oppose the True peace.

Then there is the Abyssal, whom happen to be firmly planted in the belief that all life should be subjugated by the most powerful and a perfect peace enforced over many generations until it is made possible that all sentient life can share a single mind and perhaps even a single body so that there is no more hatred and only love; however their ideals are misshapen by hatred and are often considered evil for their ideals being forced on others and the format which they want it to be enforced. Also they want to be judges of good and bad, sending people to mental prisons of heaven or hell based on their judgments. Usually comprised of mentally scared individuals that believe the rest of the world is broken and corrupt and only they can fix it.

Then there is Caelestis, those that wish for life to perfected through transcendence of the soul. More or less comprised of Christians, Buddhists, and other similar religion. The opposite of the Abbysals, and the Pax. They want peace but not through force or destruction but through the free choice of others to accept it. Instead of force, and letting life continue as its seemingly hellish norm that Chaos faction seems to be set on. They want to take direct action to apply caring and gentle support to try and attempt peace like most universes have so many times before. Somewhat optimistic is how some describe them. The Abyssals say they are “So naive and set on the idea that all sentient beings respond to positive stimuli with more positive stimuli that they verge on the precipice of insanity. As peace produces evils that are released at later times, usually in mass conflicts” However it seems to garner enough support to be a major player in the Meeting Ground.

All have been gathered here by the Abyssals, who were the first to formulate a plan insane enough to consume an entire dimension and see into Deus then becoming capable of ascension to the next Plane/Dimension. It was discovered that planes no not exist in a parallel format and can only be traversed in one direction, up. As one succeeds in achieving a single goal they ascend to the next dimension upward, or can create another one below them. Making it so that dimensions are capable of being infinite but are ultimately finite and limited by the number of Ascended beings.

Through Deus, the first Abyssal learned that all souls have origin there and are able to communicate with others even across dimensions by sending shock-waves of thought into the energy of the Deus. Those that were able to respond, mostly in slumber were slowly gathered into a matrix of minds that expanded as time went on until this day. Now all the factions have agents at a dimension just before World 0, the first ever dimension, directly in contact with the energy of Deus or so it is hypothesized. In preparation for an assault on what is theorized to be a godlike being the factions, save for that of Chaos, have begun to set aside their differences in order to prepare for the Final Ascension. If successful all factions plan on taking The Deus's power to make all realities comply with their ideals. Whether they like it or not.