Interactive Adventure; Bewildered

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  1. Ok. So to explain how this work.

    For those of you who read the MS paint adventures or frequent their forums, you should allready know how this works. For those of you who are new to the concept, it works like this. I am drawing a story, choosing to do so in with a faux game feel to it (aka protagonist having a inventory, possibly stats.) and you the readers, will be the voices/concius/Co-narrators of the story. You suggest what the protagonist do, and possibly some other characters. I then respond to this with driving the story forward in the manner you have chosen. I will alot of times chose the one that to me makesthe most sense/sounds best, or in other cases I will simply go with the majorities voice in the matter.

    Fairly simple no? Well then. Lets get started!
    Sometimes a flower is just a flower, a pretty thing of color and chlorophyll. A little piece of nature, to be plucked and given to someone you love.
    And sometimes, just sometimes....
    It's a womb, the birthplace of something magical.

    Just how [BCOLOR=#000000]darkness[/BCOLOR] is sometimes nothing more then the absence of light, shadows and insubstantial promises of dread.

    And sometimes, it is not. Sometime, the Darkness hold things we should fear, things YOU should fear.
    And sometimes.


    Sometimes you tend to get in situations like this mess.

    Just WHO and WHAT are you. And why did you get that pink haired girl in so much trouble?

  2. > Panic.
    > Wonder why the spider has eleven eyes.
    > Panic some more, trying to break out of the spider's silk.

    EDIT: Welp, I sort of misunderstood the last bit of the OP. Ignore the above bit in favour of me seconding Diana's suggestions.
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  3. >You're Pinky Pieface
    >String gatherer extraordinaire!
    >Well, string gathering had always been a risky job, sometimes you reeled the wrong string and get wrapped up. This is one of those worse time to get wrapped up.
  4. > I am the knight.
    > Okay, SHE is the knight. I accidentally woke the spiderbeast by dropping all her gear.
  5. Your name is certeinly not Pinky, or Pieface. Ok.. So, Maybe it's Pie Facé. You have some really cruel parents...

    And you are a Squire, a knight in training. The girl... Well, Ok so you thought he was a girl when you signed up, but Sir Elliot Pinkerton is not part of the Female Fearie Knights. He is pretty good at being "a boy in distress" at the moment. It miiiight be your fault, what with dropping his gear.



    Ok... Now what?
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  6. Flourish your finger at the spider and shout HALT CRIMINAL SCUM; clarifying that the consumption of humanoid meat is against a number of laws, and if it persists you'll be forced to go get the town guards and take it to trial which may last 3 to 4 months, and it'll likely not be able to get out on appeal nor afford bail.

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  7. Now that you got the spiders attention, it is time to wow it over with your superb dance moves. The spider will surely be impressed and release Sir Pinkerton as a token of gratitude.
  8. Deduce that the giant spider in question must be magical, considering the fact that its amount of eyes is in a state of constant flux. And as we all know, magical creatures are weak aganst silver, so therefore the most logical course of action is to... throw your money at it!
  9. > THROW THE ROCK! O___O
  10. Well. There is that. A rock certeinly hurts more then a SHOE!
    Spider: Waiiiit. Don't do that!
    Pie: "Unf. Heave...."
    Pie; "HO!"
    You surge forward with all your strength, tossing it with all the anger of a terribly inept squire!
    You turn to your Sire. The fact that his hair is better then yours is infuriating. Sir Elliot Pinkerton the Fifth. Not so capable of Knight of The Purple Wings.


    Elliot can now be COMMANDED.
  11. > Bind the arms/legs of the spider. Put it under citizen's arrest!
  12. > Pick up gear
    > Deal finishing blow to spider
    > Tease the name Pie Facé
    > Kiss Pie Facé on the cheek because I ship it
  13. Run like hell before the spider wakes back up, before remembering that we probably came into the cave for a reason.

    Ask Elliot why we came into the cave.
  14. Seconded
  15. -Tickle spider into submission and try to make it into a pet spider :3
  16. > Also, don't forget to pick up the boot again.
  17. I don't know what this is but it looks like a lot of fun.

    *sits back in a beanbag with snacks and watches*
  18. -Don't pick up the boot. Throw away the other one and walk around barefoot from now on.
  19. > Don't pick up the boot, however still wear the remaining one and start a trend.
    > Get out of there - That spider could wake up soon!
  20. > Use magjyks
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