"Intelligent RPers only"

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  1. [​IMG]

    Found this on tumblr, laughed and wanted to share.
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  2. Errrrrrrrrr........
  3. Literary genius at play.
  4. Man, that guy fucked a thesaurus so hard, people are going to be able to read his kids like a book.
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  5. I uh...


    Can we enter this fucker in a spelling bee?

    This guy is taking Purple Prose to the extreme.
  6. [Must have a Major in English to Participate]
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  7. I'm guessing if this guy was ordering at a drive through it would sound something like this:

  8. I remember that guy.

    Even their RPs were like this. Since WoW only allowed you (without mods) to write so many characters this guy took a good ten minutes per response with walk-up roleplaying. It was fucking great to read and laugh about with the guildies. If memory serves correctly one of them attempted to seduce his character and suddenly he used well known words again.

    WoW Rp was fun. But holy shit did it bring out the most literal garbage of writers..
  9. that's some pretty dank roleplaying kush right there
  10. [​IMG]

    I give up. I could never write to that level in a million years.
  11. I legitimately thought the person wrote the same paragraph three times in different languages
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  13. Well alright then
  14. Now, you see, that's actually intelligible/uses enough vernacular to make sense. And earns points both for being alliterative and being performed by Hugo Weaving.
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  15. Don't think I don't see what you did.

    Yeah, no, I love that movie and that speech and that Hugo. I think our friend from Tumblr might too and is attempting to imitate that writing style. Emphasis on attempting.
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  16. And written by one of the all time greats when it comes to Comics.
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  17. This person seems to care a lot more about showing off than he does actually making a use-able role play.
  18. What is it even about. The roleplay...is he just showing off or what
  19. To quote the 'translation' provided by the person who posted it on tumblr,
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  20. Other than the Skull...

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