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  1. Humans and dragons used to lived in accord; they may have also cooperated to some level at different points in life, but it has not been confirmed by the scrolls. The humans were covetous, however. They wanted the metals that the birthplace of many dragons held, a place at the peak of a mountain surrounded by a vast woodland. Due to their aberrant behavior, humans declared war on the dragons. There were many deaths and red was the single color anyone saw for a long time.

    Many years had passed, and the war had seen a stand-still. The dragons no longer burned down villages, and the humans no longer ravaged the wildlife. A handful of people had begun insisting that the war had ended, their reasoning being that humans and dragons were too equal for battle.

    That is, until the nagi arrived. A creature born from the mixed blood of the dragons and humans, they appeared to look mostly humanoid, with the exception of scales at their shoulders and knees, claws for feet, and a large, wyvern-like tail. They had inordinate, horrifying strength, but were easy to slay and often got weary quickly. They nearly eradicated the dragons due to territorial complaints, and had nothing preventing them from attacking human settlements.

    Paranoid and power-hungry, the humans managed to sneak by the nagi and mine the metals that the once mighty dragons protected. The elders of hamlets met and decided on a process that would disable the adult nagi and provide humans with servants. They were to use the ores to make chains and capture young nagi. Then, they would guise them under the appearance of hostages, and force them into slavery; they would starve and beat them to make sure they never would reach their true potential. This was the way the world ran, for a long, long time.

    That is, until the nagi revolted.

    ~ * ~
    The idea is that our characters are going to be young, enslaved nagi in the large city of Thrall. They meet together and decide on a way of escape, but then realize that they might be able to get revenge. The story hasn't really developed beyond that, but that's why I posted here! First, to see if anyone would like the roleplay, and second, to garner people to help develop it.

    So, is anyone interested?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.