Instrumental Percussion Ideas

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Alright, so I've been designing something called a "palonkos", a musical instrument created by a race of mine known as Halidons as of the moment. What I need help is making another instrument! Any input or advice would be appreciated! And I hope I'm doing this right x3

This is the overall "description": A palonkos is a musical instrument developed by Halidons. It wraps around the entire arm, including some of the shoulder, and requires the entire body to use wholesomely. It generates a sphere of dark, abysmal nature. That's a sequence initiated by a flick of the thumb against the palm. This is when wave links are generated from the phalanges to the sphere itself. At a certain distance, no sound is created. But if you move your hand away from or closer to the sphere, these wave links vibrates, generating sound. You can change the frequency at which these waves lie upon to make new sounds.

The Halidons themselves lack gums and lips, so I doubt any wind instruments are in here, unless it is like a flute or something. Anyways... Thank you for any help you can provide, and have a good Iwaku day!