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  1. I always find so much inspiration in music. Some people listen for the beat, some listen for the hell of it or just to jam out, some listen for the lyrics, and some listen for a bit of everything. Personally, I'm the latter, but my favorite thing about songs is typically the lyrics. I like the really meaningful stuff, and the ones I relate to or find inspiring.
    This song in particular has really been speaking to me in a lot of ways:

    But, I want to know what type of music inspires you, or brings you joy or comfort!
  2. I don't find much inspiration in music to be honest. I can sit and play stuff for hours and not find something that'll crash through whatever writer's block I have, or give me an idea.

    THAT SAID...

    Music can and does pump me up. It can put me in a good mood to write, or even pump me up to fight and/or do vidya fightan'. A badass song can put me in the headspace to go 10v1 and come out on top. 8D
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    Music is definitely great for writer's block, for me. And to just pick me up when I'm not really in the mood to do anything. So I totally get that. :D
  4. Listening to mostly Instrumental I can't list anything that fits this lyric wise.
    But rather when a songs general beat is an inspiring beat.

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  5. For the most part I can't listen to music when I write. It distracts me.
    The only time I did listen to music to write about something was Mariah Carey's We belong together. I was doing a break up scene and I wanted to put myself in the mindset of someone that was truly heartbroken and desperately wanted the other person back. Needless to say it worked and I wrote a scene that made me cry my eyes out. I felt like I had literally been broken up with and had just lost the love of my life. I was THAT into it. lol.
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