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  1. Holy shit am I going nuts. It's 4:50 A:M and I haven't slept for two and a half days and I just fucking can't.

    I lay down, take sleep aids, hell I do 300 pushups a day and do un-weighted squats (can't let my ass get too big, I have tiny clothes :( ) and I still can't get tired.

    It's almost as bad when I got off the black pearl needles, but this is seemingly random. Anyone else out there fucked like I am?
  2. I used to, and maaaaaan did it mess with my moods. I am almost sure I didn't sleep for four days straight once.
    And then I met October and now I pass out no later than 1 am, the latest.

    except for that one morning I stayed up until 3am to catch the Sailor Moon Crystal launch, and that screwed me the next day.

    sleep is so important, I need alooooot of it now-a-days.

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  3. Oh god, I always have problems with getting sleep. I mean, geez, it's nearly 9AM and I haven't managed to get any sleep at all.

    I don't know what it is, but I can rarely seem to get any nowadays. I think it's just the amount of stress I've been under these past few years.
    Graduating high school, preparing for college, relationship and family issues, the dog passing away, existential crisis, etc, etc... Jesus Christ, when will it stop?
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  4. I have the opposite problem now. I sleep too much.

    Then again, work responsibilities force me to a night owl or morning person. The fun of staying up late to getting an early start on the day wore thin after that.

    I love bed. I love being horizontal. If only people would stop making me wake up.

    Best thing for insomnia is a job.

    The worst thing for sleeping is, unfortunately, a job.

    Can't win. Poor.
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  5. Insomnia is a frequent consequence to stress. There is a number of ways to decrease stress, including getting a routine (for food, sleep, exercise, etc.) proper breathing, a balanced diet, and... Well, yoga (good care of your body as well as a period to relax and empty your head.) Try to work on this, no matter how tired you are. Insomnia can be devastating to your mental and physical health and well... General performance at work or studies. Not something I particularly recommend.
  6. I had incredibly bad insomnia when I was younger because of how stressed I was. Now, I it's more of a periodical thing. During times when I'm depressed or have a lot going on, I can't sleep.

    You have to find the remedy that's right for you, I've learned. There are people who can be fixed with daily doses of Melatonin, and there are people who just need some Unisom. Those who can't benefit from pills or just don't want pills will drink teas, or do something else natural. I don't know much about that because I'm not a fan of tea.

    I know of some acupressure you could try. My boyfriend does it for me all the time to help me get sleepy. I don't remember the precise spot, but just give yourself a nice little foot massage (or ask someone else to do it if you can) and see if that helps. Tend to all areas. :)

    That's the method I use, in addition to smoking marijuana, and taking the occasional dose of Tylenol PM. I need more than one remedy at a time because of how active my mind is. If I'm not mind numbed by bedtime, I'll lay there for a really long time just...thinking. Lots of thinking. x__x Can't turn it off.

    Anyway, don't give up. Maybe you need to do something about your diet, or maybe there's something about your living space that's bothersome? Do some research on what you might need.
  7. Oh! I always fall asleep after sex. That helps too.