Inside the mind of Diana

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  1. Looks legit!
  2. wat.

  3. Now that's a happy trail.
  4. Then why am I so sad? T__T
  5. Because she fucking called you Asmodesu

    Goddamn clever I think
  6. You know, as long as I don't think about what's posted here... WHOA *_*
  7. All the hair on his front... It shapes into a tree.

    Also: Them titties.
  8. that it does that it does.
  9. Maybe it's some kind of code... or a message.

    Surely it means he wants us to find him, so that he can try to kill us and then change his mind and then change it back and who doesn't want to kill their parents?
  10. I'm pretty sure it's just pointing down towards his weewee.
  11. Mon dieu. Can't unsee it. ;-;
  12. This is actually what I thought Asmo looked like in real life. Dressed like that and everything...except with round Harry Potter glasses.
  13. ...

  14. I've spent all of the past three days watching Spartacus, how is this shocking again?