Inside of it all. [Enter the FAYZ]

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  1. Enter the FAYZ[Based on the series Gone]

    Everyone except for the young. Teens. Middle schoolers. Toddlers. But not a single adult. No teachers, no cops, no doctors, no parents. Gone, too, are the phones, internet, and television. There is no way to get help.Hunger threatens. Bullies rule. Animals are mutating. And the teens themselves are changing, developing new talents-unimaginable, dangerous, deadly powers-that grow stronger by the day.Its a terrifying new world. Sides are being chosen and a war is imminent.


    The town Perdido has been covered in a strange energy barrier. It is not opaque letting light through but not allowing anyone to see in or out. The sphere called the FAYZ wall. Fallout Alley Youth Zone. The barrier is impenetrable from both sides and is centred, with a 5 mile radius, around the nuclear power plant. Inside the barrier only remain children. Anyone above the age of eight-teen has been transported out of the FAYZ. Now the kids inside must learn how to survive on there own. The must decide upon a leader, or a ruler. The need food and water. Many of these things are hard to get now that the nuclear power plant has stopped running and there is no more energy. Eventually kids will start carrying weapons to defend themselves from the danger of the FAYZ.

    On this map are several things that dont exist in the rp. These things are the hermit shack/mine shaft, the national guard base, Santa Elissa island, and Coates Academy. Although many of these things are removed during the rp we may implement new locations.
    Also a map of the main town.


    1)No godmodding, powerplaying, metagaming, ect. Basic rule and such, although you may have powers you are not allowed to have the power to instantly kill someone.

    2)You are allowed to control NPCs to a certain level. We would prefer if you kept this to a minimum such as having someone give you a dirty look. Mods have the authority to control NPCs to a greater level.

    3)Romance is allowed and encouraged. This is children cut off from there parents, and they are likely to do something as such. Keep it pg 13..

    4)Keep it real. The kids arent used to taking care of themselves and are not sure what is going on so please dont make them instantly hoard the food. As far as theyre concerned there is no reason too.

    5)Go slow. The Rp will be no fun if you instantly have mastered you power so go slow and learn how to control it as the rp goes.

    6)Violence is encouraged. Eventually though not at first kids will get hungry and thirsty so unless someone provides for them they are going to try and steal and attack.

    7)All supplies will be scarce soon, but dont plan ahead

    8)Cells phones and other technology does not work. There is no electricity since the power plant went cold

    9)Respect my authority

    10)In the others section of your application put "FAYZ". Its really fun if you disguise it though...

    11)Follow the rules or you shall explode

    12)No one line sentences, take your time to commit to a post

    13)Please use proper grammar, it helps us a lot


    Its highly recommended you read the rules before making an app. :)

    Name: (what is your name)

    Nickname: (what should we call you)

    Age: (below eighteen)

    Gender: (male/female)

    Appearance: (give a description.)
    Personality: (what are you like)

    Biography: (doesn't have to be too extensive but please put some effort)

    Strengths: (what are you good at)

    Weaknesses: (what are you bad at)

    Power: (If any power at all, no powers are fun too, make it different. Not just im on fire all the time. I'll give some examples from the book: Rock monster, green-lasers, control over your density, gravity control, telekinesis, ability to control what people see, whip arm, ability to tell how high an ability someone is. Just be creative, something not everyone will think of.

  2. Name: Jason Bones

    Nickname: Bones

    Age: coming up on 18

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Jason is tall and thin. He used to be on the track team when school was in. He has scruffy brown hair that covers his ears. On his chin is somewhat of a beard. His has a pale complexion. He is usually seen in jeans and a t-shirt.

    Personality: Jason is great friends with everyone he meets. He tries to get along with everyone and sometimes has to become a leader so he can work out problems between others.

    Biography: Jason just used to live a normal life at Perdido beach. He ran track, got good grades, and was friends with nearly everyone. He always used to break up fights and work them out. As a senior in high school he was getting ready to leave Perdido and go to college.

    Strengths: Running/Leading/Planning/Public Speaking

    Weaknesses: Shooting/Sailing/Cooking/Threats

    Power: Jason can run fast, faster than even a bullet. His calf muscles have been strangely affected to were they are incredibly strong, protecting his bones so that he can jump incredibly high and land without hurting himself. Latter on he will find out he can use his speed to hit harder and then jump away without harm to himself. (I know not the most originally, but I tried to change it up a little at least)

    Other: After touching the FAYZ wall Jason was sapped and thrown back.
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  3. Name: Risa Hill (pronounced Reesa)
    Nickname (used only used when you're really close to her): Ris
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'2 (short and scrappy, so you better keep your distance)
    Personality: Rebellious, sarcastic, impulsive, pessimistic, honest, strong and antisocial. If anyone gets the chance to know her and get on her good side, you will see that she's caring, altruistic and affectionate
    Biography: Risa is an orphan. Only allowed to go to public school because of her outstanding grades. But by one glance, you wouldn't guess that she loves to read and daydream. She doesn't ever get to know anyone. Trusting people is a no no. Her childhood was rough. She was taken from her little family when she was 12 after years of abuse and neglect that left both emotional and physical scars she refuses to let anyone ever see.
    Strengths: Lying effectively (acting), staying calm in dangerous situations, agile hand-to-hand combat, and being observant to details
    Weaknesses: emotional encounters, cooking, trusting people, using unfamiliar weaponry, and she can be clumsy at the most inopportune moments
    Power: (like Rogue from X-men) If she touches anyone with her bare hands, that person immediately faints and she sees the person's most important memories in her head. This can be very painful for Risa if her power is used on accident. If the victim has a power, she can use it as long as the person remains unconscious. She hasn't learned to control her power yet.
    Other: She has gray eyes and always wears black, leathFer gloves to prevent using her power She also wears cAombat boots with a daggeYr in the right boot nearly all the time. This dagger is the only weapon she cZan use very well

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. Name: Eduard Kins

    Nickname: Ed

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: He has long black bangs that hides one of his eyes most of the time. His eyes are dark blue and has a pale skin. He isn't the tallest one, being 5'8" tall. He's usually seen wearing a grey hoodie with black pants. If not, he uses his old school uniform along with zipper jacket which he saved from before the FAYZ came in.

    Personality: Eduard stays quiet for most of the time (No, he isn't shy, he just doesn't want to talk), but speaks naturally if you get to know him. When he meets someone new (especially girls) he tends to stutter and becomes shy. If he works with others whom he doesn't know, he tends to be mean and say rude comments.

    Biography: Ed was a normal student before the FAYZ had come in. He didn't exactly have a lot of friends or got good grades, but he loved school anyways. Being bullied about his lack of physical skill since young had turned him into a socially awkward type of guy. He had a dad who was a cop who taught him how to use the gun. Other than that, Eduard had a normal life until now.

    Strengths: Strategy, hiding, sneaking/spying

    Weaknesses: Physical Movement, using weapons (except for gun)

    Power: Eduard has the power of making himself invisible. He can make himself disappear with no trace, even though the things he says and does can still be heard. He uses this technique to sneak upon others to harm them. The only weakness from his power is that when he is touched by another organism (either human or animal), he is automatically visible again. Staying invisible for more than 2 hours a day damages his body.

    Other: Eduard is more of a strategist than an attacker. 1-2 fatal attacks could leave him injured severely really easily.
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  5. Name: Clover Owens

    Nickname: Sometimes people call her Clo in a hurry

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Wavy dyed pink (fading) hair, but her dark brown roots have started to grow out. It's short, doesn't reach her shoulders. She often wears it in little stubby pigtails. Large round green eyes and olive skin, full lips. She has a pretty average body. Not super skinny, not chubby, not muscular . Somewhat lanky. She is almost never seen not wearing a skirt and long socks.

    Personality: Clover is bubbly and zealous and most of her choices are powered by her sense of adventure and curiosity. Her entire life her friends have always been at least 2 or 3 years older than herself because she has always found older people more interesting than those her age. Clover, despite her outwardly air of childless innocence is actually the bearer of some bad habits (such as occasional smoking, drinking, and swearing).

    Biography: Her mother abandon her and her father shortly after she was born, one day just disappearing with her things and a large portion of Clover's father's money. For a long time Clover and her dad hopped around the country, living wherever Mr.Owen's work took them and wherever they could afford. They moved quite often and switching schools was a pain so Clover home-schooled herself, which was fine by her. The longest They lived in one place was 2, in a small town in the most Northern tip of California. Despite loving her father dearly, Clover found her life lonesome and boring. When her dad met a woman named Amanda, and they all moved to Perdido decided to reinvent herself from the quiet, average looking girl she was to something she found more fun. In Perdido Clover went to school, and even became the bassist of an all girl punk band.

    Strengths: Charm, determination, Knowledgeable about survival (to some extent), took ongoing fencing classes

    Weaknesses: Forward thinking, willpower, stealth

    Power: Flexibility/Agility. Clover now finds that she can bend and stretch herself in ways she couldn't before. She is also much lighter on her feet. She can fit herself into very tight spaces and climb things efficiently. But she doesn't know her limits yet and often finds herself very sore, and nearly unbearable aching pains when she pushes herself to hard.

    Other: She is very sensitive to being shouted at. Clover may act tough but most of the time being shouted at reduces her to tears.