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After a while on break, I'm back and ready for roleplaying once again!

First, some things you should know:

1. I live in Europe, so the times at which I'm available may differ from yours.
2. I might be slow at times, due to personal reasons. Please respect this and I'll attempt to get an extra long response ready for you once I return.
3. I'm not going to get mad for a short response, only those who are one line or shorter.
4. Please mind your grammar.
5. I play both genders, although I highly prefer female characters.

I'm down to pretty much anything, although I do have some preferences, listed below.

• Horror
• Slice of Life
• Sci-Fi
• Modern Day
• Romance

And finally, some pairings that are in my mind at the moment. If you're not into any of these, send me a PM anyway. I think we can work something out. My preferred character will be on the left. If I got more than a basic plot in mind, tha pairing will be marked with an asterisk.

• Blind girl x Deaf boy/girl
• Blind girl x Mute boy/girl
• Blind girl x Blind boy/girl *
• Blind girl x Boy/girl in new class
• Kidnapped x Kidnapper
• Demon x Angel
• Demon x Human
• Sister x Sister
• Sister x Brother
• Homeless x Homeless
• Homeless x Sympathizer
• Student x Student
• Student x Teacher
• Stalked x Stalker
• Girl dressing as a guy x Guy *
• Guy turned into girl x Friend
• Guy turned into girl x Friend who also turned into their opposite gender
• Test subject x Scientist
• Escaped test subject x Unfortunate passerby
• Boxer X Trainer

MC is a girl, waiting hopefully to get accepted into the high school she has always dreamt of going to. The only problem is that it's an all-boys school. Due to an error in the paperwork, she gets accepted anyway. Since she doesn't want to ruin her chances of going to this school, she's forced to dress up as a boy to try and fool the rest of the school. Once there, she meets YC, and they become great friends. However, this means that YC has a big advantage over anyone else of finding out MC's true identity.

MC has been blind for all her life. While she's been trying to cope with a normal life, not everyone has been very considerate about her and her condition. YC have been bullying MC for the entire time they've known each other.

So, when YC gets in an accident, losing his/her sight in the progress, and only having MC to turn to in teaching him/her the ropes of getting along, how will the two get along?

That's it for now! Send me a PM if you're interested, and I'll hope to hear from you!
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I'd like to do a Sister/Brother, if you're okay with doubling.


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I'd love to do a lot of these ideas to be honest, particularly plot #1. However, I do really like the other ideas if you'd like to try another?


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Let's kick off this new layout with some new threads, hmm?
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