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  1. In the Rich Text Editor menu, there's an option that says 'insert character'; pretty sure that used to be 'insert media', 'cause when you click on it, all you can use it for is inserting a Youtube or other video link. I got kind of excited because I thought it was for inserting a fancy link to one of your characters here on site. D': For some reason I thought there was this feature, but I could be misremembering.

    Just wondering if there is an actual 'insert character' feature or not?
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  2. What do you mean by "inserting a character"?
    You can:
    • hyperlink things (text and pictures)
    • embed images (Insert edit image, which is the image that looks like a mountain and sun in the 3rd row) (insert image with options, the stack of mountain photos in the 4th row)
    • embed media (Character, the picture that looks like a film strip with a play arrow in the 3rd row)
    Or were you asking something else that I missed? .-.
Thread Status:
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