Insanity's Embrace

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  1. Christ, someone made the heaviest and outright scariest Dark Souls theme even heavier and scarier.
  2. This will be a somewhat freeform RP for the most part. I want to see interseting characters but don't expect long profiles. I want to see your characters develop and be known through the rp! so without further adieu ...

    ...everyone hates them but we gotta have em...
    1. Be creative!!
    2. This may have the potential to use foul language or get very graphic ect I'm expecting it some but don't take it over the board people!
    3. Be respectful of others please
    4. HAVE FUN! (a must do!)
    5. there may be the possibility your character may die down the line but don't fret! You can always make more!! or maybe some twist will somehow bring them back oO who knows...
    6. The settings are going to be moving alot I'm assuming but for now the opening setting will be in a city...
    7. Your character's don't have to be labeled as insane either. You can be a normal person who knows someone or is trying to help someone too...I just think it adds entertainment value if there's something wrong with the character hehe


    simple and to the point:

    Character Name
    Character Gender
    Character Age
    Character Appearance

    that's it...that's all i'm going to look for the rest is up to you in the IC!
  3. notice urself lawl
  4. alright...guess I'll wait for interest...which i'm not expecting a lot but i can deal with at least one person ^^;;
  5. IC teaser...I don't want to start an IC until I get a few people but maybe this'll get some creative juices joinging..

    Show Spoiler
    She never had been a large city girl, always lived in the country. So when she first moved to the bustling world of city life, no more than 4 years ago, Alexandra had a serious culture shock. Where the country had its lazy evening roads upon which the lights would dim out and the stars stretch out for endless miles before you, the city was full of motion day and night with the lights blaring and giving off an eerie glow from dusk to dawn. The welcome arms of the simple country folk were replaced by the cold dog-eat-dog mannerisms of the city slickers. I felt like the black sheep in the herd of white sheep. Out of place and lost.

    For the longest time she was just the flower on the wall that no one saw, but who everyone knew was there--somewhere--but you couldn’t put your finger on where. Keeping her gaze lowered and never meeting anyone’s eyes. She never spoke, some perhaps thinking she was a mute, and she was never noticed; not that she cared. However, despite that, she was a careful observer of the strange people of the city. It was as if she had stepped onto a whole other planet of sorts, where she was the alien to this world.

    After about a year and a half Alexandra finally started to get used to the ‘city life’. She still longed for the quiet, secluded, nature of the country, but she could at least survive. She managed to find a decent part time job working at a busy café on Main Street called The Moonlight Café. It was a semi-small café located at a corner and it was open from morning to dusk. She often worked the odd shifts, early morning or late night. Despite it being small, the people often tipped rather nicely. However, the people weren't always--the cleanest--that came in, especially later at night. That was the city though. She could remember, in particular, one man who once walked through the doors. She found it odd that she remembered almost every detail down to the exact outfit she was wearing that day, but life is odd like that...
  6. Character Name: Sidney Reese
    Character Gender: Female
    Character Age: 19
    Character Appearance: [​IMG]

    I am really, really looking forward to seeing what sort of plots and story unfolds from this. >:D
  7. Character Name: Alexander Gregory Watson
    Character Gender: Dude
    Character Age: 23
    Character Appearance:

    I'll join in after my study-trip
  8. eeee yay! ^_^ i can start the IC now woot
  9. hmmm i need to advertise this more...
  10. Yes, this plot has so much potential for sheer awesomeness! More people should get involved! >:D
  11. *nods in agreement* come to our dark side!! WE HAVE COOKIES!!! O__o

    ...okay maybe not but we have awesomeness!!

    or maybe cookies AND awesomeness!!
  12. Was the cover designer like, ten years old?

    I like it.
  13. The fighting game one.
  14. Good morni-

  15. We all posted it at about the same time. lol
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Under a few characters you will notice a spoiler appearing. As the story unfolds, as I stated, I will try to keep adding to the spoiler so that we can learn who each of the characters is. I think so far for pasts I just have my character's and Kitti's. I will do my best to summarize what needs to be put there but if you find you don't agree with something or you want something added as the story goes please let me know so that I can add it on! thanks!
  18. Character Name Lara Yates
    Character Gender Female

    Character Age 25
    Character Appearance When working she is in black suits with white silk tops. On her days off she tries to be more relaxed in jeans ect.



    (( Tid bit.. Lara is in major denial about her situation, more to come..)))
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