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  1. I know a song that get's on everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves! I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, and this is how it goes: I know a son--

    Yes. Things like that will drive us nuts! So nuts to the point where we will do anything to cease the atrocious on goings of chaos! To some people, however, it does not take much to ensure that they go off their rocker. They will flip and fly into insanity in the slightest second! We can not blame most of those people. They have a condition! They need to be QUARANTINED.

    Role players are often not in the presences of other people and are forced to be by themselves. That would make the normal people in our lives freak out. But think about it! What if you were forced to go into a padded room with nothing and no one! How would you feel? What would you think? What would you do? Try to escape? Dwell in the loneliness? Fall off the deep in due to your sickness?

    It could very well happen in an rp!

    Your Job is To: Write a post where you are in a padded room with a bad condition!

    And remember: Length does not matter! Detail does!

    Lastly, and most importantly, Have fun with this! :D
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    Damien wanted to be left alone! That's why they put people in padded cells right? So they can be alone, right? They put people in here so that nothing can get in without permission RIGHT?!

    "Come on Damien," her voice permeated into his thoughts from the dark. Sasha was a pain in his arse, the damned bimbo. "Why won't you play with us, hm?"

    "Shut up," Damien mumbled, almost whimpering. He was supposed to be alone! How could the not see her? Them?!

    "Yeah, man," Axel drawled.
    Damien felt the guy drape himself all over his back, the weight folding him in two where he sat. Axel was another on of them. They would never leave him alone. They always made him mad. They drove him crazy. But he wasn't. He swore to God he was in his right mind. The fact that others didn't believe that Axel, Sasha and Danny existed was a crying shame. It was torture. It was Class A stupidity on their parts.

    "I don't think he wants to play,"
    little Danny sniffled. Damien cursed, top row of teeth biting into his bottom lips with such force -- the effort it took not to holler at the little boy that constantly nagged and nagged and tore and stepped and yanked on his nerves day in and day out. And now the kid was going to --.

    Damien never had the chance to finish when the wait rose to a scathing degree. His arms are stuck and he couldn't move them to cover his ears. Damn, but it grated on his very sanity!

    "You basatrd," Axel hissd, the hit on Damien's head well placed. "You mae the little guy cray. Again!"

    "No," Damien drawled caustically, eye twitching from the practically unbroken high pitched wail.

    "I know!" Sasha crowed. There was the sound of shuffling. "How bout I teach you a new song, Danny?"

    Christ... Damien's eyes widened in the dark. She wouldn't... Not again. Please, no. Not again!

    "Okay," little Danny sniffed. "What song is it?"

    "IT's the song that never ends, right?"
    He could practically hear Axel bouncing somewhere in the dark of the room. Damien whimpered ever so softly. He heard Sasha chuckle, that evil woman.

    The intake of breath was like a dagger to his emotions. The melody that escaped was just...


    An anguished howl arose from Damien's throat, cutting into the dark and melting into the cushions of the padded walls, his onlyhope of rescue now sewn into the walls of his prison.
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    There was white. Everywhere. Bright white. It engulfed Sarah, swallowing her. The type of white you see only when you-

    "DEAD!! I'M DEAD!" shrieked Sarah. Throwing herself into the middle of the room, she fell flat on her face. 'Ghost.... I am a ghost...' she gasped. Sarah proceeded to prance around the white expanse.

    "OOoooooooooohhhh!!! Fear me, I am Casper the ghost!", she repeated. Over and over and over again. She started rolling on the floor.

    she pondered the word for a few quick seconds. "I AM A PIZZA! ROLL ME INTO DOUGH!" Sarah called out into the emptiness. She wobbled back and forth, laughing hysterically.

    Sarah had an extreme case of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Many times a day she would go from being the Atlantic Sea to a butterfly. Even a milkshake. She got up and looked around the room, trying to find someone to bake her in the oven when she realized that this room was so soft, so supple, so.....cuddly. And very much so squishy.

    'Like a marshmellow...'
    Sarah remembered her favorite pastime treat. She felt a wave of nostalgia when she tried to bite off her own arm. Sadly, she failed. Sarah bounced all about the room, indeed like a marshmallow, throwing herself against the floor, walls, corners, and desperately trying to reach the lofty ceiling. She cackled as she tried to bite her limbs off.

    She froze. "Sarah Smith," the Lord had spoken.

    "WHAT IS IT YOU WANT, ALMIGHTY SAVIOR?" She pleaded on her hands and knees, staring up at the ceiling from which the Lord had called to her from.

    "Sarah, the Nurse will be bringing you dinner. Don't scare her away like you did last time, screaming at her for her...booty. That is all." The intercom beeped and then shut off.

    Sarah broke down crying hysterically, thinking that God had finally answered her. Tears streaming down her face and teeth marks all over her body, she definitely LOOKED the part of medically psychotic. She twitched.

    "Lord... I won't disappoint you. Amen!" she cried.

    There were loud knocks on the door. It slowly opened, revealing another white room. She walked slowly toward the door, an evil smile plastered upon her face. The Nurse, long red hair, gorgeous green eyes and fair skin grinned and read off a note, "Sarah Smith?"

    "No...IT'S BRITNEY, BITCH!" she spat in the Nurse's face and went on to sing 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' at the top of her lungs. The Nurse sighed and grumbled to herself about why she took this job as Sarah pelvic thrusted every corner of the room and then closed the door, leaving the food sitting on the floor. Sarah stopped pretending to shave off her hair and walked toward this plate giving off a scrumptious aroma of steak and potatoes.

    "I love steak! Wait.... I don't eat meat," she questioned herself. Once again, she broke down in hysterics and crumbled to the floor like blue cheese.

    "THIS....ANIMAL.....DIED!!! FOR ME!!!!!" Sarah wept and wept, and she attempted to bury the 6 oz. piece of beef with an invisible shovel.

    She stood up and started to talk to the invisible crowd of people gathered at this funeral. "Dearly beloved, we gather here today to mourn the dead."

    Sarah thought once more...
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    Laughter, nothing but laughter was all you could hear coming from Room 151. The nurse rubbed her temples. "Please...someone make it STOP!" She just wanted to know why, WHY that the boy in that room would not stop laughing! What on earth was so damn funny that could keep him laughing for hours?!

    A man walked into the building, wearing a simple suit being well in his upper ages. Holding a notepad and pen, he looked to be a doctor. "Hello, I'm Dr. Klein, I have an appointment with Edg-" As he was cut off by the nurse who leaped out of her seat with the key to the room in her hand already.
    "YES! THANK GOD YOU'RE HERE! Yes..Please go in and make him stop..STOP laughing completely! I can't take it anymore!"

    The doctor looked at the key, seeing it had the number of the room on it. Strolling on down to Room 151, where he first noticed there were bars on the door window. Klein pulled his collar a bit, a tad nervous at the sight and plus never dealing with a patient with such precautions taken. Placing the key in the hole as he turned the knob and entered.

    "Hello, Edgar..I'm Dr. Klein and I'm here to ask you a few questions if that's fine?" Taking notice that the room was padded, the window even had bars on it. Klein didn't want to stay here long at all.

    Edgar was sitting in the back of the room, slowly lifting his head up that way he'd meet up with the doctor's vision. "Yes, hello there..Doctor...Please ask your questions..I'm most intrigued to know what..You're going ask." He replied while slowly twiddling his fingers atop his knee.

    "Right to the point Edgar mah boy..Why? Why did they bring you here?"
    "Because I told a joke."
    "A joke? It had to be more than just a joke..."

    "Oh alright, you caught me..It was the punch-line."
    "What do you mean?.."

    "This beautiful young gal happened to be walking by me, and I figured I could get her to laugh at my joke..So I asked her 'What do you get with a knife and a thrust?' She didn't respond but began to walk away sort of frightened..So I told her"
    He closed his eyes and motioned as he did to the girl. "The end of someone!" As he began to chuckle, understanding his own joke he looked back to the doctor.

    "You killed her for no reason?!"
    "No..No..No, it's much more than a reason, it's the truth..Life, can slip away so quickly. With the pull of a trigger or the thrust of a knife.." Laughing to himself again, noticing that Klein was not amused or smirking the least. "In case the hamster in your head is not running..That's the funny part, the main-kicker, the punch-line!" He rose up from his spot. "You as a doctor should know that...Tell me, have you ever heard the song 'Always look on the bright side of life' by Monty Python?...There are some true facts in that song..Life's a life..But Death is the final word...Now would you really want to leave the world afraid of leaving?..Or would you rather go out laughing?"

    The doctor was just frozen in place. Edgar's spoke words of a true madman, no wonder he was brought here...But wait, what if he was right? What if we as humans do worry about death too much? He shook his head. But it began to really sink in...The thought of being so afraid of the inevitable, and trying to forget it could end at anytime. The doctor dropped his note pad, placing both his hands on his head and growling and slightly screaming. The thoughts were driving his crazy, he wasn't sure what was right or was wrong.

    "What's the matter doctor?..You don't look so well." Edgar said in a mocking tone.
    "YOU!...STAY AWAY FROM ME! You speak nothing..NOTHING BUT WHAT CRAZIES SPEAK!...You're just like the rest of the people in this building..ABSOLUTELY LUNATIC! What makes you think that you can just..DO WHATEVER YOU WANT?!" The doctor frantically pointing at Edgar.

    "Gee, it would seem..." Edgar said walking over to the note pad and beginning to write on it. "That your 'Doctoring' days are over..I'm the doctor now..And my diagnosis is..You've fallen to voices, voices that do exist in your mind...But are speaking louder than you...Luckily for you..I have two ways of treatment. "Forming a large grin upon his face. "Both being my...FAVORITE."

    "Knock..Knock..Knock..KNOCK..Doctor Klein..." Edgar said in a soft tone, moving closer to him.

    Klein was shaking, banging the sides of the room. "WHO?! WHO'S THERE?...TELL ME WHO YOU ARE?!"
    "The end of..." Edgar responded, his voice growing a bit louder...
    "THE END OF WHO?...WHO?!" The doctor suddenly realized what he just said..It was too late..

    The sounds of thuds and bumps could be heard from outside Room 151, the sound of Edgar's laugh only alerted everyone else in the building that the poor doctor got the punch-line.
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    "Why are we here?" a girls voice is heard weakly in the room

    "I dont like it here, i never asked for this." A rough voice of a man is heard, "I say we bust out of here and get away from this place. It just kills me to be here."

    The voice of an elderly man interupts "Calm down Bruce, none of us asked to be here, and you know very well we cant leave this place. It is guarded and is highly secure." The elderly man looks around the white padded room, "also the door is locked from the outside."

    "Can it you old coot! I know this place is sealed up tight, but it doesnt mean we cant get out someway." Bruce looked over the room quickly and pounds his fist to the floor.

    "Please calm down Bruce, the nurse will hear you..." the girl said softly.

    "You can it too Tiff! Dont you think this place is harmful to us?? Dont you want to get out of here?!" Bruce says angrily, beggining to grind his teeth.

    "Of course i want to get out of here," Tiff looks down sadly and grazes the floor with her hand, "but then how else will we get help? Its a good thing we are here..." she say unsure, "right Dr. Vin?"

    Dr. Vin looks up at the buzzing lights for the longest time as he stroked his chin. He tried to think over the answer, to grab any thought really, but nothing was coming to him. It was like he was losing himself in this place, but he couldnt tell Tiff his true opinion. "Of course its helping us Tiff." Dr. Vin told her reassuringly, "When we get better we shall even leave this place for good." He directs his next statement towards Bruce, "Got it?"

    Bruce, who was just about to calm down, started up again. "The only thing i get is that we'll never be free! we'll always be here!"

    "Calm down bruce... they will hear you" Tiff says alarmed

    "Let them hear me! Let them hear a mad person going mad!" Bruce began to force a laugh from his throught as loud as he can. "Let them!!" He cried out between laughs.

    The nurse assigned to patient 302, escorted by a doctor, walked down the hallways silently. They approached room 302 closely and heard laughter getting louder the closer they got. They stopped directly at the door where the laughing countinued. The nurse whispered, "I dont know how long she has been laughing, but its abit off." She checked her chart, "It says she has been doing very well over the past 7 months..."
    The doctor only nodded and opened the door carefully. They saw a girl alone in the middle of the room laughing and laughing.

    The doctor approached the girl and asked her directly "Why are you laughing, dear?"

    She stopped laughing suddenly and turned to face the doctor, "Its not me Doc..." She pointed to an empty corner of the room, "It was Bruce that was laughing." She pointed to an empty spot next to her, "Tiff told him to stop but he wouldnt have that." She dropped her arm, "He wanted you to hear.... He wants to leave this place... They all do."

    The doctor looked at the girl with concern, "Let us keep helping you and they will leave." He gazed around the empty room that had only the one girl in it, "Im sure of it."
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