Insanity can be love...can it?

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  1. So these two people finally met and are having a great time being together. The boy ,who has been having a pretty bad life, is finally smiling and always having fun with the girl that has made his life better. That is until the boy figures out that the girl he is with is insane and wants him all to herself. She has done some crazy things just to keep him for herself. She was crazy to the point where she purposely injured him once he was alone and took him somewhere....and he needs to escape.

    This is the idea I came up with hopefully I get someone
  2. That's an amazing idea! May I join?
    It's your choice,which character I play. :3
  3. You don't mind playing the female character do you
  4. Not at all!
    :D Insanity is my specialty
  5. That's great to know. Do you want it in the threads by any chance or in a pm ?
  6. Whichever you prefer,I'm partial to either! :D
  7. Ok send the starter then
  8. Violet knocked on his door,calling for him to come out. She'd been waiting for him all day,and as far as she could tell,there had been no movement inside his house for the past couple of hours. She had already checked out back to make sure that the locks she put up had not been unlocked somehow,and that there was no way he could get out. He was hers,and he would realize that soon. She got on tiptoes to look through the window and called out his name again.
  9. I meant I'll send the starter throught pm but that will do though it need to be moved...
  10. Click on inbox and there should be something that's says start new conversastion then you put my name in
  11. Oh I did that but I didn't realize it was pm
    >< I'm sorry.
  12. Im interested if youre still looking
  13. I'm able to do multiple rps at once if you are okay with rping in the pms
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.