[INSANITY AWARDS] They used to be Badass....now they're just Whiners!

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They're much like ice-cream in the sun....no fun.

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  1. "Well, if you're not interested in your brother then maybe I should just talk to you about Anya." Lilith smirk deviously, "Your father forgot how to open up to his children. Your first time makes or breaks you and Marvin was his first time being a parent. And losing him at such a young age, it'll make any parent feel like a complete and utter failure. Your mother doesn't understand it, she thought your father would try harder to love you after such a lose but he's trying even harder to teach you to survive. Not everyone can be as resilient as I am when it comes to losing children."
  2. Asmooooaaaaaaaaaaannnn!
  3. "If he was as strong as my sisters, then he is already stronger than me. What chance could I have?"
  4. Hell no, he used to be a douchebag!

    Get your stereotypes correct!
  5. "That's cause she has Micheal's staff of all things righteous and good already in there." Harmony laugh, "You know that as well as I do."
  6. A single long stem rose materialize next to Astorath.

    Harmony looked confused at first then she looked like she had an idea, "Oh.. great.. you're taking Mel-Mel somewhere creepy again."

    Melody started squirming slightly.
  7. "You put on your serious I'm gonna whoop you soon voice on, do we have a choice anymore." Harmony mumble, times like these Kunari's rebellious nature shows through quite clearly.
  8. "He's not happy. Being alive means nothing if you have nothing to live for." Harmony grow increasingly angry, "I had nothing to live for, it was an existence worst than death."

    Melody started whimpering softly.
  9. Matthew Parker, as well as his second persona, Twilight Meadow, is some of the better CEDM I've heard. Recommended.
  10. K L E I O:

    Her back straightened at the sound of his voice, and with balled fists she cleared her eyes of any pain that had welled there. In place of her grimace she wore her father's grin. Chin raised, hair flipped, bangs were shaken out of the way. She stood with the aid of his hand, slowly, stooping only to gather up her fallen blade. Her grip lingered a few more moments than it should have. Squeezed it with her skinny little fingers. Some shadow crossed her face as she stared at the black leather, perhaps wishing it were a different colour. But it was black. Black it would stay. The red would never return. She let it go, and shook her head free of whatever memory had been squatting like an unwelcome guest.

    Kleio threw back her head and laughed then, but it was a dry sound with none of the humour that her face forced. "W-Well, yes! Of course this time will be proper! I was just going easy on it!" She resumed battle stance and let her brow crinkle, determined, focussed. "This time it won't stand a chance!" No more playing around. She ran forward and got back to her counting, her swiping, her casting, pirouetting, and limit breaking. "It's better this time, Uncle Seph! See?" She panted, and rasped another of those forced, exhausted laughs. She was flagging thanks to old injuries and nights without proper sleep. Bag-shadowed eyes went bleary, but somehow she did not miss her target. Her routine came to an end and, head high and shoulders back, she swung her sword in lazy celebration. "I told you I could do better."

    L U N A R I A:

    From the window above, her mother watched another tree incinerated. Her sigh fogged a small cloud upon the window's frosted glass. Still, she couldn't ignore the soldier's smile. Luna tried one in return and, hand raised, let her fingers wiggle a shadow of a wave. The warmth in her eyes betrayed her body's inability to bother. Hadn't bothered about much of anything since the war that had taken so much, but could never let the soldier feel unwanted. He'd been her best friend for years, her confidant for even the most trivial, and one she had coddled ever since their first friendly interaction. A part of her feared that if she didn't, he'd be stolen away again. And right now, that was the very last thing she needed.

    She drew her arms around herself and slipped from the window, black hair and clothes her camouflage that gave the impression that the house's shadows had swallowed her. That was, until she traversed the ancient manor and came to the back door. A sight that hooked Kleio's eyebrows and drew a smile to the child's lips. A fair response, Luna supposed. Other than to eat she didn't spent most of her time outside of her room these days, and ever since the war, this was the closest she had been to outside proper.

    Red eyes glimpsed the darkening sky and the cold it brought with it. "Erm... You two... You should probably think about coming in soon. It's getting dark. And you're probably gonna catch a cold if you stay out here too long." Luna looked away from her pouting daughter to catch the soldier's eye. She held the gaze a little while, exploring, bottom lip nervously bitten. "You can join us for dinner if you want. It'd be nice to have you. My cooking's still not the best, but... well, I've been reading some more recipe books, and I think I'm getting the hang of it." She wore a lopsided smile. Nearly a grin. "And worst comes to worst, I can't really screw up a warm drink. Sound good?"

    And Rory, we and the Finns are good friends, but we don't really know each other. CUZ WHEN YOU LIVE IN SNOW, THERES NOTHING INTERESTING ABOUT FINLANDIA
  12. I'd love nothing more than to make a line of snowmen, dress them up like Dhurkas, and take a flamethrower to them.

    Are flamethrowers legal in Norway?
  13. We haven't used any since the 50's.