Insane in the Membrane

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  1. This plot, I've had in mind for a while, involves a man who's gone crazy, my character, schizophrenic and had multiple personality disorder. He finally gets to the point where he needs someone to live with him, help take care of him in some ways. His mental disorders have become so bad that he needs someone there that he knows is real.

    That's where your character comes in. It doesn't have to turn into a romance, I haven't really thought about it yet. I was just hoping to see how it plays out. Your character can be male or female, I don't mind either.
  2. Milkman. I think I could be totally interested in this.
  3. That is not supposed to say "milkman" it is supposed to be "Mmmmm".
    Fail. My bad.
  4. Lol its all good. Any questions or suggestions you may have?
  5. I don't think I have any questions or suggestions. I just have more of a concern and this might be the thing that makes you go "Bitch, I'm not roleplaying with you." I'm okay with that though...

    I am just more concerned that the part of the mental guy is going to be played correctly. I'm training to be a nurse and so I know about these diseases and stuff.... They interest me, but when they are done wrong it is hard to roleplay with them.
  6. I have a basic understanding of it. I know with schizophrenia the person tends to hear voices that tell them to do things and with the multiple personality disorder I was going to have two other personalities, one very sweet and one mean. The main personality being confused and lonely.

    I'm open to pointers and advice.
  7. Sorry for not coming back on. I wasn't ignoring you. I was only here for a few minutes at a time. That sounds like it would be perfect and then we can always take it in more deeply (medical wise) if it needs to be that way. :)
  8. You're fine. I've been sick so this is my first time back as well. Awesome I was hoping I wasn't too far off.
  9. Ah alright. Hope you are feeling better. So we want to start this out with my characters first day coming in to take care of your character? Unless we have something else to discuss.
  10. That sounds great! :D And nope. Unless you want to put up character sheets before I get the thread started. You don't have to, I just know some people like to.
  11. Nahhhh. I don't use character sheets if I don't have to. I like my partners finding out about my characters as we go along. :D
  12. That's cool with me. :) How should we start it? Or have we already talked about it?
  13. Ohmygosh. I'm so sorry that I dropped off the face of the Earth. School just threw up all over my life and was having me chained to a desk to write a different speech every week since I last talked to you. I'm done with that though and so... I'm back. :D

    If you're still up for this, let me know. Again I am so sorry.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.