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  1. So I'm new here ^.^ Obiviously or why else would I be rambling here and annoying the threads 6.^ Well ne-ways I'm inkZi, Z, Zi, Inkz, and ,my personal fav, "OMG KITTEH!".

    So lets get on to what you guys really want to know. Do I Rp ... -.-; DUH! Do I let in to my 'Habits often' YES I post a lot in am normally multi tasking between several crazy random thing. lol. I do enjoy original fantasy settings, be they Sci-fi or Medieval, I lurv them both. However, I dearly do ask this, please no canon characters, or IRL Celebs/PPL when rping with me. I don't care if you use the art for Naruto but if your running around using his powers, his persona, and your in the ninja genre I will decline any offer to rp. I do this not because I hate this series or that but more because I like to fuel my imagination, not play re-runs in my brain. ^.^

    Sooo ummm anyways if I haven't bored you to tears with my rambling rant, and you would like to make friends ^.^ Lets chit chat here first and see if plot bunnies erupt. I currently have no Character Profiles set up on here just yet, but will be loading my children soon. ^.^

    ... O.O ...

    Again so sorry for the ramble and a special thanks to those who read everything here lol.

    Anyone wanna chit chat?
  2. First of all Hi Inkzi~! welcome to iwaku and it seems we're quite similar ^o^ when it comes to nono characters ~! and I would love to chit chat though I'm a passive one =^= which mean I can't directly come up with a topic.
  3. Heya! Welcome to Iwaku!

    If you have any plot bunnies you want to share, please share them, and I'll see about helping you refine the bunny into the best little bunny you possibly can!! :D Feel free to friend me/follow me, etc..

    I hope you enjoy your stay and find many wonderful RPs to fill your time with. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and someone will be close at hand to answer. :)

    Again, welcome, and enjoy!
  4. Hihi Inkzi, welcome to the community! :D