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  1. Have you ever injured yourself and had to go the emergency room?

    I did today! I was carrying a piece of sheet metal at work when it slipped and cut the hell out of my finger! There was so much blood! However, I wanted to finish out the day so I wrapped the hell out of it with electric tape and kept working. Then after work I drove to the ER and got a doctor to sew me up. HERE'S THE PICTURE! 9 stitches!

    WARNING: It's a stitched thumb (open)

    SO TELL ME IWAKU! What is your ER story?

  2. Daaaamn, that looks like it was painful.

    Never been to the ER, hope I never need to either. Once my Dad went due to horrible stomach pain. Somehow or mother when they had him drugged the nurse put him on a table for an examination, turned around and my dad was gone...

    ... He flopped and fell over onto the floor on the other side...

    ... And people wonder why I don't trust the medical community!

    This was the same ER trip where we the family didn't know where he was.
  3. Let's see..I remember only two times I ever went to the ER..

    Once was when I was little, I fell off the table and landed on a piece of metal, splitting the back of my head open..Had to get about 6 stitches if I recall.

    Then the most recent time was I at the ER was when I had an ulcer from being over-stressed and drinking too much Mt. Dew @_@ Worst day ever..Felt like I was going to die..And definitely learned my lesson.
  4. I've never had to go to the emergency room for anything, but when I was 5, my family went to this family vacation lodge thing, and I ended up in the clinic there after I tubed straight into a tree. Splinter in the tear duct, scratches and shit all over my face, and tree sap stains in my mouth. Another time at camp I ended up in the first aid cabin after falling dead on my knee and stretching the hell out of my tendon playing basketball. I probably should've been given crutches, but I wasn't and ended up straining BOTH knees limping for the rest of the week and being accused of exaggerating my injury. I've had knee problems ever since.


    I went once when I got stung by a jellyfish while at was at Puerto Rico and it was because my stubborn ass grandmother wouldn't take NO for an answer.

    It was tragic, very tragic. They only put a needle -shudders remember the memory- in my arm and told me to go after 30 minutes. WHAT the HELL! We waited to get call for 4 HOURS!


  6. I still have a fear of needles and white coat syndrome.
  7. That's gnarly, Octy. Oh my.

    I hate having to go to the ER. Only once out of the times I've gone was because of an accidental injury. I sprained my ankle when I was in 4th grade. I remember being so tiny and scared.
  8. I'm near the ER every day : D j/k sorta...actually apparently there was an eval in the ER a few days ago but I didn't do that one. i'm on all the other floors of the hospital though :)

    Injury wise i've never had to go to the ER that I'm aware of. *knock on wood*
  9. Don't worry, Octo. Chicks digs scars.

    As for me, where do I even start? I guess my first trip..

    1. When I was eight years old we went to the bowling alley in town. Whatever bowling ball I had picked was too heavy and I was taking it back the shelves when I tripped on something. I count myself lucky that it didn't land on my skull, but it did fly up and smash down on my left hand. My middle and ring finger were shreds. My parents told me that it was similar to trying to sew together ground beef. And on top of that my skin grew over the knot in my stitches, which means they literally had to dig it out. I have scars. :)

    2. I think I was around eleven or twelve, my brother was a little over the toddler stage. My brother had come inside and left the front door open, and I was yelling at him to close the door so the dogs wouldn't get out but he didn't listen. So I went up to the door and put my hands on the glass window and slammed it shut. My arms when through the glass. I got these huge gashes on my arms and when we went to the hospital they used steri-stripes or butterfly stitches, and it turned out that I had an allergic reaction to the glue! :D Well now I have two wicked scars on my arms, the one on my right arm looks like it was self harm, though. I also have a small scar on my chin and another on my wrist from the tiny shards of glass.

    3. I don't remember how old I was, but we were outside in our front yard picking weeds out of our garden. To this day I still have no idea what caused it, but I had a severe allergic reaction to whatever plant I was picking. I got a rash on my face and arms similar to poison ivy but it didn't itch, and my face swelled up. Nothing else, just my face. It was a freaking nightmare. When we finally got to the hospital, the woman asked me if my face was normally that size while my eyes were almost shut. I was so embarrassed about the whole thing, but they gave me drugs and kept me on a steady stream of benedryl and I pretty much slept 18 hours a day.

    Good times. Not really.
  10. Hmm, let's see....
    When I was about three or four, I watched some silly thing called Peter Pan and thought that I could fly if I believed. I am not proud of this. I broke my nose and did some damage to my mouth.

    About five or six, I had a metal clip bow in my hair and fell backwards off a handrail that I was sitting on with my cousin. The metal part of the bow tore through the scalp and nicked some bone. I had to get stitches.

    I've broken both my elbows (separate occasions), and accidentally managed to embed a butterfly knife in my leg, also.

    Emergency room visits all!
  11. i go to the hospital (er or other)) at least once a week either for me or my mother

    my mom is on blood thinners so she needs her blood checked allot and i have a few things also

    im used to it anymore and its sad because i know a few of the nurses shifts XD
  12. xD We are on the same boat then! I cry every time I see a needle even though I am big enough now I still behave like the pussy I am. LOL
  13. When I was ten years old, I forgot a textbook in the classroom, so I ran back and got it. Then, as I ran out, I slipped near the door, and my head was introduced to the steel bar on the door. I do not remember how many stitches did it take to sew the wound together, but I had it bandaged for a few weeks. The scar is still there on my forehead, above my left eye, but it is not that visible unless you know to look for it.
  14. My foot was run over, with a riding lawnmower. It was only a flesh wound.
  15. and I was 6 too. =( It hurt so bad. I cried so hard. xD
  16. I've never been to the hospital! Once, though, my mom was gone, and my step dad was at work and my grandmother was watching my brother and I and I thought I would show her how smart I was and that I didn't need her help in cooking, so I was slicing a lemon for a strawberry-lemon smoothie and I cut my index finger. I have a little scar, but we almost went to the hospital. Jeesus, all I remember was running up the stairs to my mother's bathroom where we kept the bandaids so I could hide my mistake, and the blood, god it was everywhere...
  17. You my friend are a beast.

    I've got plenty of scars with plenty of stories. Oddly, despite all of my accidents I've never broken a bone. Lucky me. Let's see, which to tell...

    My oldest scar is on my right knee. I used to live in a rural area near a farm and when I was really young I was running next to the fence to their property. I caught a nail that was sticking out of the wood to the knee. I was three years old.

    I have two scars about half an inch away from each of my eyes. Both are very small and almost look like they match. I got them two years apart.

    I have a scar on my right elbow from a night of hide and go seek when I was eighteen, at a friend's party. That's right. Hide and go seek at night, yeah. We're crazy bastards. Anyway, I was running through the back yard at about 10:30 PM, couldn't see a thing, hence the problem, and ran full speed into a metal drum. I knocked it over and landed on it, only my right arm was under it. I got up, brushed off the dirt and kept playing for about 15 more minutes before we went inside and somebody noticed the blood running down my arm. I went to the ER and had to get the wound cleaned of dirt and rust. I don't remember how many stitches I needed for that one.

    My newest scar in on my forehead at the hairline. It's only really noticeable up close because thankfully it healed up pretty well. Didn't need stitches for that one.
  18. Lesse, my appendix died and I got admitted to surgery immediately. O_O That's it...

    Ive had some weird injuries though. They just weren't bad enough for ER. I stepped on a sprinkler and got the busted plastic lodged in my foot. >< And there was the time I -touched- the backdoor window and it shattered in my hand and lodged glass in my palm.

    I'm surprised I didn't need stitches for either of those. o____o
  19. Ive had surgery twice. Once to have my tonsils taken out. Which seems a waste of time, because they grew back.

    I kid you not. I grew back removed body parts. *is part lizard*

    And the second time, I had been putting away dishes and had a drinking glass shatter in my hand when I bumped it on the shelf. Severed both nerves and both tendons in my little finger. The surgeon did their best to repair the damage, but my finger is numb and I still can't bend it properly.